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    My interests are in WWI and WWII Aircraft. I have only built 2 Models so far in my life. First one being a Corsair 1/32 and my second one
    completed is MIG-21MF 1/32.I am currently working on a F-84G Thunder Jet and a T-33 Project Field Goal. I came to LSP because there are Fantastic builders,and lots of great folks who are helpful and inspiring.

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  1. Girlscanplay2

    WnW AEG G.IV sharkmouth / Finito!

    Uhhhhhh.....Love the contrast that you did on the wings, and the leather work.............LOVE IT ALL!!!! Absolute Georgous!!!! Teresa
  2. Girlscanplay2

    Anigrand KC-10 Crashed during SOLO flight, I HATE THIS MODEL

    Going to fly to Jack's house and ask Jack to make us a canopy, he is doing such a FANTASTIC job on his..... way to save it!!!
  3. Girlscanplay2

    OH-58D Kiowa 1/35

    High quality Helo build. Looks like it could take off right now....nice details in the pit as well. Teresa
  4. Girlscanplay2

    VMFA-112 F-4S (Heater-Ferris Scheme)

    Beautiful......Phantom! Congratulations!!! Weathering and all great work!!! Teresa
  5. Beautiful... Nice markings choice.... and camo Teresa
  6. Girlscanplay2

    Wish a good recovery! The BREM-2 recovery vehicle

    Wow........well it is nothing you can't fix....I know you can do it. I am sure someone on here can help with ideas. Hang in there........... Teresa
  7. Girlscanplay2

    My Sons Revell Snap-Tite MAX F-150 SVT Raptor

    How Great is that!!!! Please send my Congratulations of a job well done!!! He should be so proud...and I hope to see MORE from him...............That's so great that he did that all by himself..... My hope is that he could be an inspiration to others his age......wouldn't that be something? Teresa
  8. Girlscanplay2

    Caterpillar D6K Bulldozer - 1/35 by MMK Models

    Looking good.....
  9. Joel! great painting and weathering on this build. I am one of the masters in screw ups on my builds.....shhhh... no one has to know a thing..........it's the end result of the tough journey.... right! Makes us proud to accomplish something.... besides it makes us feel good to finally get to the goal. Glad your Bro (Peter) was there to help...good guy Great Job!!!!!! Congratulations!! Teresa
  10. Girlscanplay2

    NATO"s LanceR

    Can't wait to see more.... but we all know how things get in the way for sure... Teresa
  11. Girlscanplay2

    AMT "Der Beetle Bus"

    Very Cool !!!!!!!!!!!! Far out man.................. I Like it!!!!!!!!!!! Teresa
  12. Great detailing on the engine Seat belts are fantastic! GREAT Progress.... Teresa
  13. Girlscanplay2

    Lukgraph SBU-1 Corsair FINISHED

    Looking Fantastic Eric!! Great job on the masking as well. Can't wait to see this one finished. Teresa
  14. Wow Peter Great work on the Pit!!! Teresa