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  1. Thanks for all the comments. The build was not easy at all. Please check out Chuck Sawyers build here on LSP and there you see many obstacles that you will encounter. You can NOT go for Kitty Hawks Instructions at all, Basically I have ignored it in total. It is wrong. Kitty Hawk have forgot a lot of things both in the mold and in the instructions. Like the seat cushion, It is not there. There is a incomprehensible plastic thing that looks like a bent samsonite suitcase. Cushion have to be scratched. Please rule out the gunbarrels in box. They almost looks like a tube
  2. I have seen many A6M2 over the years, but you have accomplish what I think the most realistic A6M2 up to date. Very nice build Miloslav.
  3. Very crisp and clean. I like it alot.
  4. Ive seen this in Wingspan and it is gorgeous. Really outstanding
  5. Hey Folks. This is the Kitty Hawk F-5E. Ok it is not the best kit and I recommend you to have great research before you begin. Dont do like me and build one of the examples in the box.. You will see that Kitty Hawk failed badly. I didnt have the time to correct all the errors for my interpretation of a IRIAF F-5. So " see is what you get". The most obvious are the wrong canopy, the fins on the exhaust and the sharkfin on the spine. But otherwise the build went just fine. I have used: Gunze Paints Eduard Photoetch exterior and interior. Eduard
  6. Very nice Sea Fury indeed. I really like the Iraq scheme!
  7. I have to say that this diarama is far the best I have seen in years. Well composed. I dont know what it is, but you made it look so "alive". Thanks for posting this build Mr. kKarlsen.
  8. HA! It never ocurred to me. Well, Perhaps he stood model at Pilot replicas. :-) Here is the figure unpainted. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/pilot-replicas-32-p-009-pilot-swedish-air-force--997933
  9. Thanks for the comments guys. There are not many Swedish Hunters built as model around the world. Very rare...I dont know why actually.
  10. Outstanding model. This kind of paintscheme is so interesting. You nailed the scale effect.
  11. It looks dangerous with that load! Wonderful build! I like the weathering
  12. Hi there all forum members. This is my latest build. It is a Revell Hawker Hunter Mark 58, downgraded to a Mark 50(F4). A new resin tail cone and with small leading edges. Some fix for the spine and scratched F.O.D covers. I also used Flightpath photoetch airbrake and flaps. Decals from Moose Republic. The Swedish Airforce named the Hawker Hunter J-34. All aircrafts painted in Olivedrab. J-34 was first delivered to airwing F-18 in 1955. The Swedes used the Hunters until the J-35 interceptor was delivered to the airwings. Last flight with hunters in the Swedish airforce wa
  13. Well performed. Outstanding model and figurines.
  14. Superb finish. I really like the paintjob on this one.
  15. What a great collection you have done. I like em all!
  16. Outstanding Mirage. lovely as hell. I really like the crisp and weathered look!
  17. Superb finish and paintjob on this one Jan. I really like it. Btw Jan, I heard about your trouble with your eye from Toni, I hope you are fully restored, Love seeing your builds further on.
  18. Great build! looks awesome. I really need to by this kit when it arrives in stores near by.
  19. Thank you for all the nice comments. Im glad you all liked the models shown. I hope 2020 is going to be just as good as 2019 for building models. Cheers!
  20. Seeing all the nice treads for "builds of the 2019" inspired me to do the same. So here are all my 1/32 builds of 2019. For me I manage to finish 7. The hardest to finish was the Special Hobby F-80C below here, All the aftermaked stuff I used fitted poorly, This bird needed alot of extra care. But Im pretty happy of the result. Feel free to comment.
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