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From Mirage to the American kfir . end of the story ..Dec 24


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thank you guys :thumbsup: ....to day , it's just a little step forward , this will enclose the  work on the fuselage ......for now . Well , let's take care to the new bottom rear end fuselage , in one word .......the rump ........ The resin part is not so bad , even if I don't like it's color , some  panels are " coarsely" ......engrave , but  it's only minor detailsf1810.jpg

here is the part that must be cut off . the instruction sheet doesn't show us what / where to cut , so I will make that I call a " narrow" cut : I mean: I will leave enough plastic , for a closer  adjustment once the fuselage will be glue    :hmmm:



:doh: too late !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



something else : the front wheel bay .considering the few pictures available , it seems that it looks good , it's a real mess inside !!!! 




I didn't find a nice color picture of this area , I know it's white , but I would like to know more ......too bad , this is pure improvisation .....here again the same " yellowish " color as inside of the main bays ( Yuma desert dust)   :mental:




next step , the cockpit .........thank you for your interest 


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Guest Peterpools


Some very nice progress on the Kfir conversion. I'm just amazed at time with AM parts as the instructions are either a store house of information or close to worthless. I've got my fingers crossed.

Keep 'em coming


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Nicolas ,you can still find these sets , but you have to break your money  bank  



 a few words about the instruction sheet : the good points :Isracast provide several close pictures of the main gear legs , as the front one ,the IP , and the seat  . these pictures are from preserved Israeli kfir , and are taken at different angles from the " walk around " find here and there .the bad point : all in black and white..... now about the instructions them self , the pictures are in black/ white ( again), and are not so good , some areas are not "clear" in term of "how to do"... it's my own feeling


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 First , thank you for your comments and for watching .....a bigger step forward ... the cockpit . all the components are here , rather nicely cast , even if some , details are not " sharp"  . the parts. we shall see the IP , and the seat later 




the cockpit is painted medium grey , the rear bulkhead black . I just added or replaced wires according to pictures , I also added some placards , and two yellow handles . I think I should have to erase these silver dots on the rear bulkhead . Well , according to the pictures , that looks enough busy




  well , after some plastic scratching  here , cutting resin there , and several dry fits , the "tube" seems to fit into the half fuselage .





the IP : according to the picture provided by Isracast , it looks conform to the real thing . the "head up" display is a separated piece 
dials and gauges are decals , you just have to paint .. easy!!!!!
next to come
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next.......the fuselage is glue , some remaining panels are engraved , some stuffs added ... below , and back






phew!!! I am lucky , everything works well , I heard this little noise as a clack when you put together the two halves ,  that mean: it's okay man !!!




The wind screen is glued ,as the clock and the compass on the frame 



even the front bay goes well !!!!!! lucky I am



to be continued , thank you for your interest 


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thank you gents , it's a lot appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have some tricky works on the fuselage , the best is coming 


To see this beautiful work,i will not get rid my Revell Mirage despite the release of the Italerei IIIc.

you are right , keep you Revell kit , when we see the prohibited prices of this kit on the Bay .....sometime crazy !!!!!!

the Italieri IIIc is a different version from the Revell kit , which is an E 


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so ,  the fuselage is closed , now comes a major step : the rump"transplantation "Okay : surgeon mask on the nose , scalpel , and CA glue in hands , let's go !!!! 

I have two options . First glue the new rear end fuselage ...humm, That seems too tricky .. I think .... or , glue the new rear end ring resin part  . I think that will better work , this option will give me the good  cylindrical  shape of the fuselage , despite the fact that the lower part is missing ( not easy to explain )  :hmmm: .Is it Okay ???well , I glue edge to edge the ring to the fuselage , as close as possible  to avoid future long sanding session .. and yes ,it works ,only a little sanding is needed f2210.jpg


here is how the part fits .. not bad at all !! yes of course , it's not Lego build , but nothing "catastrophic" , that's part of the play . gaps are filled with CA glue , and joints are sanding   too 






a bit of putty is needed one this corner ....that's all




okay , everything is in place , that looks good . I added some little stuffs ( in white) , details found in walk around pictures . the bomb bay camera  window is done . I leave this bay empty , I didn't find  pictures showing the  inside ... let's supposed that the camera had been withdrawn , cause useless     :innocent:




a little spray just to check if it's okay , some touch ups are needed.....to be continued 



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