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  1. Hey Thor, Beautiful. Glad to see that you are finally near putting this one to rest ;-) What a long road eh? Mark in Milwaukee, where it is at long last warming up
  2. The Mirage family of jet fighters, Mirage III (and Kfir variants), 2000, F.1. Only the old Revell kit which is hardly up to today's standards. Mark
  3. Sprue Shots: http://www.tamiya.com/japan/products/60322mustang/index.htm
  4. What's weird is that the Aires F-4J cockpit set was only released a few years ago, after the kit had been out for a decade or so. It seems that every so often the aftermarket folks go back an address older kits. Aires also just recently released a cockpit set for the Tornado IDS. For those wanting to add aftermarket to kits it makes it frustrating as you never know when a set might be released. Do I wait or go ahead and build only to see a beautiful cockpit set get released as soon as I close up the fuselage. I wish companies like Eduard and Aires would let us know what their long term plans are. Oh well... Mark
  5. Hey Thor, Nice to see you back at it. This thread started back in 2006. Time to polish off this baby. Can't wait to see it finished, it looks beautiful. Mark in Wisconsin where its still cold
  6. I do put conus in the subject as this was brought up once before and it is a good idea. I've had many overseas and Canadian packages go missing over the years and only one internal US package go missing. I have shipped overseas at times, but only with the firm understanding that if something goes wrong it is entirely in the buyers hands. If I'm selling something that someone overseas wants, just ask me, I have made exceptions and I'm sure others do too. BTW, the earth is flat. Mark
  7. Wow, the blues on some of those Su-27s just glow. Really intense colors. Are they really that intense or is it an artifact of the film/camera and lighting? Mark
  8. There are even more built up test shots on HS's What's New page today. Does look nice. The bomb bay doors are screaming for photoetch replacements though. I think this is a kit that could use an "Eduard BigEd" treatment. Mark Storin
  9. Since you did a nice Mirage cockpit set, how about a Mirage III to go along with it. Except for the ancient Revell kit, The whole Mirage series of jets have been ignored in 1/32. Lots of variants could be made off a base kit. Mark
  10. Doug, I think you hit the nail on the head. I'd wager that many with stocks of Hasegawa, Revell or PCM Spits never hesitated to snatch up Tamiya's offering when it came out. There's always room for a new kit of popular subject if its execution exceeds the previous offerings. Mark
  11. Interesting. Is it true that the RF-4Es were build by MD and not Mitsubishi? Could that be why they shouldn't have the "J" designation? P.S. Sorry for stealing the thread Thor ;-) Mark
  12. Here's a link to some information on all this that presents a somewhat different take on this: http://www.f-4.nl/f4_14.html Mark Storin
  13. Thor, are you attached to a Japanese aircraft? AirDoc makes a number of RF-4E decal sets for German aircraft (also RF-4Cs). Victory Models has them in stock. Mark
  14. Hey Thor, The "Defenders of Nippon: F-4 Phantom II" book, lists a RF-4E of 501 Hikotai with an experimental two tone blue scheme "possibly FS35488 and FS35526". The drawing in the book shows the colors in a pretty "standard" upper surfaces one color lower the other color scheme, not the pattern used on the F-2 scheme. All the other profiles for RF-4Es in this book are either gull grey over white or the green/green/tan over grey. Mark in dreary Wisconsin P.S. Here's a fancy scheme if you're feeling adventurous: http://www.5053phantoms.com/photos/displayimage.php?album=34&pid=3281#top_display_media
  15. Excellent Harold. That's a must have. Mark Storin
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