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HK 1/32 B-17G 96th BG WIP

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Trying out the Flickr photo thing, and we'll see how it goes! 

This is my work in progress of the 1/32 HK B-17G, which is being built to depict my Grandfather's B-17G from the 96th Bomb Group. My Grandfather flew 13 missions over Germany from Sept. 1944 until the end of hostilities in May of 1945, in this bird and one other. This particular plane, coded AW-R and bearing serial number 44-6888, crash landed back at their base two days after the end of hostilities after a supply drop over Germany. 

I am not going through the painstaking process of correcting the kit's inaccuracies, but rather "enhancing" certain parts of the kit with various aftermarket and scratch building. I am using Eduard parts, LiveResin flexible ammo chutes, Resin2Detail seats, and other bits and bobs to make this thing come alive. Kit enhancements include some detail added to the lower side of the cockpit tub and associated fuselage interior, cutting out the rear crew entry door, and anything else I come up with to make it just a little bit different. Many parts of the HK E/F model B-17 have been/will be implemented, such as the separate rear crew entry door, more accurate top turret, and rear radio room bulkhead/radios. 

Without further adieu, here's some photos... 

Here's what she will look like. The buzz numbers on the nose, 888, had ears and tails added to resemble three cats on the sides of the nose. The crew called her "Ragged But Right", although she never wore any nose art. 


34911207164_11dda154ec_z.jpgmedia-5332 by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr



Here she is crashed, albeit in a rather convenient spot at the end of the runway near the road: 


34911207194_00056392c7_z.jpgmedia-5331 by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


34911207134_2c2bd747a1_b.jpgmedia-22487 by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr



Here's a photo showing some scratch-building to depict the drive motor and azimuth gear for the chin turret: 


34911207494_b9014d9b65_b.jpg18622250_10101958881323342_2387607033197495195_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr



And here all painted up, along with Uschi decals for the wooden floors. Some further details and some placards to add interest were added later:


34911207464_4ac597498c_b.jpg18700134_10101971091049952_774865234760883703_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


34911207414_4fc7e38e24_b.jpg18740751_10101971091069912_6932250361286408263_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr



Here's the radio room floor, again with Uschi decals for the wooden floors: 


34911207384_3253f76387_b.jpg18813497_10101971091020012_4188974439428468113_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr



Here's one side of the completed nose, wearing accurate natural metal with no paint: 


34911207594_87ed67ed5c_b.jpg18581864_10101958881298392_1565577310635706018_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr



And the completed cockpit and bombardier/navigator area:


34911207344_1531ab72e7_b.jpg19657209_10102040708461102_1171184228371285611_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


34911207314_db95199bd8_b.jpg19665133_10102040708610802_1287351187974861687_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


35583185722_a2b4ef34c0_b.jpg19748534_10102040709005012_4386172518349108319_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


34911207274_ba4dac1a98_b.jpg19748461_10102040709414192_7445443816114921575_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr



As usual, all comments and criticisms are incredibly welcome. Sorry for the poor cell phone photos. I'll work on the lighting for next time. Thanks folks! 

- Dennis S. 

Thornton, CO USA 

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Looks good so far.  Wish I had room for one of these.


I know Snetterton heath, where the 96th was based.  You may know that it's now a motor racing circuit.


My respects to your Grandfather.

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Guest Martinnfb

Just like the real thing  :m0152:

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I'll always follow along on a B-17 build, and yours has certainly got off to a good start. I think the real beauty of this kit is that it can be built on so many levels, and your additions look great :)


Looking forward to more.



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Guest Peterpools


Brilliant start and am enjoying following your progress.

Keep 'em coming


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This is of great interest.  I am also building my grandfather's B-17 from the 96 BG.  I am building his B-17F from the 337 BS using the 1/32 HK kit, and am at about the same stage of the build as you.  Really having fun with the inside, using the Eduard PE and some scratch building. 


He was the aircraft commander, shot down in June 1943 on his second mission, and imprisoned.


You are very luck to have actual pictures of your grandfather's plane.  I have done pretty extensive research on my subject, but have been unable to find photos of the plane I'm building.  Then again once it got to England it only survived for about 2 weeks.


Good luck!


Don R

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