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  1. Hi Alan - I am going to use the Eduard etched VG set on my A4G and wondered what type of glue you are using to attach the VG's - I assume you spray paint through the template to mark the position of the VG & glue over the paint? - any help appreciated as I have not found the instructions that helpful CJP
  2. Fabulous - love your work CJP
  3. Nice job! - always like to see models of this classic aircraft CJP
  4. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Thanks Derek - The FAA Museum at Nowra has a great collection of aircraft - unfortunately it has been quite a few years since I have been able to visit it. Chris
  5. CJP

    1/48 TA-4K Hasegawa

    Fabulous -makes my paint jobs look amateurish CJP
  6. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Hi - I have been trying to do some refining of the wingtip navigation light assembly on my A4G and have come up with the following proportions to adjust a drawing I enlarged to 1/32 scale - it looks close enough compared to the accompanying photo of the real thing I found online - on the gull grey/white camouflage scheme I wonder if that strip at the back of the clear cover is white on all A4's or gull grey in some cases? What I have not been able to find is what sort of globes light the clear part and where are they positioned - does anyone have any information on this please Chris
  7. CJP

    Hawker Sea Fury

    This is an old 1/48 scale model of mine that gathered that sticky coating of dust over the years so I decided to give it a makeover Model details are - Airwaves - cockpit etch and whitemetal undercarriage legs Cooper - propellor,spinner and fuel tanks Rockets from Flightpath detail set Scratchbuilt - wingfold and details around undercarriage doors etc Decals from AeroMaster 48-712 plus some from spares box The following photo is of this model posed with an old 1/48 PP Aerokits Vacform Firefly Mark5 both in the markings of 17CAG HMS Theseus during Korean War CJP
  8. Well Anthony I have pretty well convinced myself I have to do a Kahu Skyhawk utilising your cockpit parts - at the moment I'm tempted to do a TA4K - looks like my modelling is mapped out for the next few years - is the Hasegawa TA4 still in production? Chris
  9. CJP

    Recycling a Thunderbolt

    Hi - like some have already said I thought the original scheme in your first photo looked pretty darn good! - I do like to see old models recycled too - I was very interested to see your masking technique on the cowling and the results on the P47 and also that Mustang on your desk CJP
  10. CJP

    RAN A4G

    My Hasegawa Skyhawk inventory just had a massive expansion - GDW kindly sent me his kit sprues he no longer wants. thanks again Greg Very pleased to get the clear sprue as I need the underwing lights and landing light for the gear door on my A4G
  11. CJP

    A-4M "The Little Scooter"

    Fabulous Skyhawk and what a great photo - perfect lighting as far as I'm concerned CJP
  12. CJP

    Brazilian AF-1

    Hi Greg - I made a tracing of the internal bits I made for my Skyhawk cockpit but looking closely at your model I noticed the A4M canopy is a lot different to the A4G - as such these probably wont be much use to you so let me know if you want it deleted. Chris
  13. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Thanks Greg - I had seen & admired Ericg's Skyhawk before and have to say it pointed me in the right direction for modifying and detailing the undercarriage legs on my A4G - I shortened the mains by 4mm like Eric did - it really is a very neat model and attractive in the final wrap around camouflage scheme. I just have looked at the alaninaustria build and it is another fine Skyhawk model and the first one I have seen using the Eduard vortex generators so lots of good useful information in that build too. I also just found another nice A4K by KitmodellerNZ - Chris
  14. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Trying to a WIP in retrospect is not easy so I have selected some photos from the build rather than repeat everything that is on the Britmodeller WIP the first photos show how the Skyhawk was separated into parts & the nose split to allow insertion of the Aires nose wheel bay and Avionics cockpit after a lot of fettling. A soak in oven cleaner removed the previous paint job The still to be finished canopy interior details - a lot of guess work here. sketch of inner canopy lining detail that I fitted shot gun pellets were used for nose weights The Aires main wheel bays were able to be fitted but it was a tight squeeze requiring material to be removed from the inside of the wings and the resin bays slat runners were made from model railway rail filed to shape - I ended up putting quite a bend in them to get the right droop on the slats Extra detail was added to the Aires nose wheel leg and the kit wheel covers and re-scribing of some panel lines and made fin intake below. Catapult hooks and intake blanks were scratch built The copper wire brake lines were replaced with finer 20Amp fuse wire - Albion Alloys tubing was used for this nose wheel strut with plastic strip details - added push rod and linkage to rudder and ailerons - push moulded wingtip navigation light covers Hope this puts the post more in context. Chris
  15. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Thanks Greg - Calum kindly posted a link on my BM WIP to his A4K photo collection which has really good close up landing gear photos as well as the rest of the aircraft. I ended up giving the metal slat runners a lot more curvature than I started with so that the slats hang down a bit more realistically and also had to taper the inner ends - it is a shame that Eduard did not include these in their slat etch to give a stronger attachment point.