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From Mirage to the American kfir . end of the story ..Dec 24


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The next and final stage : the whole top painting .....After drawing the camo lines , I first sprayed the sand colour , as Gunse H 313 , without ( again) "weathering " effects . The green plastic colour is awful and hard to cover , especially since I don't spray "surfacer " .. less I spray on , more it's better  




then comes the post shadowing :: I just added a few drops of light brown instead of black , this way , I keep the same tone , shade ... finally a wash of " raw sienna" oil paint one the lines , for the " warm" effect of this weathering  .. :mental: lightening of exposed areas ( Yuma desert sun :fight: ), simply with white




the light brown; this is always the same old song .... spraying , post shading , wash , etc..... For the post shading , I used a darker brown , again to stay in the same tone , then I lightened randomly some panels , I have poured  a bit of yellow on the base colour ( warm effect) 




now , the green colour : I used Gunse H 303 ( FS 34102) , post shading with a drop of black , lightened with yellow ... one the following pictures , the green colour looks too much green , I took several pictures , but I couldn't catch the good colour .. too bad , I am definitively not a good photographer  :doh:






And now , mates , here she is , almost done !! decals are nice , even if despite a gloss ( rather satin) varnish , I got some ( a bit) silvering with stencils ( I hate decals) I am not perfect ......  I give you " rendez vous" at the RFI session ....... Thank you all for leaving a few words , or a "like" , or even having a glimpse , I hope you have understood my "prose " It wasn't always easy ...... As you saw , it wasn't a Lego build even not a Tamiya kit , but I really enjoyed building this kit ......BTW ; if you want to get rid of your Isracast conversion.........think to me  ..And ...MERRY CHRISTMAS  EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :punk:




Just found this thread.


Awesome work you've done on your build  :thumbsup: .



This one post have answered my questions/concerns regarding effective painting of a/c that live in the desert. I have several Israeli a/c builds lined up and was worried about getting that proper paint-fade look. Man; you've really nailed it as far as I'm concerned :bow: !



BTW; I'm looking for the same Isracast conversion set you're currently using on this build. If you know of any available please send me a PM  :wub:  .

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Thank you guys!!!!!! If some of you are interested by this Isracast set , you can find all the kfir sets here .......but at that price , Hummmmm... you have to break your piggy bank ....I've bought mine two years ago at Hannants , all were available , at raisonnable prices , why i didn't by the C2/7 set :doh:   



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