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  1. Great build & love the carrier deck. Stunning all around. Thanks for posting.
  2. John, What a great build! The paint & weathering are first class. Nice touch with the parachute Thanks for posting. Larry
  3. Brett, I use various small gauge wire, 22, 24, 28, etc. that I strip off the outer sheathing & use the wire strands.
  4. Brett, Unfortunately, no. There are photos with either, none & both. Depended on the particular aircraft where they had leaks. You would have to verify with photos. Larry
  5. The white tape on the wings was to seal the wing fuel cells, just like the white tape you see on the fuselage of many of the F4-U's.
  6. Very well done! Thanks for posting. I am working on the same kit, with the later markings. Hope mine comes out as well as yours did.
  7. Wow! What great paint work & finish. Thanks for posting.
  8. One of the few places I have found them, but on the other side of the pond from you; https://www.hbhobbies.com/collections/rexx-exhausts
  9. Great build! Quite a different type of WW1 subject. Thanks for posting.
  10. Outstanding build! Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  11. Great build of an unusual subject. Thanks for posting.
  12. Great build! The paint work is amazing.
  13. I just trimmed the inner edge of the doors, wasn't much. Just the 'notched' portion of the door would contact.
  14. Great build! Thanks for posting. Have one myself to build here in the future.
  15. Great update Brett. Watch out when you get your Barracuda wheels fitted, as they are wider that the kit wheels. Mine would hit the wheel door that attaches to the strut.
  16. Great build as always Miloslav! How did you do the effects on the rivets on the top side? Thanks for posting.
  17. Impressive build! Great photography. Thanks for posting.
  18. My last build for the year. Eduard's 1/32 Bf-109 E4 in the markings of Anton Schon of JG 54; 'Yellow 13'. Added Quickboost seat, Quickboost Revi 12 gunsight, Yahu instrument panel, Eduard wheels & tires (came with the kit when I bought), HGW crosses, added extra wiring, oxygen details, etc to cockpit, added brake lines to the MLG, added antenna, added canopy retaining cable spring, added tie down rings under outer wing tips, added wing position lights & corrected tip light recess. Reduced the chord of the wing slats by 2 mm, as they are too wide as they come and added shim to the slat well to reduce the kit 'step'. Painted with Xtracolor enamels. Lightly weathered with panel line wash & pastels. Thanks for looking & all comments/sugestions welcome. Larry
  19. Great to know, as I have a pair of Tamiya Zero's I was looking at replacement wheel wells for as well.
  20. Brett, Progressing well! Tamiya's instructions say to not glue the outer wing 'spar' in place during the outer wing panel assembly. Maybe that may be the issue? Also, did you add the wing gun barrels? Tamiya had left them out for some reason. If you plan on covering the gun openings with the white tape it won't matter. Larry
  21. Am currently building Eduards Bf-109 E4. The instructions say to paint the leg area & upper surface of the MLG wheel well aluminum (bare metal). Is this accurate, possible or probable, or should the well be painted in RLM 02? I know about the canvas liner in the well & have it painted appropriately. Do not have much info on the early marks of the 109. TIA. Larry
  22. Well done! The paint is exceptional as always. Thanks for posting.
  23. Brett, Eduard also makes fabric seat belts for the Corsair. I believe I used them in my build. I don't recommend the photo etch steel ones, though. Here's some HGW ones; https://www.ebay.com/itm/HGW-132527-1-32-Vought-F4U-1-Corsair-Seatbelts-Laser-Cut-for-Tamiya-kit/273994467093?hash=item3fcb57c715:g:CJgAAOSwxeddcDrJ Good place to buy from & quick shipping, I use them a lot.
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