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  1. Hey Damian Would you consider doing a set for the venerable Revell 1/32 Bristol Beaufighter. It could sure use a good strong set, I thought there would be interest in them with all the builds going on on different forums. Ron G
  2. Check with Model Monkey he does stuff in 3D printed resin. Check out his site at ModelMonkey.com his name is Steve Ron G
  3. Wow, nice work. I'm doing one over on LSM, it's definitely a real challenge. Ron G
  4. Hey Steve I got your mk x cockpit and tail planes, WOW! They are really fantastic and the cockpit fits in the Revell Beaufighter kit almost perfectly. Still haven't tried to fit the tail planes, working on other areas of the kit. Any new updates on the rear navigator/gunner set, I really need one of those so I can finish my build, oh and a 18" torpedo to. I'm doing a build over on LSM (easier to post progress pictures over there) check it out under Crankycrafstman. I broke the control columns brake lever off is there anyway I can get a replacement for it, if so send me a PM. Ron G
  5. Good luck, Ukraine has closed all flights in and out of there, because of the Covid-19 crap! Ron G
  6. Hey Anthony She's looking real good. Have you got your Rexx exhausts yet? I got mine today in the mail and boy are they sweet! If you haven't ordered yours yet get going before Bob runs out. Ron G
  7. Yes, they are NOT rubber/vinyl, they are a flexible resin material there for no melting of plastic, besides the wheels are resin also. Ron G
  8. Hey Damain, thats cool, keep updated on when they are ready for purchase, also interested in the 1/32 Trumpeter me-109G-2 legs. Ron G
  9. Hey Damain If I were to donate my P-38 landing gear what parts do you need? Would I get a free replacement set for them? If so I would be interested. Send me a PM. Ron G
  10. My suggestion: 1/32 Trumpeter P-38 J/L Ron G
  11. Hello Andrey I'm wondering since your wheel sets are so nice could you do a set for the 1/32 Trumpeter/Hobbyboss P-38J/L it desperately needs a quality set of wheels and tires. Thanks Ron G
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