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  1. My Fokker Dr1 order from Artesania Latina arrived today at my LHS. I will start this build in the next month or so and post photos here. Out of the box is all thats needed for this great looking model! Richard.
  2. Sub-assembles coming together:- Richard
  3. Hi Joel Thank you for your comments! The wheels came from my spare parts box. Richard.
  4. I have done some scratch building this past weekend on the M-2 Transportation Dolly:- There are many photos of the dolly, but also many variations on the placement for the hoops/mounts! Richard.
  5. Decals came today:- i have been filling rivets for the last few weeks, a panel or two every night. Richard.
  6. Great Build! I have this in my stash I hope mine turns out half as good! Again Great Build!. Richard.
  7. Not much modeling time at this time of the year but still moving along:- Some PE installed in the cockpit tub:-
  8. I have filled the wings and booms with fishing shot ahead of the wheel wells to aid anti tail sitting:-
  9. Started using Mr Surfacer 1000 and Tamiya yellow cap thinner to fill the rivets (on the right side of the photo):- Richard.
  10. I have seen this paint scheme done using airbrush and masking.
  11. Thank's Kev,I have picked up Tamiya lacquer thinner and have done a test patch and seams to work. Richard.
  12. Nice work so far! I am following your build, I like the challenge of Vac form kits. Richard.
  13. Ground off the extra resin in the main body and opened up the tail booms to add a wall in the front of the wheel wells and to add lead as anti tail sittter measure.:- Richard.
  14. Hi Kevin. I picked up Mr Surfacer 1000 but the LHS does not stock the thinner,is there an alternative? Richard.
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