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  1. Damian, I would be interested in a set for the Bf-110 as well.
  2. Great finish! Really like the mottle. Thanks for posting.
  3. Well done! Different approach to the finish. Have 1 in the stash myself, not sure how I would finish it. Thanks for posting.
  4. Here is another one that got a good review; https://spraygunner.com/white-cordless-battery-powered-airbrush-compressor-with-airbrush-kit/
  5. Nice! Finish is very well done.
  6. Another option, but also difficult to get is the Xtracolor range of paints. Gloss enamel based, been my staple for a few decades. Kitlinx carries them, and there was an individual selling his stash on Hyperscale a few days ago.
  7. Only 1 build at a time for me. Would be hard for me to keep my interest in multiple builds at the same time. Would not have the time for more than 1 at a time either. I just hope when I retire next year, I will be able to finish something in under 3 months. Actually got 3 built so far this year, so doing a little better.
  8. Nice build! The finish is exceptional! Well done.
  9. Beautiful build as always Tolga! Thanks for posting.
  10. That is impressive! All of your work really shows. Well done!
  11. Thanks for all the nice comments!
  12. Well done! With some work, it can be quite a jewel as you have shown. Thanks for posting.
  13. After their last sale, I think I'll pass on the feeding frenzy.
  14. A few in progress photos;
  15. Just finished my HKM DO-335A. Added HGW seat belts & a few items from Eduards photo etch set, Yahu instrument panel. Quite a bit of scratch built items added, rebuilt the rear engine deck, details added to the cockpit, wheel wells and cowling. All marking painted on, kit decals used for stencils. Painted with Xtracolor enamels. Very little weathering applied, as the DO-335 never actually saw any combat. Photo heavy. Hope you like. All comments welcome. Thanks for looking!
  16. Great build & finish Mike! Thanks for posting.
  17. Nice build! The color variation look great. Thanks for posting.
  18. Another excellent build! Different scheme. I like that.
  19. No issues here either. Bought a few items lately & received. Had 2 items I had to request a refund for from Poland. Ordered in April & disappeared. Got my refund within 2 days of request.
  20. Well done! Just recently finished one myself. Thanks for posting.
  21. Nice build! Have 1 in the stash myself. Thanks for posting!
  22. Well done! What did you use for the silver/grey paint?
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