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  1. Well done! Just recently finished one myself. Thanks for posting.
  2. Nice build! Have 1 in the stash myself. Thanks for posting!
  3. Well done! What did you use for the silver/grey paint?
  4. Well done. The paint is spot on. I need to pick up some of that. Thanks for posting.
  5. Marcel, Like what you are doing. I would buy a set from you if have them cast. Have a A-6A in the stash for a future build. Larry
  6. Well done! Thanks for sharing. 6 days & I might have the cockpit done, nowhere near what you have done.
  7. Here is my other hobby. Bought it new in June 2011. After I got it home, found out it was built on my B-day Also had a Grabber Blue '70 Boss 302 many years ago, had to sell after child # 3 of 5.
  8. Great build & painting! The markings turned out great. Have 1 in the stash that I hope to get too someday. Thanks for posting.
  9. Kent, What an impressive diorama! The builds & details are amazing! Way beyond my scope. Thanks for posting. Larry
  10. Great job with the build & conversion. Nice to see a different paint scheme.
  11. Wow! Great build. The paint & weathering are top notch. Thanks for posting.
  12. Thanks all for the great comments! Much appreciated. This one was practice for the Tamiya one in the stash, for another day. Onto the next project, debated for a few days between a CSM Nieuport 17 late & HK Do-335, started on the Do-335 today. Next build will have 2 wings & require rigging. Larry
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