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  1. Hi guys, Sorry for not responding earlier, I hadn't noticed that my old thread had been exhumed, in January and again a couple of days ago. Talk about a blast from the past, with ten years elapsing since the initial WIP post. That's almost half a generation! I have to report that the conversion project is as dead as the dodo: too many problems, too few skills on my part to overcome them. However, a couple of years ago I embarked on a new, complete scratchbuild of the Spitfire, taking advantage of Paul Monforton's remarkable book and plans. Some first results can be seen here: http://www.spitfireix.com/ I've recently switched from a full- to a half-time contract on the job front in order to have more time to devote to my family... and my hobby. With a bit of luck, progress will be a bit more sustained from now on and I'll be able to start posting again on LSP. Thanks for your kind comments. Jean
  2. Outstanding build and weathering!
  3. Hi Alan, Great to see you back in the LSP saddle, with your trademark precise and impressive work. And ditto what Loïc said: great choice of aircraft!
  4. Hi Jon, welcome to LSP, great work! The weathering on the Spitfire looks absolutely authentic. Perhaps you could explain your technique, I could sure use some pointers. Best, Jean
  5. Beautiful job on a beautiful aircraft
  6. Thanks for the excellent video Paul. At the rate of one a month, we can look forward to building up a library of these invaluable techniques. Jean P.S. All the best in 2014
  7. Hi Richard, Those are pretty amazing machining skills on display. And that cap with the brackets is a work of art within a work of art. An inspirational thread. Best, Jean
  8. David Glen is embarking on a new 1/5 scale project, following up on his epic Spitfire Mk I and P-51D builds. This time it's a Spitfire Mk IX, based on the Montforton plans and book. Plus, David will be publishing a book of his own, covering the construction of his Spitfire 1 model, now housed at the RAF museum. His site is well worth a visit : http://www.spitfireinmyworkshop.net/
  9. Hi Maru, You don't need a Kindle. The download is actually in PDF format, so a computer is fine.
  10. ... is now available as an eBook for a mere $20 (Canadian), all 430 pages of exquisitely detailed drawings, walk-around photos and ordinate tables, adding up to the most complete technical reference work on the Spitfire that I know. Here is the link: http://www.monfortonpress.com/. The usual disclaimer: I have absolutely no stake in Monforton Press, I'm just a very satisfied customer.
  11. JCote

    WNW FE.2b

    Agreed, really stunning! You didn't exactly choose the easiest subject for a first WWI aircraft, but your skills were obviously more than equal to the task. Wow! I can only hope my first WNW effort (it WON'T be the Fee) comes out half as well. Best, Jean
  12. Hi Geoff, it's great to see you back here on top form, but I'm afraid I have a bone to pick with you old friend. Where, I demand to know, is your 24th scale build? I mean, 1:18 is fine, but size isn't everything. I'm still waiting for the next instalment, two years on. You were performing your magic on the wheel well as I recall. Has the project been shelved for good? Please tell me it ain't so! Signed: Hopeful in Paris
  13. Like the others said Frank, that's a beautifully made and finished Spitfire, with just the right touch of weathering to make it look like the real thing. Jean
  14. Same here, plus the fact that with 2 kits sold out, I've been driven by an irresistible compulsion to order all the older releases that I didn't already have, AND I haven't even started building one yet. Sigh!...
  15. That's one fine looking Spitfire!
  16. Sounds mouth-watering Derek. Will you be posting your build on the WIP forum? Best, Jean
  17. Well, well, Derek, 6 years have passed since you began this thread and it seems like only yesterday. I realise you haven't exactly been idle in the intervening period, but it would be super to see the build resuming and benefiting from your increased arsenal of skills. Best, Jean
  18. Thanks for posting SR10user, those are great pics! (Matt, you're right, the P-51 is an H)
  19. Very sad news indeed. My heartfelt condolences to his family.
  20. With respect, I don't think anyone is naive enough to confuse cost, price and value. The iPhone most of us here probably use is an obvious and oft-quoted example of how the price, let alone value, of an object bears little relation to the cost of its constituent materials or components. In volume 2 of the Complete Car Modeller, which is all about how he built his 1/15th replica of the Bugatti Royale, renowned modeller Gerald Wingrove includes a picture of the finished miniature posed against a backdrop of assorted brass, copper and wood shapes, driving home the point that real modelling involves a complex process of transformation, requiring a level of skill and dexterity that very, very few people possess. (If memory serves, a Wingrove miniature can be obtained for the price of three of Mr Nagao's offerings). I simply find it very difficult to equate a state-of-the-art plastic kitset such as the Tamiya Spitfire with the notion of raw material. There's nothing very raw about it, since by all accounts it goes together without any need for filler, so that a creditable replica (I didn't say a masterpiece like Mr Buddee's effort) is within the reach of most moderately experienced modellers. What value has been added here, apart from competent assembly and painting and a couple of inaccurate details? Naturally Mr Nagao is absolutely entitled to ask whatever price he wants. But if the yardstick is some measure of value produced per hour of work, Messrs Wingrove, Foran and Rojas Bazan come out a lot cheaper. In fact, Mr Nagao does appear to have a customer base, and I'd love to know who they are: most collectors I know are very savvy people
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