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From Mirage to the American kfir . end of the story ..Dec 24


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now , let's go to the other tip , the nose cone .. I think , it's the most tricky , random , risky part of the build .once the sprue cut off , as well the fuselage tip , we have to find the right place . not pointed upward , or downward  , not turning to the right , or to the left ,anyway ! in all directions . after several tries , I think i managed to give the good profile to the " lion"     



the antenna , and some stuffs are glued 






this closed the fuselage construction . I hope I have been clear in my explanations .thank you for your interest


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Looks good!


Your IP and front hood is better cast than mine. I put them away because I had Fishers set at hand.

Feel free to add more silver to the cockpit floor and rudder pedals. The look well worn in Mirages all over the world.

The instructions are good, compared what mort AM manufacturers give you. Especially the photos which are hard to get. Good move!


Happy modelling!

- dutik

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I often say and repeat ; things are easier with an urge .... thank you for your interest , and kind words  :thumbsup:


Today , I have to glue the wings to the fuselage . here is how the right wing fit to the fuselage .. not too bad , considering the Revell kit age ( I remember , I had much worse fits one my first Mirage build) .....It would seem that the new Italieri Mirage kit  doesn't have better fits on some areas :coolio: 



here is the result after a while .. front , and rear ... I had more issues with the left wing , a bit of putty was needed . new panels are engraved ....again  






Isracast provide a semi cylindrical rod for the long fairing along the wing / fuselage root , I had to only shaped the tips ... and glue 




now , the "canard" I don't know why it's called " canard" ( weird) any clues ??? their position on the intakes are not obvious , here again the instruction sheet doesn't help .... I just added the reinforcement plates at the root with self adhesive aluminium 





Okay , now , the big air inlets are glued in place on the back , and lower fuselage .... no doubt , the Kfir is not a stealth fighter :ninja: 





  and at last for ending this step , I added  what looks like drains on the rear end




to be continued 


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thank you guys !! I still have to care of the tail fin , and the main build will be done . harder things ( and easier :) ) will come later , things I dislike ( I keep the best for the last steps  :punk: ) : the gear legs ........but this thread will be closed soon....  within a few days 


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 thank you for comments ... today ,just a little step forward ... let's care to the vertical fin . despite trimming , some gaps still remain at the base , and under the rudder ....no problemo , Tamiya putty is my friend










and now ladies and gentlemen , here is what looks like from far or close to the Kfir alias F 21A   :punk: ....from now , the fuselage work is over , I have to care now to all the peripheral components .....gear legs , seat , etc.....




 as i am at this rear tip , let's see how the jet exhaust looks like ??.the resin part from Isracast is not so bad , but in my opinion lack of sharp details , I think we can find something better . Aires exhaust set for the F4 Phantom ( if I remember , the Kfir was powered by the same engine as the F4 ) is a nice option , .....I only keep the exhaust . the"pipe"  provided by Aires is too long to fit into the kit .... the kit fuselage is empty !!! so why it doesn't fit ??? Isracast have moulded into the rear end fuselage resin part , what looks like a shim on which their exhaust set must be glued , and their exhaust set is rather short compared to the Aires set ....too bad , once painted , it works as well .... A picture from the instruction sheet is better than words  ......If I haven't been clear





on the left side , the Aires part ......no need to say more !!!!!!!!


once painted ................
dry fit into the fuselage ........
that's all for now , to be continued ......thank you for watching 
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