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  1. Great build! I really like the FOD guards you made.
  2. Beautiful! What a masterpiece. You should be proud. Thanks for posting.
  3. Link to a slide show of the winners from the Nats. The Eagle is in there. http://svsm.org/gallery/chattanooga2019
  4. Thanks for the congrats guys! I was pleased, the last Nats I entered was in '93. I was really surprised to win 1st in the 1/32nd, as there was some excellent builds there. My 1/32 US/British 1st place was my Special Hobby Tempest Mk.V. My 3rd place in the biplanes was my Albatros D.V, Jasta 17. I have both of these posted here in the RFI. Larry
  5. The Best of Show was 'Eagle Deconstructed'. Appeared to be a scratch build of the Eagle Lunar Lander with sections removed to display the inner details. Quite an impressive build. Don't think I had any photos.
  6. Here's a few photos I took; https://imgur.com/a/7FSLH3D Mainly what caught my eye. No rhyme or reason.
  7. Just got home from the 2019 NATS. Got some serious shopping in. The Su-27 was on a whim, after I saw a completed one in the contest. Got a deal on it with Squadron's 20% off. Also won in both of the categories I entered, a 1st in 1/32 Prop Allied & a 3rd in 1/32 biplanes. Was great to meet a few of you there. Larry
  8. Turning out great Rick! Really like the work you have done in the cockpit. I had fit issues with the cockpit to the wheel wells on mine as well.
  9. Well done! Love the paint. Just finished one myself, have to agree it's not an easy build, but as you have shown it can be built into a remarkable model with patience. Thanks for posting.
  10. Beautiful Karim! What a piece of art you have made. Thanks for sharing. Larry
  11. Amazing build! Thanks for posting. Have a Tornado in the stash I keep looking at. You have done a great job with the kit.
  12. Great build & finish! Thanks for posting.
  13. Nice clean build. Thanks for posting.
  14. Gaz, The Aviattic decals do wrap around the edges, but barely. Not much overlap between the top & bottom. You have to be careful with your placement to get the overlap. I use Micro set & a hair dryer. You can also use water, you don't want to lay the decals on a dry surface so you can position if needed. Be careful touching before they have set, as the decals will stretch. Larry
  15. I was actually able to get mine from Squadron; https://www.squadron.com/1-32-Avionix-A-6A-Cockpit-p/blc32061.htm Took a bit to get it, but did actually arrive.
  16. Karim, Glad to hear the shoulder is improving. Nice to see you back at the Albatros as well, great modelling as usual. I never did get to email Alex about the Barnyard decals, have to do that here soon. I did buy some of the new Proper Plane wood decals. They are nice, a little to dark for my taste for an Albatros DV fuselage, but would be fine for other builds; ie Felixstowe, Alb BII, etc. Keep up the great work & good luck with the rehab. Larry
  17. Excellent finish on that! Great build as well. Thanks for posting.
  18. Robert, Very nice build. Great finish as well. One of the best kits I have built. Thanks for posting.
  19. Alex, Yes, I received mine about a week ago. I was the one who sent you a photo of the crushed box the decals shipped in. The decals survived fine, so no harm. Larry
  20. Great build ! Really like to engine. Looks like you riveted the forward fuselage ? Thanks for posting.
  21. Mark, Not difficult to use. Just a little care is all. Not much different than applying regular decals. The prep work adds to the finished product. Check out my Albatros builds.
  22. Mark, The Uschi decals are great. Before applying, you need a gloss painted surface, not bare plastic. They are also translucent, so what paint you put down will affect the final appearance. I usually use a off white or very light tan as a base coat. You can also vary the base coats for a variation of the final panels. I usually cut the panels slightly oversize, then trim when installed & dry. I use Microset when applying. After the position is good, use a hair dryer to set them & also conform to any details under. Be careful when applying, as the decals can stretch. Larry
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