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Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu Type 11 Rex


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11 minutes ago, dodgem37 said:

Bill, any progress?


Thunda, Thank you.  Not that I know so much or am all that, but if you think I can be of some help please don't hesitate to ask.  I've done a lot of studying.




Mark, I've made a little progress; I got the cockpit into the fuselage, and joined the fuselage to the wing assembly. The seam on the belly was a bear; be forewarned!  It's getting close, but still a lot of work to do.



6 minutes ago, Out2gtcha said:

I have been wondering about the 3D printing aspect for things like this. I have not dug my SB conversion out in a long time,  and dont remember if it comes with the different tail and what not, but have been thinking depending on the printer and size of work area, any missing parts may be able to be printed if the files were available.  

At this stage 3D printing and its uses really intrigue me, but I cant afford my own printer at this time, and am not up to speed or have the ability to make my own 3D files to send to a printer. 

Brian, Being intimately familiar with the SB conversion, I can tell you what it includes: a plug for the tail in addition to plugs for the cannon gondolas that need to be sawed off (nothing is included to fill the wheel bays). Cowling, spinner and a couple of small tubes for the exhausts. All three floats are two piece (top and bottom) strut material for the outrigger floats (with fairings for the wing connection) and supports for the main float. A separate rudder for the main float is included as well.  Casting is pretty crude by today's standards.

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Thanks Bill!  Im LOVING these Rex builds and you better believe that when it comes time to do mine Ill be tapping your experience with this set for sure.  All of this (these threads and especially your pics above) are really making me want to dig my mid-wing George and SB conversion out. 


Im also assuming from my vague memory on it, that the SB conversion doesn't come with a trolley either that I can remember?    This may be where I tap ShapeWays for that 32nd Rex trolley....................



BTW, you have great taste in birthdays too!   :lol: 

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This Rex topic is like Christmas come early.   I spent an awesome afternoon shopping at the Volks store in down town Osaka today.  


Then I come back to a bonanza of Rex overload!   You guys are seriously paving the way forward.   Thanks for sharing all the advise here gents with the rest of the LSP community.  Well done.



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Thunda (Danny) asked for electronic drawings.  This is what I have.  You'll need to scale them against the kit.


But first, something from HpH's website:


Note extension inside black fuselage area.  This is an air pass thru vent.







This is the drawing I'm using for the cowl panel and flap panel line layout.



This is what I used for the wing layout.  I thought I used the Tamiya Rex as a reference but I guess I didn't.



Note cowling vent is double-cut.



I started off using this wing panel layout.  Too complicated.  I used a combination of this and the green one above.










Hope these help.



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1 hour ago, dodgem37 said:



Note extension inside black fuselage area.  This is an air pass thru vent.









MAN, that is SO so purty!  That prototype is exactly what I will be going for with the exception of mine will be IJN trainer orange/yellow and black.   Thanks for the pics mark! 

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'Mark, have you decided what markings you're going to use?'

No markings yet, Bill.


Danny/Thunda has a desire and capability to manufacture a 1/32 Rex.  So I offer up my working drawings.  Hope this helps.



Horizontal stabilizer.





Cowling opening.



Spinner, cowling flaps, outboard/inboard float strut.






Cowling, location of main float support.



Comparing float side view, Tamiya Rex float, and vac dimensions to outboard float bottom view.  I think.



Wing panel line layout, notes, and figuring.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.



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Have been doing a little of this and a little of that the old fashioned way.  Not nearly as impressive as what Dan the Man is doing.  Go Dan Go!



Earlier on I had mentioned there is a relief vent on the fuselage behind the cowling.  Here is an image from the Tamiya Rex showing the vent.



Making the vent by first laying down some shaped Evergreen.  I stopped here because of a problem with the cowling.



The cowling face was not square to the base, which threw off the panel line which tied into the front end of the vent.  So I built a jig to better see the problem area


DSCN6467_zpsa0y0dwsj.jpgSuper glued strips to the cowling to square it up.



Drafted up 4 of these to make the spinner while the cowling dried.



Used this to square up the propellers.



Built the spinner to see how everything fit and plopped it into the engine.  I knew the spinner fit wouldn't be perfect because the round plate dimensions were taken off of the enlarged Xerox drawing and the the spacers were drafted and cut with a French Curve.  I need to make everything based on my drawing.



The new cowling shape.  Still need to fill and sand.



Dropped in place to see how everything fit.


I'll put this aside for a while and do some molding and casting.

Thanks for looking and liking.





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