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  1. With those engines sitting under the wings she really looks like a Skywarrior - fabulous CJP
  2. Awesome modelling Anthony - you are setting a standard that I will never be able to attain
  3. Hey mate went through some of that with my mum a few years ago when she was alive so know how time consuming it all is - there is light at the end of the tunnel - your magnificent Canberra will be ok on pause for a while - full size muscle car or model? CJP
  4. Mate your work is so neat and clean - I'm just amazed at it Anthony Chris
  5. Awesome bit of panel beating Ben - interesting to see the techniques you used to get her back together again CJP
  6. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Thanks Alan - I was uncertain how to go about fitting the vortex generators until I read your A4 build CJP
  7. Amazing standard of helicopter modelling from guys like yourself and shark64 CJP
  8. Really like this Hunter - very neat job CJP
  9. Fabulous work Anthony - all looking very realistic CJP
  10. Hunter looks good - builds pretty nice straight from the box - you did a neat job on it CJP
  11. Fabulous bit of model engineering there CJP
  12. Thanks MARU5137 for taking a look at my A4G - not sure why they are called Scooters - maybe because of their relative small size and long undercarriage legs? - maybe someone on here could advise on this CJP
  13. Some top notch fabrication going on there! - interesting watching how you produce these parts CJP
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