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  1. Thanks LSP_K2 Just what the doctor ordered. Ron G
  2. Hey all I'm trying to track down the instructions for the Revell Peterbilt wrecker "can do" kit #7541 or 85-1508. I've looked everywhere on the web but no luck. My question is does anyone have this kit in there stash and if so would you be willing to send me a copy of the instructions. A pdf file would be fine. Thanks Ron G
  3. 1/32 - avenger 1/24 - A6M2 zero
  4. Whooo hoo!!! I'm finally going to get my riveting tools that I ordered from you. Great news Radu. Ron G
  5. As I said before Troy, I'll take a (1) stylus packet please. Ron G
  6. Hey Pat Vallejo makes all the colors you need in a true water based acrylic paint in there model air line. I've been using them for quite a while now and they work pretty good. They can be a little delicate when masking but if your careful they are fine. Tamiya paint is a alcohol based acrylic paint, where as Vallejo is a true water only based paint. It's best to use there thinner and there flow improver for spraying to get the best finish. If you want to brush paint use there model color line, its thicker for brushing. Ron G
  7. Hey Dambuster Check out my build of the Revell 1/32 Beaufighter that I'm doing over on LSM. I'm converting it into a Canadian Torbeau mk x using alot of aftermarket stuff. Ron G
  8. Keeping an eye on this one Ron G
  9. Hey Anthony Did you try Model Monkeys site. I think he does one in 1/24 scale. Or it's at least close enough to kit bash it into one. Ron G
  10. Hey Anthony Looks great. I have a question though? Aren't there supposed to be rivets on the flanges around the cannon openings? I'm not being picky, just curious. Ron G
  11. Great explanation Radu. This really cleared up how a sutton harness works. Now when my two (yours of course) sutton harnesses arive in the mail I'll be able to install them in my 1/32 Beaufighter correctly. Thanks Ron G
  12. Hey Steve What new bits are you working on for the Beaufighter? Hopefully it's the rear observer/gunner's station. Ron G
  13. Hey Troy I'll take 1 set of heads please. Ron G
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