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  1. There is a place locally by me here in Michigan that still has two HB B-24j's @ $179.00 and three of the Lancaster's @ $250.00
  2. Hey Tim I believe that's the Nordin bomb site and would be the correct one for the B-24s, B-17s and the the B-25s. Ron G
  3. Hey Tim Where did you find photos that show them mounted above the bomb bay? Can you show a link or picture. Thanks Ron G
  4. Hey Tim If you go to the web and look for B-17 photos you can find photos that show how you can mount them. Also I don't know if you had to have all (5) radios. I've seen pictures of a B-25 that only had two of them. Ron G
  5. Hey Tim There are seven pieces in the Resin2detail set. The large radio piece is the BC-375 Transmitter. The small radio piece is the BC-348 Receiver. The (5) smaller radios are the BC-459-A which together make up the USAAF/NAVY SCR-274N, AN/ARC-5 command set. They were used for communicating between aircraft or there base. They could transmit/receive voice, code or constant tone for navigation. Ron G
  6. They fit perfectly, I'd post a picture but I can't post them here. Go to LSM and you can see pictures of the front and main legs. Ron G (Crankycrafstman)
  7. Hey Tim Make sure you use the brass inserts for the landing gear, there only about 20 bucks. And are well worth it. They are from Aeroscale I believe. You need to add so much weight to the front of this that the kits gear without the brass inserts won't hold up the weight. You can see from the way Hobbyboss made the landing gear that they wanted to make the inserts out of metal but rushed the kit to market with plastic inserts. You can contact HB and see if you can get a replacement rear turret and use it for the front one. Hobbyboss supposedly is replacing the frosted front turrets with corrected ones if you contact them. I found this out here and on LSM. If you go to LSM and check out posts from Crankycrafstman (thats me) you can see the issues with the landing gear. Ron G
  8. Hey Tim If your talking about turrets, no luck as of yet. There are canopy masks from DNA, decals for a few birds, instrument panel from Airscale and brass landing gear inserts which are copys of the kit inserts. There are full metal casts of the kits gear, but they are white metal and with 300 to 350 grams of weight in the nose they will fold up like Japanese origami. Ron G
  9. HURRY UP Iain I'm having severe withdrawal symptoms from not seeing your build updates. p
  10. Hey Dennis No the B-24's took an S36 tire the same as the main tires on the P-38. You can use the Aires ones for the P-38 but you will have to remove the brake detail off of the back of the wheel. True details make aset for the Hobbyboss B-24 but they are the type with a hub cap. Ron G
  11. I agree with Out2gtcha. Each to his own some won't care, some will hate them and won't build it. I'm going to build mine crap turrets and all, albate I'm going to do what ever my skills will allow me to do to fix them. This may enclude 3dD printing replacement glass panels out of clear resin in my sons 3D printer. Now I just have to create a 3D CAD model and print it, holy crap.
  12. It would be nice if G-factor did a set for the Lancaster. Ron G
  13. I tried that, but it didn't really work. The alignment pins can be removed and polished out, but the alignment holes (the part that the pin goes into) leaves a nasty hole in the clear visible part of the turret. No way to fix that.
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