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  1. Outstanding! Details, finish & weathering are all first class.
  2. Another outstanding build Miloslav! Well done!
  3. Well done! Great for your 2nd biplane. Hope to see more of yours.
  4. Outstanding build! The finish is exceptional.
  5. Thank you. Yes, it would. Very easy build. The fit was much better than other SH builds I have done. Just test fit the LG before gluing.
  6. Thanks Mike! Different approach, but results are great.
  7. Excellent build & finish! What did you use for the canopy sealant lines?
  8. Finished my latest, Wingnut Wings Fokker D. VII (Fokker). Markings are of Willi Gabriel of Jasta 11. I used RB Productions seatbelts, Aviattic lozenge & Streaked decals and a Proper Plane prop. Added spark plugs, leads, pipes, linkage & valve springs to the engine (Taurus stuff). Tail stripes painted. Weathered using washes & pastels. Had a couple of snafus with the turtledeck decal. Thanks for looking! One more Wingnut Wings kit built!
  9. Well done as always Tolga! I have 2 of the AIMs conversions. Am lucky to have them.
  10. Both are excellent!. Great finishes.
  11. Needed a fun build. No aftermarket, no research, no mods, etc. This is the 1/32 Special Hobby Westland Whirlwind. The only things I added was spare seat belts, antenna wiring & clear acetate for the gunsight. So, almost OOB. Painted with Xtracolor enamels, minor weathering & some paint chipping. Kit decals used, only painted the fuselage band. The kit built up very well with no issues. The landing gear is a little tricky to assemble. Hope you like & all comments welcome. Larry
  12. Very well done. One of the best Corsair's done yet.
  13. Nice build! I like the weathered NMF.
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