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  1. Thanks for the comment. The wing roundels cracked & had to be touched up. The fin flash tore & I had to paint instead. The smaller decals worked well. Had to do a little trimming on the upper engine cowl to get to fit tight as well.
  2. Finished my Wingnut Wings Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin in the markings of 79 Sqn. from Mar. 1918. It was the first recorded Dolphin lost to enemy action, possibly the 11th victory of Jasta 5 ace, Ltn. Fritz Rumey. I added Pheon decals for the 'C' & 'C3905', added Taurus spark plugs to the outer cylinder banks and added rigging. All else is OOB. I had problems with the kit roundel decals, will paint next time. Had to paint the fin flash for the same reason. Painted with MRP PC 10 late on top, Xtracolor Ocean grey & Xtracolor RFC Doped Natural Fabric on bottom. Post shaded the ribs & formers
  3. I usually start thinking about my next build while my current project is in work. By the time I am down to the last week or so of the current one, I know what I'll tackle next. I will only build 1 at a time, or they won't get finished. I have a few unfinished 1/48 scale models in the attic from trying multiple builds. I usually also end up buying 2 for each 1 I build. My current dilemma is I am out of display cabinet space, so I'll probably sell a few to buy a new display case.
  4. My Xtracolor paints. Colors are accurate, easy to apply. My go to paints for 3/4 decades now. Have recently been using MRP about half as much as Xtracolor.
  5. Outstanding Miloslav! Did you use the MRP paints for the basic color? And, any idea when they will be released?
  6. Stunning build Alex! Have followed your progress. Well done.
  7. Damian, I would be interested in a set for the Bf-110 as well.
  8. Great finish! Really like the mottle. Thanks for posting.
  9. Well done! Different approach to the finish. Have 1 in the stash myself, not sure how I would finish it. Thanks for posting.
  10. Here is another one that got a good review; https://spraygunner.com/white-cordless-battery-powered-airbrush-compressor-with-airbrush-kit/
  11. Nice! Finish is very well done.
  12. Another option, but also difficult to get is the Xtracolor range of paints. Gloss enamel based, been my staple for a few decades. Kitlinx carries them, and there was an individual selling his stash on Hyperscale a few days ago.
  13. Only 1 build at a time for me. Would be hard for me to keep my interest in multiple builds at the same time. Would not have the time for more than 1 at a time either. I just hope when I retire next year, I will be able to finish something in under 3 months. Actually got 3 built so far this year, so doing a little better.
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