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  1. CJP

    A-4M "The Little Scooter"

    Fabulous Skyhawk and what a great photo - perfect lighting as far as I'm concerned CJP
  2. CJP

    Brazilian AF-1

    Hi Greg - I made a tracing of the internal bits I made for my Skyhawk cockpit but looking closely at your model I noticed the A4M canopy is a lot different to the A4G - as such these probably wont be much use to you so let me know if you want it deleted. Chris
  3. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Thanks Greg - I had seen & admired Ericg's Skyhawk before and have to say it pointed me in the right direction for modifying and detailing the undercarriage legs on my A4G - I shortened the mains by 4mm like Eric did - it really is a very neat model and attractive in the final wrap around camouflage scheme. I just have looked at the alaninaustria build and it is another fine Skyhawk model and the first one I have seen using the Eduard vortex generators so lots of good useful information in that build too. I also just found another nice A4K by KitmodellerNZ - Chris
  4. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Trying to a WIP in retrospect is not easy so I have selected some photos from the build rather than repeat everything that is on the Britmodeller WIP the first photos show how the Skyhawk was separated into parts & the nose split to allow insertion of the Aires nose wheel bay and Avionics cockpit after a lot of fettling. A soak in oven cleaner removed the previous paint job The still to be finished canopy interior details - a lot of guess work here. shot gun pellets were used for nose weights The Aires main wheel bays were able to be fitted but it was a tight squeeze requiring material to be removed from the inside of the wings and the resin bays slat runners were made from model railway rail filed to shape - I ended up putting quite a bend in them to get the right droop on the slats Extra detail was added to the Aires nose wheel leg and the kit wheel covers and re-scribing of some panel lines and made fin intake below. Catapult hooks and intake blanks were scratch built The copper wire brake lines were replaced with finer 20Amp fuse wire - Albion Alloys tubing was used for this nose wheel strut with plastic strip details - added push rod and linkage to rudder and ailerons - push moulded wingtip navigation light covers Hope this puts the post more in context. Chris
  5. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Thanks Greg - Calum kindly posted a link on my BM WIP to his A4K photo collection which has really good close up landing gear photos as well as the rest of the aircraft. I ended up giving the metal slat runners a lot more curvature than I started with so that the slats hang down a bit more realistically and also had to taper the inner ends - it is a shame that Eduard did not include these in their slat etch to give a stronger attachment point.
  6. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Hi All - I,m a newbie on LSP and thought I would post up my restoration of an old Hasegawa 1/32 Skyhawk kit that was gradually losing bits and succumbing to damage sitting on a shelf. I actually have a current post for the WIP on Britmodeller and have only recently discovered some Skyhawk models on LSP by GDW and Anthony in NZ that got my admiration - as it is a 1/32 model I thought I would post the WIP here as well. The link to the Britmodeller WIP is here - https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235027738-ran-a4g-skyhawk/ The photos below show where the restoration is up to as of this morning. This is a shot of where she will sit in the display case next to my Fisher Sea Fury - might even be able to squeeze a 1/32 Sea Venom with folded wings in there too one day & maybe the Fisher Firefly! regards CJP
  7. CJP

    F-14B UPGRADE 1/32 Tomcat

    Fabulous workmanship - your artistry is just amazing CJP
  8. CJP

    Seafire L Mk.2C

    Fabulous Seafire - love the paint finish CJP
  9. CJP

    Brazilian AF-1

    Thanks GDW I shall watch your approach with interest on the VG's as I have not seen them used anywhere yet on a Skyhawk build - I have also taken on board your modifications to the Avionics Ejection Seat. I have a WIP on my A4G going on Britmodeller which I started in October 2017 so progress is slow - It is my attempt to give a makeover to an old Hasegawa Skyhawk I had on the shelf of doom - I think it is probably too far along to put it up on here at this stage but this is the link - https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235027738-ran-a4g-skyhawk/ Chris
  10. CJP

    Brazilian AF-1

    Hi GDW - I found your build via Anthony in NZ's TA4K build - you have some really interesting information on your AF1 Skyhawk build and I will be following it - I am very interested in seeing how you tackle the Eduard vortex generators as I have a set for a rebuild I am doing on an old Hasegawa A4 and I have not decided how to go about fitting them - I used the Avionics A4E/F cockpit set & Aires wheel bay set which took a lot of fettling to fit - mine will eventually be finished as a RAN A4G early model with straight refuelling probe (at least that's the current thinking) CJP
  11. CJP

    Hasegawa 32nd TA-4K

    I'm still finding my way around the LSP website so just noticed your TA4K Skyhawk build - now I have two of your Skyhawk builds to follow! CJP
  12. CJP


    Great model and great recommendation for the HPH kit CJP
  13. CJP

    F4D....the Ford

    I think the Skyray was a beautiful looking aircraft and your model has really done it justice - well done. CJP
  14. CJP

    Firefly news?

    Thanks Paul - that's great news and with folded wings even better CJP
  15. CJP

    Firefly news?

    Just reading the other posts about how some models sell and some fizz - just wondering if the Firefly is still going to happen? CJP