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  1. Am currently building Eduards Bf-109 E4. The instructions say to paint the leg area & upper surface of the MLG wheel well aluminum (bare metal). Is this accurate, possible or probable, or should the well be painted in RLM 02? I know about the canvas liner in the well & have it painted appropriately. Do not have much info on the early marks of the 109. TIA. Larry
  2. Well done! The paint is exceptional as always. Thanks for posting.
  3. Brett, Eduard also makes fabric seat belts for the Corsair. I believe I used them in my build. I don't recommend the photo etch steel ones, though. Here's some HGW ones; https://www.ebay.com/itm/HGW-132527-1-32-Vought-F4U-1-Corsair-Seatbelts-Laser-Cut-for-Tamiya-kit/273994467093?hash=item3fcb57c715:g:CJgAAOSwxeddcDrJ Good place to buy from & quick shipping, I use them a lot.
  4. Nice job Rick! Quite a challenging kit, but you have made a masterpiece with it. Larry
  5. Great build Tolga! Love the different late war paint job. Thanks for posting.
  6. Nice to see this completed. Beautiful build! Thanks for posting. Have a Eduard Bf-109 E4 in work myself.
  7. That is the same number I have in my stock as well, but I used Xtracolor enamel to paint my Corsair. So, cannot comment on how the MRP color looks on the model. Hopefully, someone who used MRP will comment.
  8. Nice build. Like the way you painted/weathered the exhausts. Airframe is done well also.
  9. Well done! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Thank you all for the great comments! Much appreciated. Back to another WW2 plane in work. Larry
  11. Great build Dennis. Thanks for sharing. Wish I had the room to display one of these. Larry
  12. Brett, Great choice of kits, the Tamiya Corsair is one of the best kits I have ever built. Curious, what were you going to paint US interior green? The cockpit of the Birdcage Corsairs were Dark Dull Green. The tail wheel bay was salmon pink & the main gear bays were either lower color or salmon as well. And, the MRP paints are great to use. Good choice. Larry
  13. Well done ! Thanks for posting.
  14. Here is my 3rd Wingnut Wings Albatros build. Finished in the markings or Richard Flasher of Jasta V from the Trilogy boxing. I added lead foil belts & HGW buckles to the seat, added pipes & control cables to the cockpit. Scratch built the throttle on the control stick grip. Added to the engine, Taurus spark plugs & valve springs. Added spark plug wires, various pipes, drains, fuel lines & throttle linkage. Added on the lower fuselage, photo etch access hatches & a fuel tank drain. Added rigging & control cables from transparent thread colored with a silver sharpie. Turnbuckles are simulated with micro brass tubing. Added the flare gun & field installed port on the L/H fuselage Painted with Xtracolor enamels. Pre shaded the ribs on the wings. Weathered using washes & pastels. Thanks for looking & all comments welcome. Larry
  15. Thanks for posting! Great photos. I have a KH P-39 I will someday get the nerve to pull out & build.
  16. 2nd on using the HGW stencils. I used a set on my Birdcage build & had great luck using them. I just followed the directions & left the carrier on overnight & they worked perfectly.
  17. Brian, Wow! Congrats! What a nice ride. Have to agree, you don't see 442's around very often. Enjoy And, yes I'm jealous
  18. Great build! I really like the FOD guards you made.
  19. Beautiful! What a masterpiece. You should be proud. Thanks for posting.
  20. Link to a slide show of the winners from the Nats. The Eagle is in there. http://svsm.org/gallery/chattanooga2019
  21. Thanks for the congrats guys! I was pleased, the last Nats I entered was in '93. I was really surprised to win 1st in the 1/32nd, as there was some excellent builds there. My 1/32 US/British 1st place was my Special Hobby Tempest Mk.V. My 3rd place in the biplanes was my Albatros D.V, Jasta 17. I have both of these posted here in the RFI. Larry
  22. The Best of Show was 'Eagle Deconstructed'. Appeared to be a scratch build of the Eagle Lunar Lander with sections removed to display the inner details. Quite an impressive build. Don't think I had any photos.
  23. Here's a few photos I took; https://imgur.com/a/7FSLH3D Mainly what caught my eye. No rhyme or reason.
  24. Just got home from the 2019 NATS. Got some serious shopping in. The Su-27 was on a whim, after I saw a completed one in the contest. Got a deal on it with Squadron's 20% off. Also won in both of the categories I entered, a 1st in 1/32 Prop Allied & a 3rd in 1/32 biplanes. Was great to meet a few of you there. Larry
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