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  1. Wow! What an impressive build. Thanks for posting.
  2. Does this come with a resin clear canopy and a vac canopy?
  3. Mike, Thanks for the tips. Will keep in mind when I get to my build. I also remember one build where he used Uschi plank strips. It turned out well also. Many more pieces to cut & apply, but may eliminate the issues using the large 1 piece decals. Larry
  4. Thanks Mike. I do have the Proper Plane decals. Will be aware of the issues you mentioned. Any trouble cutting or applying the 'saw tooth' strips? They also looked like might be a chore. Yours turned out great. Already downloaded your PDF as well. Don't know when I'll get to one of the Roland's, in the middle of a WNW LVG build at this time. Larry
  5. Great build Mike! Been watching this one. Have the same Roland decals, hope mine turns out half this nice. Larry
  6. John, That was the issue I had mentioned about getting the engine to fit Barracuda's nose. Have to reduce the diameter of the front engine 'frame' ring & radiator to fit the smaller nose. I don't think a bothered to add the raised rivets afterwards. Larry
  7. John, Here's 1 in the US: 1/32 P47D Engine for HSG 8110789006710 8110789006710 | eBay
  8. RB Productions are supposedly just on a temporarily hold due to COVID. Was indicated they will be able to ship after the crisis. Hope so, as I am wanting their TA-152 etch set. Am aware Radu has sold the business. Like their belts as well, just installed a set in a WNW LVG I'm working on. Wolf, if you get in a pinch, let me know, as I have a few WW2 Luftwaffe sets tucked away.
  9. Looking forward to you build John. It is a great kit & I'm sure you will turn out another stunner as usual. I used the Barracuda nose on mine with the half engine in the Hi-tech kit, as Chuck had linked to. I had to do alot of fitting, sanding, grinding to get it all together. Also, the oil or coolant tank (?) on the front of the engine casting will be wider than the Barracuda nose & will need sanded down to match the new nose. I was happy with the grafting & believe it was worth the extra effort. Other areas I had issues with, was the cockpit was too wide, woul
  10. Excellent as usual John. The details you put into a build are amazing. Your paint, finish & weathering are second to none. Thanks for posting & looking forward to your next one. Larry
  11. Here is my Revell 1/32 Me-262 A1a in the markings of Heinz Bar's Rote 13, III/EJG 2 in 3/1945. This is a great kit, builds up nice. Overall detail & fit are excellent. Highly recommend the kit. The only issues I had was the fit of the optional opened panels, engine & gun bays, which I modeled as closed. Used the following aftermarket; Eduard 'Look' instrument panel, Quickboost Revi 16 gunsight, Eagle editions decals for the '13' & S/N, HGW stencils & some photo etch seat belt buckles. Added the following; Wiring, piping , hoses & brake lines to the
  12. I made a mix up starting on the Eagle Editions suggested mix. Don't remember exactly, just remember it included Model Master Chrysler Engine Blue & maybe Model Master Blue Angles blue (enamels)??? Thought it was too dark, so I adjusted the mix.
  13. Great kit! Builds up nice. Couple of issues I had & will need attention; Fit of the wing guns insert, fit of the windshield piece & I replaced the canopy with one from the Tamiya kit due to distortion. Other than that, no issues.
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