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1/48th HpH concorde


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Well folks, I have officially broken scale!


I took delivery of the Hph 1/48th Concorde today after seeing it travel across the world from the Czech Republic via Germany, France, China, Singapore then finally into Australia through Sydney and then up to Brisbane. It took 8 days and arrived in perfect condition. Being keen to get started on this project as soon as I received it, I had my workshop cleared of the 12 or so large scale planes that I am working on and a table set aside that I would be able to place the model on when I wasn't working on it.


The model comes as a one piece Fiberglass body as can be seen in the following pics and is 128cm long. The instructions are on a DVD and all other parts are in resin, with water slide decal stencil data and an extensive mask set for the two liveries that one must choose from.


A very nicely packed and rather large box.








Here it is next to my 1/32 Mirage for size comparison.




The contents. Don't be fooled by the fact that the model is mostly one piece. Most of those resin parts have to go into the fuselage from the outside through rather `expensive if you mess them up' cuts.




Well I guess call it wishful thinking that it was going to fit here:



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Onto the build. I am still thinking of which way to depict this model and am doing only the essential cuts at this stage, meaning making space for the engine nacelles.






The surface detail on the model is really nice.




Now lets get stuck into it with a razor saw




The first of many parts that need to be removed from the model body.




The nacelle is a nice fit into the space.




Here is the cockpit with the casting blocks removed and dry fitted. I will need to explore how much of this will be seen through the yet to be opened up fuselage before I go any further. There are a couple of bubbles that will need to be addressed and possible extra detail depending on what can be seen.





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