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75 Sqn RNZAF Mosquito Detailed Build

Anthony in NZ

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Hi All

Well with all the inspiration around here and all the Mossie builds underway, I couldnt help but take a break from my 32nd BK-117 and start a model of my all time favourite aircraft.

First up, this is a great kit and I totally applaud Airfix for producing this beauty....thank you!

I have had a lot to do with Mossies over the years so getting this kit was a priority along with every extra produced. So of course I wasnt going to just build it out of the box as for me there was a lot that could be added/corrected. Now I have to warn you this will be a complete rework of this kit from nose to tail, so bear with me it may take a while.

Here is the plane I am building, NZ2328 YC-C, she survives to this day



And a few inspiring shots...



First for me was to look at the wings. Built up kits look good in the dihedral but my wing looked flat and plank like. So the first thing I did was to add spars (thanks Brian!) these went fron the centre section to the outer wings and superglued to the upper wing to set the angle. Next up was to remove the lower tank bay detail as I dont like how the tank doors are represented by protruding plates. I removed these from the outer wings to rescribe later and added the beautiful lower landing lamps that David66 produces (thanks!). I cut the lamp cover out of the leading edge and glued the lower wings up.
The centre section was then trimmed and glued in and new u/c bay floors added.

The spar caps/weather strips were added firstly to the forward spars. These are 4mm x .025mm evergreen strips. These will have to be sanded back to make less prominent. At the same time the lower wider plate was added for the rocket attach points (series 2 wing).

I had sink marks along my upper trailing edge, this was rubbed down, Mr Surfacer added and blocked back, a final spray of Mr Surfacer highlighted any issues that needed attention. I trial fitted the centre section and all fitted a dream.


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OK now time for an issue that seemed to need attention to me. The wing leading edge looked too blunt so I added a 2mm half round to the front and built it up and it made a big difference to my eye. I know this will mean modifying the engine cowls, but I thing it will be worth it.







All fitting...



At this point I decided to open the rear hatch....why? Dont know except I thought it would look cool!




Next up, rebuilding the flaps...

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To me the flaps just looked like triangular blocks compared to the real thing...








Notice the end detail with angles etc...


So I went ahead and added detail to the ends to match the real thing, here they are in progress. There is a lot more surface detail yet to be added.




Time for a change of pace. I brought the beautiful 100gal underwing tanks that Neil produces from Paragon. Here they are assembled filled and primed with Mr Surfacer. A few tittle things on them yet to finish up.




Finally before I sign off, I decided the paddle blades needed refining. The shape is pretty good but they are waaaay too thick. I spent literally HOURS thinning out one blade and reprofiling the tip a little......oh boy 5 more to go!!! Unless anyone wants to cast them for others?






I still have a huge ammount to go on the wings and undercarriage bays. The outer 2 rocket rails will be added much later on but they will need a big rework as well.


But anyway thats where I am now, I hope it is of some interest to some. I dont want to take anything away from this awesome kit, it looks impressive straight out of the box.


Cheers and thanks for looking


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Hi Anthony.


Good on you for finally starting a build thread! There's clearly a lot of people interested in seeing what you do with this (including me).


I like the shots of the real thing too, might have to come with you next time you go see it.


One question though, would the Mosquito normally be parked with the flaps down?

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Wow thanks again guys, I hope I dont disappoint!


Keith, no the flaps were normally up, part post landing checks. Having said that, it is not uncommon to see them down. Often they can be seen on takeoff setting, I plan to sit mine about 15-20deg.




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Hi Anthony,

I have a Mosquito in the stash which I will start once I finish my ongoing Hurri, great start, I will be watching this build closly, so I will know what to do with mine.



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