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From Mirage to the American kfir . end of the story ..Dec 24


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That is a cracking model Alain, good job.


Do you always go with a matt topcoat as the sheen you have on the model at the moment looks superb to my eyes? The underside often has a slight sheen because of the thin film of fluids and oils built up.

By contast I'm sure there would be patches of very matt paint on the upper surfaces, particularly on the upper wing surfaces where the exposure to full sun is greatest.


Keep it up, I'm eager to see the build completed.


I don't always spray matt varnish , I rather prefer a more satin one , this is "sweeter"" softer" to the eyes , if I may said  .....your reasoning is right... thank you for watching 




From a Mirage to an Anerican KFIR.... is an INSPIRING build. .

with so many gentlemen on here wishing they could build one,

your thread will Inspire more KFIR to be built.


your Riveting workmanship and scribing is faultless and FLAWLESS. .


OUTSTANDING weathering and paint work is TOP NOTCH.




:bow: :bow:

Hi Maru


 I don't know if this build will be an inspiration , ( why not !!) if it's so , I win ... thank you for your comments , I do appreciate 



Holy Cow ... awesome painting and weathering.

Keep 'em coming



Hi Peter

thank you man!!! I hope the overall result will enjoy you  ;)

That paint work on the underside is really nice looking.   Very pretty paint work and shading.  Look forward to seeing the top paint on it






Matt  :frantic:


Hi Matt

Thank you for the comments ......the next stage is coming ..........................................................now

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Sorry Alain, i did not see your question. I've used both, the Aires F-4 on previous F-4 builds and the Eduard F-104 on my Starfighter. I dont remember exactly but i think that on the Aires exhausts, there are small surface details that are not visible on the real stuff (as it is on the F-16 GE exhaust, too). They certainly wanted to represent dot welding or something, but it should not be really visible in 1/32 in my opinion.

Anyway, it's only a small detail and not very noticeable (you have to look quite close), and both look very good to me.

Hi Nicolas

anyway what ever you choose , it's an nice improvement  



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The next and final stage : the whole top painting .....After drawing the camo lines , I first sprayed the sand colour , as Gunse H 313 , without ( again) "weathering " effects . The green plastic colour is awful and hard to cover , especially since I don't spray "surfacer " .. less I spray on , more it's better  




then comes the post shadowing :: I just added a few drops of light brown instead of black , this way , I keep the same tone , shade ... finally a wash of " raw sienna" oil paint one the lines , for the " warm" effect of this weathering  .. :mental: lightening of exposed areas ( Yuma desert sun :fight: ), simply with white




the light brown; this is always the same old song .... spraying , post shading , wash , etc..... For the post shading , I used a darker brown , again to stay in the same tone , then I lightened randomly some panels , I have poured  a bit of yellow on the base colour ( warm effect) 




now , the green colour : I used Gunse H 303 ( FS 34102) , post shading with a drop of black , lightened with yellow ... one the following pictures , the green colour looks too much green , I took several pictures , but I couldn't catch the good colour .. too bad , I am definitively not a good photographer  :doh:






And now , mates , here she is , almost done !! decals are nice , even if despite a gloss ( rather satin) varnish , I got some ( a bit) silvering with stencils ( I hate decals) I am not perfect ......  I give you " rendez vous" at the RFI session ....... Thank you all for leaving a few words , or a "like" , or even having a glimpse , I hope you have understood my "prose " It wasn't always easy ...... As you saw , it wasn't a Lego build even not a Tamiya kit , but I really enjoyed building this kit ......BTW ; if you want to get rid of your Isracast conversion.........think to me  ..And ...MERRY CHRISTMAS  EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :punk: 




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Hi gents 

thank for your kind words ....the next stage is RFI .....right now 




Looks awesome Alain  :thumbsup:     Were did you get the decals for this bird?     I had three sets of Revel's Mirage and two Kfir early sets from some company I can't recall now ( TAC :hmmm: ) .  Just could not build them do to the decals!


Happy Holidays




the decals are from the Isracast set .....too bad!!!!!!


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Just saw the final results in RFI and wow !

Absolutly brilliant work Alain  :thumbsup:


Hi Loic


merci Loic , venant d'une "pointure " telle que toi , j' apprécie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tout autant que j'apprécie les commentaires de mes petits camarades ... of course 


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