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  1. Hey Ring! Here's a list. Prices are firm, flex for multiples or lot. Can post pics if needed! 1/35 M26A1 Pershing HobbyBoss $10 ER-3524 Tow Cable 1/35 Tiger I Italieri $15 Some parts off sprues Modelworks LW35007 Grill 1/35 Jagdpanther Dragon $20
  2. Looking to offload a few 1/35 armor kits. Can anyone recommend a good place/site/community to post them?
  3. Warthunder is a pretty great game, the biggest differences between those titles are that WarBirds and WWIIOL are persistent battlegrounds, where Warthunder is more lobby and match-maker based discrete battles. In sim mode, however, these are almost 3 hours long, so there is still the flavor of a persistent battleground. At least for THAT long But the flight models are very good (at least in Simulation mode) and the graphics are nice, and of course, using a VR rig...well... I AM THE PILOT
  4. Hey guys! Negative on the completion...and the sob story goes like this... relocated (again!!!) all model stuff is in boxes in the garage basement remodel on deck (framing, electrical, sheetrock, painting...oh my!) Needless to say, it won't be done anytime soon. But having you guys ping this thread has given me a smile. Great to know that LSP is a home away from home, even if that away is a long time. Thanks for the note...I'll ping back when I do get set back up...and the lightning will be top of the bench! Another distraction is flying US fighters in Wa
  5. Jon, Just finished Aces High on your recommendation, what a great story. While I knew most of it in tidbits it was fascinating seeing the two stories unfold together along with Kerby, Boyington etc. Got the juice flowing again!
  6. Ok ok! Yes indeed I've made progress. I'll snap some pics this weekend and pick up the thread, thanks VERY much for checking in. It is...uh..."motivational"
  7. I wish I had time Alan!!! I've just cleaned up the hobby area again, thinking of either a quick OOB to get the juices flowing, or dive back into this one...pondering...
  8. No plans to attend yet it's all I can do to get one show per year these days
  9. We drove down from the Bay Area, just the two of us. My dad entered a 1/43 Porsche 917 and got a 2nd place. That sheep dio was really nice too, with the German SPG. Very well done.
  10. Thanks Vandy, He won the kit at last year's Valley Con (where his 1/16 MPC 'Vette took first place). Believe me, it's all him, he's just like that. The type of guy who's really good at anything he tries pretty quickly. Wish I'd have checked in here before we went I could have met you guys!!
  11. Thanks Kevin, I'll tell him ...although he's heard a lot of that these past few days! Here's a shot of the bottom:
  12. No worries Ray, the Lightning did NOT make the show this past weekend. But the Horton (my son's) did, and he won first place in the Junior category: I'll be getting back to the P-38 shortly...
  13. Ray: Any chance you have that vac canopy laying about? My current solution is working, but I have no spare in case of disaster. Let me know if you find it, and if you'd like anything in trade if so. Cheers~
  14. Long delay here, pesky "real" life ya'know. My 11 yr old son and I are planning to take his 1/32 Ho229 and this Lightning to the next "Valley Con" in LA, CA. So we've been on the bench more than I've been snapping images. Here's a bunch... Removed some material to accommodate the Rutman/Grey Matter vac windscreen and front decking. Some pit detail can be seen here too. Drilled out the nav lights for MV lenses The seat and wine foil harness. Main gear bay floor on the Revell kit is non-existant (lower pic) I made one from card and 1/2 of the nose-wheel inverted and app
  15. Thanks again Ray. I think I'm all set for this build as far as parts go, save the canopy issue, but again, that may not arise at all if I'm successful with the first shot.
  16. Harv...please dont! Lets feed the lightning landslide here until it becomes an unofficial group build
  17. Thanks Ray! I am currently hacking the kit canopy apart (separating the elements) with no spare, so we'll see how desperate I become if that effort goes bad Might be looking for any Revell donor canopies that folks didn't use, or are broken etc. We shall see
  18. Thanks all! And you, Chuck, I just went through all 40 pages of your Trumpy L...wow...just wow. I love modeling, and I will never shy away from it, but guys like you and Budzik are just phenomenal, an inspiration I say!
  19. Well I got to that point in the build where it all looked like a long road ahead and I had to have that feeling of finishing SOMETHING! Here is the radio deck basically done. These are the Verlinden cockpit "improgments" with some wiring, spare PE plackards, a few micro nuts, and a scratch built junction box. I also started on the panel...some painting and a few touch ups left here. And finally I bashed an early Lightning wheel from kit parts, brass rod, a spare piece of PE switch head and styrene rod. I'll clean this up a lot before finishing
  20. +1 on the early Lightnings' looks over the J&L. I've been reading Martin Caidiin's "Fork Tailed Devil" as inspiration and got hooked on the story of the 475th FG so I've picked P-38H-5-LO "Blood and Guts" flown by Elliott Summer with a final score of 10 kills: http://www.475th.org/aces/elliot-summer I'm also going to try to replicate this effect on the panel lines caused by cloth tape, sealed with dope, for shipping on open air ship decks across the Pacific: I've never tried to replicate this effect so it should make the painting/weathering cycle fun and fresh.
  21. If it smells like a lightning, then...I guess... Getting the booms true was a *****, I should have come in here and asked for help as I ended up just using caveman modeler brutality to make it work. But then again, sometimes the end justifies the means. I've got a few very small areas to fill and shape and then I'll put the airframe down for a little bit and switch focus to the cockpit. Once I get the core cockpit assembled, detailed and painted then I can permanently attach the center fuselage to finalize the airframe. I'll probably bounce in between cockpit work and initial scr
  22. Oh yes! Looking great, the scratch building is very clean, bravo so far!
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