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75 Sqn RNZAF Mosquito Detailed Build

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2 hours ago, Captain Boogaloo said:

hello Anthony, 

I've migrated over from the, er…. other bigger scale forum, primarily to follow your inspiring build a bit more closely (so, no pressure!!)  - I'm very interested to find out how you fixed the upper wing shape with regard to the radiator areas, and ( i'm a bit surprised no one else has suggested it, frankly!!) I would really like to see all the fixes and improvements you have made in a book  ( I suppose I'm a bit old fashioned!!) - I think this impressive model deserves it. And I hope the plan to release some of the corrections in resin is still going ahead, too ( spinners, prop blades, to name but a few)


Blue Skies!

Captain Boogaloo

Hey, welcome to LSP, and great to have you here!

Yes the masters are with the (well known) caster waiting their time for production.  I could make up a bit of a drawing on how to fix the upper wing, or the shape it should be if you like?


In the meantime between my busy schedule, work continues most days.  This was taken on the weekend.  Here I am setting up all the datums and sorting all the firewall out.  Both of the Paragon firewall fairings are now on and the 2 nacelle halves almost match up.  Still a bit more shimming to do there.  The rib you see in the photos next to the radiator is going as I am making a more detailed one out of plastic card



Getting myself set up to detail this area...



Checking alignment again (not been any issues) but also remind me what I am doing and try to see a bigger picture of where I am going!



Sorry its not much of an update, I figured I should do a little one since I was replying.


Nice to have you along!


Cheers Anthony


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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks guys, I just wish it wasn't so tediously long for you...

I work on her most days, but finding time is an issue as always.  However after many hours work I got the nacelles set at their correct angles (all the wing mods ment re-jigging the datums again).  The resin carb intake got removed 3times before I was happy with the final sit and orientation.  Now I have started detailing up the firewall.  I cant finish this area until I finish detailing and painting the wheel well and then gluing the nacelle halves together.


In the meantime here are a couple of pics to show where this nacelle is at.  There will be a lot of detailing and plumbing in here as well as using a modified Merlin from the Airfix Hurricane as the powerplant. I can now however remove the nacelles and finish off all the surface detailing, especially on the lower wing.  There are loads of panels, fasteners, drain holes to be added.


Sorry the update is not very exciting and does not reflect the hours gone into this.





Thanks for looking in


Cheers Anthony

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks Ron!


yes mate I have, got an email and invoice earlier in the week. They are on their way...

Thanks for the heads up on those, I cannot wait to see them. In the meantime I shall continue to plug away on the firewall and nacelles 



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  • 4 weeks later...
Posted (edited)

I have spent HOURS on the underside of this wing and there is still much to go.  


All of the fuel tank panels have been scribed, doublers added (couple more still to go), drains, vents and access panels etc appropriate for the Series II wing.  I have been feeling like I have not achieved anything so I did what our Chuck here does and flooded one wing with Tamiya Panel accent wash.  I thought I best do one wing at a time so I didn't feel overwhelmed.


Overall I am really happy with the way it has come up.  I can see a few areas that will need attention, but considering all the work gone into the wing structure I am actually pretty pleased.  There are a few item's of photoetch to add on there when the sheets turn up so don't worry it's still not done!







Bit of tidy up then wash the other wing and see what I have to tidy up...


Then its weld beads and rivets  on the 100gal long range tanks


Thanks for looking

Cheers Anthony

Edited by Anthony in NZ
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10 hours ago, CJP said:

Fabulous work Anthony - all looking very realistic


Thanks very much buddy!  I am hoping to make her look more realistic by adding every tiny little detail that should be there


10 hours ago, airscale said:

such clean, detailed work - it looks spot on Anthony


very much enjoying the care and attention you are lavishing on it and what spectacular results!



Thanks Peter, that means a lot coming from you!  Thank you sir!


9 hours ago, John1 said:

Nice work Anthony, I'm really enjoying this build!

Thanks John, loving your 32nd one as well...goodness knows I need some inspiration LOL!


4 hours ago, monthebiff said:

Superb work Anthony, your attention to detail is really paying off. 


Regards. Andy 

Always appreciate your feedback Andy, you have been a great source of encouragement for me!


I just took this, this morning with natural light, hopefully it shows the detail better than it did at 11:30pm last night!



Thanks always for checking in and your encouraging words, you have no idea how it keeps me going on a project like this!


Quick question to you guys, I am thinking of putting a few 'dings' on the underwing 100gal tanks before I put the weld beads and rivets on.  They were (well the ones the RNZAF got delivered were light alloy, along with a few Aussie made ones that were robust steel items and had a big seam down the middle) fairly easily dented and I have a few pics of then with the odd ding and dents, nothing too much...thoughts?


Cheers Anthony 


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