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  1. That is a awesome craftmanship. Splendid job building that aircraft.
  2. Hi,Thanks!. I have built the Zoukei Mura Horten 229 in 1/32 scale and I did not like the idea of having transparent plastic. Basically you cant see the gaps very well. The plastic feels fragile and hard. I Build the HK dornier instead just because I cant stand ZM plastic. That is the only reason. Thanks all for your comments!
  3. Thank you fellow modelers for your kind replies. I have to say this is a beast, at least of its size. I dont know where to put it :-)
  4. Hi There! I remember I had the same problem as you. but not in the nose gear area, I simply attached the gear bulkhead to the cockpit before. The interference for me was instead in the gun bay. which I scratched build a bit.
  5. Wunderbar! Outstanding and flawless Karim. The best Albatros ive seen!
  6. A great starter build. I find it interesting when you got the dirty look!
  7. Thanks for your comments. That is much appreciated!
  8. Thats one helluva model! I really like your builds Miloslav
  9. Hi fellow forum members, im back with a new model to show. Im truly sorry that im not have been active. I have not stopped building tough, infact since my last update here, there has been a few more models finished.. This model is the famous Do-335 Peil and in my opinion the coolest prop-driven aircraft ever made. The model is Hong Kong models Do-335 Destroyer, with plenty of aftermarked stuff like brassin wheels and exhausts, Eduard Photo etch, Model master pitot tubes and barrels and HGW belts. I also added extra details to the engines like wires and other plumings. The Loop antenna was very overscaled in the box, so the antenna was scratched completely I hope you like the model. Cheers to you all!
  10. Looks very intense! Outstanding work!
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