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  1. Very nice! The paint work is great. Very unusual camo. Thanks for posting.
  2. Excellent build! The paint & finish are exceptional!
  3. Excellent build! How did the Kitty Hawk decals work?
  4. Very nice. Nice to see different markings on the FW.
  5. Nice clean build. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Just finished my Hasegawa FW-190 A8 in the markings of Red 11 of IV./JG54 Mar. 1945. Added or used aftermarket; Added rivits to the complete airframe; Added True Details cockpit, Airscale instrument decals on the panel; Quickboost Revi 16 gunsight & FW tail wheel; Barracuda main wheels; added brake lines, wiring & hoses to the L/G; added antenna & replaced barrels with brass tubing. Corrected angle of the flaps. Painted using Xtracolor enamels, added panel wash & weathered using pastels. All national insignia painted using masks. Used Eagle Editions decals for specific markings. Hope you like & all comments welcome. Larry
  7. Thanks for the update Jan. Looking forward to getting my replacements. Larry
  8. Jan, Which email should we send to for the revised pylons? Just received my set 32007 yesterday. Larry
  9. Great build & finish! Have one in the stash I hope to get to some day. Thanks for posting.
  10. Wow! That digital paint job is spectacular! Great build & paint. Thanks for posting.
  11. Well done! I like the clean finish.
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