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  1. The F2H3 is one of my favourites - you did a great job on this one CJP
  2. looking great - I really like this version of the Banshee & your are doing it justice CJP
  3. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Thanks guys - It was a really fiddly task & I lost half a dozen vortex generators that "pinged" off to the carpet monster however Eduard do provide plenty of spares on the etch - I think even with the ones I lost there is still enough to do another A4! Chris
  4. CJP

    RAN A4G

    After studying the A4's models by Anthony in NZ, GDW and alaninaustria I made a start on fitting those etched Eduard vortex generators - having got the camouflage colours as good as my modelling skills will allow I was reluctant to spray through the template as alaninaustria did to mark out the positions of the vortex generators so I took a less risky approach for me of daubing paint with a stiff brush through the templates I had taped to the wing. j When the paint had dried I placed the template on the wing again and marked the straight edge of the VG's leaving a white scribed line I then marked the leading edge of the VG's with strips of white tape - I then I picked up each VG with my Tamiya tweezers and placed a tiny blob of CA on it and carefully lined each one with the white line and tape - after a few goes I was able to position them pretty accurately and it was not hard to remove ones that were not properly aligned & reposition them again - the CA seems to bond to the acrylic paint well enough to hold them firm. A bit of careful touch up painting of the VG followed and a consult of the decreasing list of things to do! CJP
  5. CJP

    RAN A4G

    I purchased the Flight Path 1/32 US Navy Carrier Deck set - it has a nice easy to assemble white metal boarding ladder and tow bar with etched detail - the wheel chocks are a fold up etch & I have put them aside for now as I don't find them that easy to assemble - a nice cast set would have been easier for me - still need to finish painting the ladder CJP
  6. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Thanks Greg - I have been looking at your AF-1 and its good to see you able to get back into it again - I've picked up a lot of tips from you and alaninaustria about fitting those vortex generators on my A4G when I can get to it - I have my folding tool and Tamiya diamond file ready to go - just need some patience & a steady hand.
  7. Fabulous job - cant get enough A4 models
  8. HI Pip - when you look at the standard of modelling displayed on LSP I think scratch building will stick around and not fade away - I've often ended up scratch building areas like wingfold details because some A/M parts I've seen have not captured the shapes like aerofoil cross sections - can also be quite satisfying - I remember about 40 years ago everything needed to be scratched when improving my old models! - the work I see on LSP continues to amaze and inspire me. CJP
  9. In this day & age of resin cockpits and etched brass it is good to see such great scratch building! CJP
  10. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Thanks Anthony - alaninaustria gave me the following info on how he did the VG on his A4 - "Hello CJP - I spray painted lightly over the template with black to mark the exact location, then I used a drop of fluid CA to glue the Vortex-Generators (VGs) down. Time consuming, but well worth it in the end!! " So will give it a bit of thought before I start and approach with caution! Also had some advice from NAVY870 & FAAMAN on BM that the exhaust blank was a rubber bung and had no handle so have removed it regards Chris
  11. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Hi All - I've added a few more details to push the A4G to completion the broken slats & runners were repaired and refitted - brass wire was soldered to the curved runners so I could mount them to the back of the slats. A standby compass and elapsed time clock for the opening canopy were scratch built & fitted with some suitable Airscale instrument dials - also fitted some rear view mirrors from an Airscale etch sheet. An exhaust pipe blank was cobbled up from a circle of plastic and some brass ´╗┐wire. I printed some codes and serials on an inkjet printer in black - I found you really need to give the sheet a good clear coating to stop the ink bleeding when you put it in water - I airbrushed clear lacquer over the sheet and when the ink still bled I brush coated it with Microsoft Liquid decal film - finally got the decals on but lost a few in the process so good idea to have spares. Finally she got the identity A4G 155063 876. The decals have just gone on today so will need to be sealed once dry - I decided to leave fitting the Eduard etched vortex generators until last so that is a fiddly task still to be done when the mood strikes. CJP
  12. Loving the work you are putting into this model and watching it come together - great stuff CJP
  13. Found your Auster WE552 on Facebook and it looks like a real quality rebuild - thanks for positive comments on the A4G CJP
  14. Great to see you are restoring an Auster - a real classic - had a minor setback with the A4G when it flipped backwards off the modelling desk to the floor with subsequent damage but back on track again after a session in the panel beaters! CJP
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