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Tamiya's big Spit

Wolf Buddee

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Here's my efforts on the cockpit assembly. The IP is the kit item modified to accept Airscale instrument decals. This involved eliminating the use of Tamiya's clear bits as I felt they were too thick and made the instrument dials look like you were looking at them through the bottom of a glass coke bottle. I used Roy Sutherland's detail bits from Barracudacast, primarily the interior detail set and the seat. The seatbelts were from RB productions and like BarracudaCast's resin, highly recommended. I scratch-built the rudder cables and all the plumbing on the sidewalls as shown and the instruments on the center blind flying panel recieved scratch-built instrument bezels made out of fine copper wire. I also used some elements from Eduard's interior detail set, some placards from Waldron Model Products and some home made data stencils as well. I have since closed up the fuselage and attached the wings but to keep from exceeding my bandwidth, I'll post photos of that later.










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Assembler?? Ya...Sure,why not. Might have fooled some them but not me Wolf. :lol: That is spot on!!

Damn it's good to see you over here. Cheers

ps..That new Camera is workin out eh?

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