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Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu Type 11 Rex


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Thank you, Brian.  Hopefully I'll be able to catch the errors of my ways, which this post may show.


Thank you, Alan.  Just trying to solve the problems any way I can as they arise.


Thank you, Troy.  I'm glad it's out of the way, for now.  I'll get scribing it after I've looked at something else for a while.  That cowling seemed interminable.


Thank you, Ray.


Thank you, Matejko.  It has turned into something much more than I bargained for.


I have been re-evaluating earlier work.  Specifically the tail feathers and pontoon.


Somewhere along the line I erred in my scaling.


First, an evaluation of the references.


Note the smooth transition line from bottom to top.  The below drawing is illustrated with a 'bow wave'.  I see the front end terminating along a projected  lateral line.



There is a transition arc at the step from top to bottom.  I do not consider this to be an accident, such as an accidental bend while handling.  It looks purposeful to me.  After evaluating it with an oval template, I determined that it is based on a 60 degree oval.  Note how the oval rises above the horizontal plane of the edge.  The oval is an inverted cup.



More 60 degree oval.



Note flat sides.


OK, back to the drawing board.


Depth of pontoon with diameter.  Smoothed the edge, terminating in a projected lateral line.  For the most part I measured every 10mm to find the bulkhead configuration.  



Depth of pontoon with diameter.  When I got to 240 the upper pontoon started to flatten out at the sides, so I measured every 5mm after that.



Half diameter of pontoon.



Half diameter of pontoon.



Pontoon bulkheads from 2mm to 40mm.



From 50mm to 80mm.



From 90mm to 150mm.



From 160mm to 190mm.  This is the rear section, after the step.  The arc is so flat that I removed it.



From 200mm to 280mm.  As long as the depth of the top-to-bottom transition edge is above the center-line of the pontoon, there is no vertical wall.  But as soon as the top-to-bottom transition edge depth becomes greater than the diameter, then a vertical wall must be inserted at the circle center-line to connect the top to bottom.


Thanks for looking.









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On 10/30/2018 at 11:35 AM, Out2gtcha said:

Great stuff Mark, Im following this one closely to see what changes Ill need to make on my SB conversion. 


Yep, Mark is a mad dog alright (I mean that in a nice way, Mark).

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