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some news: https://www.ipmsnymburk.com/forum/viewtema.php?ID_tema=40789


Today - April 16th was exactly 50 years when the first Czechoslovak plastic model - Aero L-29 Dolphin - was presented to the public at the Consumer Goods Fair in Brno at the Kovozávodů Prostějov stand. By the end of 1993, more than 1.5 million kits of this type had been pressed from the original forms from today's perspective unreal! And symbolically on this anniversary day we bring information about the first 32-second model of the company Kovozávody Prostějov, which should appear on the model market in the summer. Again, it will be the model Aero L-29 Dolphin. The sprayed kit is prepared in cooperation with the company HpH / Infinity Models and the basis is based on the previously released resin kit of this manufacturer. So we can look forward to a great surface in the style of HpH models combined with a lot of detail. The beautiful picture on the box was painted by Jaroslav Velc and symbolically closed the line of the original Kovartavers Prostejov boxart from the 70s-80s, because only the model L-29 Dolphin was sold all the time with the original drawing of Mr. Balous. Inserted poster with the title image should be part of the kit. In this thread we will continuously provide information about this model.

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Any idea how Infinity models will handle the Helldiver pre-pre-orders caused by the homepage while under development? These are a few hundreds, given the counter before the homepage went offline.



- dutik

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as someone working on the Trumpy P-47, and more importantly someone who knows next to nothing about the R2800, have they got this right for the Helldiver?


i have found it really difficult to get a nice simple (with pictures!) guide which matches engine variants to aircraft for the R2800, especially as a number of the engine pics appear to be mis-labelled.


Need someone like @Juggernut maybe? 


PS I know you can't see a huge amount inside the the cowling, but the detail on the engine looks like it's 1/48 :( bit disappointing

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