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  1. Hey Vynce804 It's a good kit, I have the gun nose "J" it will be a little heavy when done so, I suggest you get the brass landing gear from G factor they are really nice and will do the job great. The true details wheels are nice but the Brassin ones are far better, and more accurate. Ron G
  2. The first one is the one from the RAF museum and has color chips on the last page, great for matching or mixing your own colors. I have matched all of the colors I need to do PZ474 in Extra Dark Sea Grey and Sky and all of the roundels, code letters and serials with Vallejo Model Air paints. I have all the masks I need from Makater. I've never done paint masks, other then canopy ones, before. I have three bottles each of the EDSG AND Sky, just to make sure I don't run out in the middle of painting...lol Ron G
  3. Hey LSP_K2 Sorry it took so long to get back to you, been feeling a little under the weather. Well anyway here are the books that I have at the moment. 1) British Aviation Colours of World War Two. The official camouflage, colours and markings of RAF aircraft, 1939-1945. 2) Squadron Walkaround Mosquito #15. 3) Squadron Mosquito in action part 2 #139 4) Mosquito FB. VI Airframe, systems and RAF wartime usage by Dave Brown, Sam publication's. 5) The De Havilland Mosquito A comprehensive guide for the modeller by Richard A. Franks. 6) Airframe & Miniature No. 10 The de Havilland Mosquito Part 2: Fighter, Fighter-Bomber & Night-Fighter (including Sea Mosquito). 7) De Havilland Mosquito 1940 onwards (all marks) by Haynes Owner's Workshop Manual. Well that's all the books I have. I do have a lot of photos I have gleaned of the Internet, plus several builds bookmarked on my homepage (I cant post pictures here) Ron G
  4. Check out my post on LSM on how to fix the landing gear by adding metal tubes and rods. Sadly most of the good aftermarket for the big Mossie is no longer available, the stuff from Neil at Paragon. The Airscale instrument panel is nice, the Barracuda wheels are a must and lots of books, I have seven. I'm not at my bench right now so will post there names latter, plus all of the after market I have for this kit. Oh, I'm working with Tom at HB Hobbies on getting RexX to make exhausts for it. If your not familiar with them they are scale wall thickness hollow metal "galvanicly grown" metal that don't need to be painted. So maybe in a month or so they will be available. Ron G
  5. Hey all Sad news today. The Collings Foundation B-17 has crashed in Connecticut. this happened October 2, 2019 at approximately 9:00 am. There were 7 people killed. There were three crew members on board with I believe 10 paying passengers, plus one person on the ground involved. They had just taken off when they experienced engine problems and turned around to land and check out what was wrong when they crashed into a building on the runway area by the de-icing facility. From the videos it's hard to believe how anyone could have survived. I hope they don't stop these flights because of this, because there is already talk about how safe these old WW2 planes are, sad very sad Ron G
  6. Check out my build over on LSM, this thing is massive and can at times be a mojo killer! But it is a good kit, albate very tedious build, especially when you go as far as I am going...lol. It's in t bgg e works in progress area. Ron G
  7. The first kit had the instrument glass with the decals already attached, but some were off register.
  8. I saw a review of the B-24D on YouTube and from what the guy said you get a set of actual clear turrets both front and rear. So if you get a "D" you get a replacement front turret you can use on the "J". Ron G
  9. Hey Brett If I'm not mistaken the inside of the tail wheel area should be salmon primer also on the bird cage. Ron G
  10. WOW!!! I just found this build. Amazing work, makes me want to tackle another one of thise old Airfix Mustangs. I did one many years ago as a 325th fighter group "checkertail bird". But alas I lost it when the model shop I had it at went out of business. Ron G
  11. Hey Anthony I almost forgot could you also post a couple of pictures of the Paragon exhausts for this ki. Im think about modifying the kit parts and want something to go by. I would really like a set of Neils (Paragon) exhausts but I think that would be near impossible, plus I'm retired and on a fixed budget...lol Ron G
  12. Any progress on this build? It was looking really great, and I was using for information on my build. Ron G
  13. Hey Anthony Just went through your build of the Airfix 1/24 Mosquito. Let me just say WOW! fantastic work. You mentioned you would like some better detailed. 303 machine guns, try this guy on Shapways - 1/24 Browning 303 MkII RAF Set001 by HOLDEN8702. They are 3D printed, they look good. I'm thinking about getting a set for my Mossie. Do you have any pictures of the port and starboard interior cockpit walls. Ones that show the placement of the reinforcement circular plates for attaching all the fittings to the inside walls. I found another build of one by ajaycad on here, LSP, but I'm not sure that it's correct, plus he only shows one side. If you have pictures that show this better I would greatly appreciate it. Also he used 3mm dia circles, is this correct? Also what thickness should i use? Thanks Ron G
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