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  1. I made a mix up starting on the Eagle Editions suggested mix. Don't remember exactly, just remember it included Model Master Chrysler Engine Blue & maybe Model Master Blue Angles blue (enamels)??? Thought it was too dark, so I adjusted the mix.
  2. Great kit! Builds up nice. Couple of issues I had & will need attention; Fit of the wing guns insert, fit of the windshield piece & I replaced the canopy with one from the Tamiya kit due to distortion. Other than that, no issues.
  3. I am currently building the Revell single seater. I closed the gun bays & engines. It did take some work to get a good fit on both if you close up. Great kit though. The details are well done, shape appears to have no issues. Besides the closed panel fit issues, it builds up very well. I am not going to rivet mine, but I did go over the panel lines with my scriber, as they are a little 'soft'. Also, my windshield has some serious distortion, similar to their P-51 canopy issues. Luckily I have a two seater in the stash, windshield sprue is the same. It was fine & I'm u
  4. Here, WW1aircraftmodels & lately FB. Only posting on FB since covid, primarily to keep up with our local IPMS club. Can't visit there in person, so gives me my local modeling fix.
  5. Outstanding as usual Miloslav! Thanks for posting. You always give us a standard to strive for.
  6. Well done. Thanks for the comments about the decals, will keep in mind as I have 1 in the stash. Thanks for posting.
  7. Thanks for the comment. The wing roundels cracked & had to be touched up. The fin flash tore & I had to paint instead. The smaller decals worked well. Had to do a little trimming on the upper engine cowl to get to fit tight as well.
  8. Finished my Wingnut Wings Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin in the markings of 79 Sqn. from Mar. 1918. It was the first recorded Dolphin lost to enemy action, possibly the 11th victory of Jasta 5 ace, Ltn. Fritz Rumey. I added Pheon decals for the 'C' & 'C3905', added Taurus spark plugs to the outer cylinder banks and added rigging. All else is OOB. I had problems with the kit roundel decals, will paint next time. Had to paint the fin flash for the same reason. Painted with MRP PC 10 late on top, Xtracolor Ocean grey & Xtracolor RFC Doped Natural Fabric on bottom. Post shaded the ribs & formers
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