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  1. this build is so awesome, to be back and see the progress is so cool!
  2. man that's awesome! I wonder how that bad boy would look with some lights wired into and some light up instrument panels and displays!
  3. I'll say to you what the guys at my local hobby store say to me when I start saying I'm not going to buy a new kit. "George you cheap dog, buy the kit, you sell software and working is a hobby to you" I'm going to add this now, yes I'm cheap, and yes I sell software, however I do not drive a Porsche, my level of "disposable" income is somewhere between $5.00 to maybe $12.00 depending on the month. Good for you on exercising the self control, maybe sell a bunch of your other kits, and that will then offset the price of the new HK B17 you want. I've saved up for things for months, and when you do get to buy it, it really does make it that much more rewarding.
  4. have faith in Revell, I do after building their 1/32 spitfire, everyone dumped on it at first, and it has turned out to be a great kit, every once in a while Revell will shock you with a great release. I'm still really interested in their F18 Super hornet, hopefully that gets released however the date has been getting pushed around like a ping pong ball
  5. No kidding right.......I was thinking the same thing.
  6. Ben, this build turned out incredible. It's really one of the best builds I have ever seen, my question is, when are you going to get back to that S3 Viking in 1/32 that you were working on?
  7. I know, very sad, that was suppose to have been released by now, I talked to my local hobby store, and he mentioned that it's looking like August now. Hey if they are spending time on getting it right, and need some extra time to get details correct, then take your time! I have more then enough in my stash to keep me busy.
  8. Hey guys, I hope all has been well here! I finished up this new Tamiya release. It is a 1/48 scale Type 10 main battle tank. I have a soft spot for all things Japanese military, don't ask me where it came from, because I have no clue. Typical tamiya kit, it went together well, very quick and easy, the tracks are actually in sections, and they are really simple, you just have to take your time. I painted the tank with Tamiya paints, and then used the vallejo black oil wash. Just for craps and giggles I did this one very dirty and then put it next to my 1/35 type 10 for a size comparison. Thanks for looking!
  9. how about a F4 phantom IP............now we are talking!
  10. such a great build, and the way you are building this makes me to not even think about building one. Cracking work! how are things coming on that 1/32 S3 Viking?
  11. this is bad to the bone!!!!!! seriously nice work, and it just goes to show that if you put forth effort, dream it, you can build it! My great grandfather was a model railroader and the stuff he built from scratch was incredible, he would then sell those to companies so that they could make molds, and then sell his kit. Plus he wrote tons and tons of articles as well. Ever thought of doing a full size 1.1 model of a F16 instrument panel?
  12. hell yeah!!!!! nice work, and great background story, it's cool to hear all of the events that lead up to the name changes, and nose art etc. There are always usually a good story behind it.
  13. nailed it!!!! well done, that kit is a real pleasure to build!
  14. dear god this is build is so awesome! keep it up, and it's a joy watching this one come together.
  15. nice work on the braile scale, I have built a few 1/72 jets..........my hat's off to you boys that knock these out.
  16. fantastic work so far..........can't wait to see the final pictures.
  17. you got a cover for it? how am I suppose to come over and pick up everything, and then knock it around and break things?..................in all seriousness, great work on this build, it's been a pleasure watching and following this.
  18. this seems like a fantastic kit to me, and I can't wait to see these popping off of the work bench's of the talented builders here. Anyone that says we didn't need this kit, and or that this was time and money wasted by Hasegawa simply doesn't understand the void that there was in the Zero line. Yeah the tamiya kit might be shake n bake, but my wallet isn't............triple digits for a zero is more then I'm willing to pay, and this one fits what I would expect to pay for a new tooled kit.
  19. can someone take the decal sheet that was posted earlier and scale it up to 1/32? or will the clarity and detail go to hell?
  20. it's the right color, I had to triple check about three times when I built my 1/72 Tamiya Viper.........like others have mentioned it's been the official cockpit color for decades.
  21. You and I are on the same page, like pilot and co pilot.............I'm completely uninterested in props and WW2 subjects. I'd much rather build armor in the meantime and wait for some jets to get released, well worth the wait in my eyes.
  22. nice work!!!!!! clean build and great decal work
  23. the great thing about the leopard platform is that we finally have almost every variant now, and with all of the countries that use it, there are just endless possibilities, it's basically the F16 for the armor world.
  24. outstanding job, well done, you nailed the green and the weathering
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