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  1. Hey all fellow LSP members! This is my first "see thru kit" in 1/32 I have layed my hands on and frankly I dont like that idea of a clear kit at all. The plastic is very hard to work with. Any way, the fitting is exellent but that is about it. The only thing I have added is HGW fabric belts and some copper wires in cockpit.. The chioce of camoflage and markings are fictional, but the aircraft never flew so i dont really care if its fictional or not. So it will be called "White 13". Im using Gunze akrylic and Alclad. Makings are airbrushed.
  2. Wonderful work! I really like this build a lot!
  3. Exellent weathered! Very very nice work!
  4. Koralik-. Now you make me wanna start my own F35.Pity Aires or Brassin dont release a decent cockpit.... Outstanding work.
  5. Last time i spoke to him in person was a qouple of years ago. Great guy. I do know he plays alot with his band and I think that covers up plenty of his time . He is on and off on a Swedish modelforum, but that is about a month ago.
  6. Hi there all LSP members! This is Mr.Scales first aircraft for 2018. Trumpeters MIG-19PM East Germany. I used Pavlas Cockpit kit. But I have to say that Pavla failed to achieve the quality like Eduard or Aires. Yes it fits but that is pretty much it. Details are blurred and out of scale in some areas. These areas have to be scratch build. However HAD resin wheels is pure greatness! No complains. When it comes to ejection seat I thought there was no question about which seat to use. Pavla or HAD. Well......HAD had the details but was way out of scale..It is like 1/49 or so. I had to choose Pavlas with integrated belts.Pitot probe made out of a airbruch needle. Ok. Thats it. The rest was pretty straight forward. Oh..I scratch built the FOD covers. for the NMF I used about 7 different Alclad II. Ok here is a pic of the HAD/Pavla issue. hmmm..
  7. Great build Kev. X-wing is my favorite from SW. Personally the only Scifi I going to build is the Sulaco from Ailens. I got Halcyons, with a little touch it could come out nice! Anyway Kev, very nice folded X-wing.
  8. Thanks a lot guys for the comments. For the interior color I used a mix gunze 30% H46 and 70% H25. it is more blueish than a 50-50%
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