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  1. CJP

    Brazilian AF-1

    Great lateral thinking with materials and technique - once again showing the benefit of forums like FSM CJP
  2. CJP

    Brazilian AF-1

    How awesome is that GDW! - not knowing anything about movie making I thought that CGI had bumped the demand for models in movies so hope their demand for your skills continue - look forward to your AF1 resuming Chris
  3. CJP

    Brazilian AF-1

    Hi Greg I've been hanging out for an update on this beautiful build - how things going? Chris
  4. Hello dashotgun I just had a look at your RFI & WIP on your FW and your checkerboards are just perfect - clean and crisp - just what I wanted to achieve on my A4G rudder but getting the masking to go up and over the tapered ribs with the dividing line between checks in the centre of the rib was challenging particularly as the tape tends to pull out of alignment on the ribs. Thanks for posting - I'll have a think about your technique CJP
  5. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Thanks Anthony I really appreciate you taking the time to look for it anyway mate - I'll tack in my version of the airbrake & who knows the original may turn up some time Chris
  6. Hey thanks for your thoughts on the masking jimbo - however I think I will select another scheme as I could not get clean crisp edges to the checks - my results were just glaringly substandard. Appreciate your input CJP
  7. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Thanks Anthony - it would be great if you have a spare airbrake - I think I'll always be not quite happy with the one I made knowing the inside is blank and not having the option to open it without a LOT of work - as you can see on page one I have a bunch of spare Hasegawa 1/32 Skyhawk bits thanks to GDW but the airbrakes are not amongst them. Chris
  8. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Well I'm hoping that the new years modelling on the A4G will improve after a ropey start - first I wanted to see if I could paint the red/white checks on the rudder which was an early scheme and would mean I would fit a straight refuelling probe - later schemes would need the bent probe. This is why I tried the rudder checks now before I finished the construction of the model. I masked the checks with Tamiya tape after spraying a base of Tamiya flat white - this was followed by Tamiya flat red The results when I pulled the tape off were not so good especially with the checks on the external ribs of the rudder - the more I tried to neaten it up with a brush the more messy it got until I cleaned it all off and sprayed the base white again and started thinking about an alternative scheme maybe with the red/white checks on the fin. I submitted a post here to see if anyone has advice on checks- https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/78523-i-need-help-painting-checkerboard-pattern/ Next the right hand airbrake departed into another dimension so I had to fabricate a new one from plastic scrap and sheet - I did not model the interior because I wanted to pose the airbrakes closed or just cracked open - the left hand kit part and my cobbled up airbrake are in the photo below. I was hoping the RH airbrake might magically reappear but I've searched everywhere with no luck so I guess that's not going to happen. CJP
  9. CJP

    Trumpeter 1/32 RNZAF A-4K "Kahu Upgrade"

    That should look good CJP
  10. CJP

    75 Sqn RNZAF Mosquito Detailed Build

    Good to hear you are moving on the Skyhawk too - you sure have a full build programme - I have dusted off my A4G and am getting it moving again but I managed to lose the right hand airbrake and had to fabricate a new one that will be modelled in the closed or just cracked open position so no internal detail needed - I don't know how I manage to lose these things! CJP
  11. CJP

    75 Sqn RNZAF Mosquito Detailed Build

    Very refined and very neat work there Anthony CJP
  12. Hello - I want to paint red & white checkerboard on the rudder of my 1/32 A4G Skyhawk but am finding it extremely difficult to mask as the checks have to go up & over the raised ribbing on the external surface of the rudder - I've had one attempt and removed it as it was not good enough - the border of each check is the middle of each raised ribbing so rubbing down the masking tape along the ribs distorts the line of the checks. Any suggestions on how I could get around my problem? - I'm thinking of doing a later scheme with red & white checks on the fin and white rudder if I can't resolve it. CJP
  13. CJP

    1/48 Italeri S-2E Tracker

    Hi Andy - I'm relatively new to LSM so was very pleased to find your Tracker build - really like the detailing you are adding and was interested to see your remarks on the ED cockpit set with the D mould forward fuselage - I have one of these to do one day and have the D mould fuselage correction already and am thinking about the nacelle correction set as well as the other AM bits you are using too. Now following your build CJP