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  1. What a great build & love the paint/weathering. The engine turned out fantastic! Thanks for posting.
  2. Great build, nice kit. You have been busy!
  3. Great build. Thanks for posting.
  4. Nice build ! Quite an unusual scheme. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Just got this yesterday. Been interested since I first heard of it coming out. Also had in the box; 2x 1/16 Gaspatch Spandau's, 1/16 Gaspatch turnbuckles and a wood grain painting templete. Got all for just over 1/3 of retail. A all new kit, not a re box of the Model Airways kit.
  6. Thanks for the notice. Ordered a couple of sets today. Looks great.
  7. If you're not stuck on using acrylics; http://www.hobbyworld-usa.com/Store/index.php?id_category=1248&controller=category
  8. I have used them on my last 2 builds as well. Really like them! No carrier film, reminds me on the old rub-on decals from years ago. I have also used Micro Set and had no issues. The small stencils are the greatest advantage IMO.
  9. Karim, Sorry to hear about your shoulder, hope you recovery goes well. The last updates look amazing! Thanks for taking the time to check on that. I will email Alex, as they do not have 'The Barnfind' wood decals available on their site. Looks a bit different than the 'Knotless' ones I have. Larry
  10. Great build ! Thanks for posting.
  11. I will be going. My only other time I entered in a Nationals was in 1993 in Atlanta. Ended up taking 2nd place in the 1/48 Luftwaffe category then. Was pleased with that, as it was a large category. Just finished my registration & have a room reserved @ the Read House. Hope to run into some folks from here. Larry
  12. Wow ! That is the best model build I have seen in quite a while. I really like the wing ribs you crafted and the corrugated aluminum skin on the tail. Congrats on your awards, well deserved. Thanks for posting.
  13. Nice build & great photos ! Thanks for posting.
  14. Karim, Great work on the woodwork ! Am curious as to what decals you used, I do not see any 'barnfind' wood decals on Uschi's site. Are they the 'Knotless' item 1004? Larry
  15. Great finish & weathering ! Thanks for sharing.
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