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Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu Type 11 Rex


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Thank you, Andy.


'We’re getting close on this one.'

Further than one may think.  Thank you Troy.  Apparently the P.E. directions were not in the bag.  They are inbound to you.


Thank you, Ray, Mike.


I figured out what was bothering me about the cowl.


Here you'll see the 46mm dimension is from the cowling nose to a panel line set behind the wing leading edge.  Also note the cowling leading edge is 34mm, not 30.  The original 30mm was from a front view drawing where I had scaled the spinner diameter to match the above rather than the cowling leading edge to match the above.  Bummer.



I have been measuring from the cowl leading edge to the wing leading edge when I should be measuring forward from the panel line shown on the right.  That's the making of the ventral vent.  Hmm.  Ventral Vent.  I like that.  Anyway.



The right side of the tape, plus or minus 1mm, to the left is the new cowling leading edge.



Which is along the forward panel line.  Moving the cowling leading edge back solves two problems.  The major one, shape.  The minor one, how to make the gun trough.  But now the cowling must be seamlessly attached to the fuselage.  Always something new.


Thanks for looking in.  Until next time.



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Thank you, Brothers.


Am heading to Chicago this weekend for my eldest daughters graduation from a Masters program and to sponsor festivities.  There goes my modeling budget.  Not that I had much of one prior to now while paying for graduate school.  But she did make Deans List each semester so there is some solace.  Anyway, enough of my so-called financial woes.


I thought I would do a quick update as to where I am.



Made this.



Did this.  OUCH!



Made a styrene spacer.  It's the little white circle.



Made a disc as a return, inserted it into the opening onto the spacer, making sure it was square to the outer face of the cut, and super glued it in place.  .040, I think.



Glued a .010 disc to to that to achieve a new face.  Added Apoxy Sculpt where required and sanded to shape.



Slipped on a new disc . . .



. . . and drew a circle, giving me my inner diameter.  Now all I need do is cut and sand, as I did to the earlier rendition.



The guide.



Close enough for government work.  The yellow tape is the location of the panel line behind the gun trough.  17mm deep.  I'll cheat on the forward panel line, moving it back an extra MM.



More fun and games ahead.  The block of resin is a glued together solid casting of the vac pontoon.  Doesn't quite measure up to scale.  I'll see if I can use it as filler.


Thank you all.





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Three's a Charm.  Only took three times working on this to sort it out.



Cut it down to size once more and built in a return.



This is what it is supposed to look like.



And this is what it does look like.  Which, I am happy to say is the final.



Another view.



And another.



Last but not least.


I've also been working on the main float.  Trying to figure out the bulkheads.


Main float head on.  Rounded, not ovaled.



Made measurements on a scaled drawing.  Let's work with #3.  The panel line is 98mm from the nose and it's width is 44mm.



#3 again.  The total depth is 32 mm.  I rounded it up.  The semi-round top depth is 24mm.  Which makes the ski 8,, deep.



Drawings of locations 1, 2 and 3.  32mm diameter circle as depth. 24mm depth of float from top to edge.  44mm wide.  8mm ski.  All arcs are 1/8 of a diameter.


Thank you for looking.



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