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  1. Superb finish and paintjob on this one Jan. I really like it. Btw Jan, I heard about your trouble with your eye from Toni, I hope you are fully restored, Love seeing your builds further on.
  2. Great build! looks awesome. I really need to by this kit when it arrives in stores near by.
  3. Thank you for all the nice comments. Im glad you all liked the models shown. I hope 2020 is going to be just as good as 2019 for building models. Cheers!
  4. Seeing all the nice treads for "builds of the 2019" inspired me to do the same. So here are all my 1/32 builds of 2019. For me I manage to finish 7. The hardest to finish was the Special Hobby F-80C below here, All the aftermaked stuff I used fitted poorly, This bird needed alot of extra care. But Im pretty happy of the result. Feel free to comment.
  5. With perfection you did a great amount of builds for 2019. They are clean and crisp like they are made by god. :-) .
  6. That is a awesome craftmanship. Splendid job building that aircraft.
  7. Hi,Thanks!. I have built the Zoukei Mura Horten 229 in 1/32 scale and I did not like the idea of having transparent plastic. Basically you cant see the gaps very well. The plastic feels fragile and hard. I Build the HK dornier instead just because I cant stand ZM plastic. That is the only reason. Thanks all for your comments!
  8. Thank you fellow modelers for your kind replies. I have to say this is a beast, at least of its size. I dont know where to put it :-)
  9. Hi There! I remember I had the same problem as you. but not in the nose gear area, I simply attached the gear bulkhead to the cockpit before. The interference for me was instead in the gun bay. which I scratched build a bit.
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