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  1. I have bought the first sheet for my kit, which arrived yesterday. It’s marking option B in the instructions; it looks stunning In the booklet and I would have not wanted to have to mask it!
  2. I was talking about this with a friend of mine the other day. One possible option we came up with might be to leave one of the panels off and fit the caps to the cylinders thus exposed. There is also the AIMS engine, which looks absolutely stunning.
  3. I have feeling that the cowlings cannot be fitted if the cylinder caps are used.
  4. Did you cut the undercarriage locks off?
  5. My references concerning the Airscale instrument panel proved to be false, rest assured the levers are present although the fuel cocks do require additional outlay.
  6. I have ordered one as well as the Airscale set is no longer supplied with levers for the throttle quadrant. The instrument panel on the real aircraft is actually very flat anyway so that should be ok. The radio, however, is a very different matter.
  7. Such a shame that Airscale have dropped the levers from the cockpit set.
  8. Is there a link to your WIP please? I have both the Italeri © and Revell (E) kits to build.
  9. I'm really enjoying this thread which will prove most useful once the replacement instructions and decals missing from the kit (which was new and sealed) arrive from Germany. I also bought some extras for the kit, including the Profimodeller landing gear strengthening set. The nose leg parts are fine but the instructions tell you to shorten the main gear leg, removing 3mm from the centre of the leg; the problem is, if you do this you cannot fit the wheel guards which wrap around the kit leg exactly at the point of removal. I'm considering cutting the metal part in two, trim to fit either side of the flat and installing the modified metal. I'm concerned that doing this will reduce the effectiveness of the metal and defeat the object. Thoughts anyone?
  10. If the recent HK Meteor is anything to go by don't count on any real detail.
  11. Great work Nic. One thing though, the oxygen hose was actually attached to the pilot's suit, not the Cockpit sidewall. Keep up the good work.
  12. Thanks Boris, I'll try again. I know Jen's work well so it will be well worth following.
  13. The problem with Jen's thread is all the pics have gone...
  14. Initially I thought I got away with it but close inspection under decent light revealed the presence of the same crack and distortion. Airfix have just received another e-mail...
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