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  1. Can't help with the intake as I just use the kit parts, but as for the hump on the fin base, I would do it like this. First, glue a plastic strip on the base, then use epoxy putty to form the hump. I sculpt with Magic Sculpt so it would be pretty straightforward, but I'm thinking something more common like 2 part Duro or the like would work as well. You can shape MS with a wet finger, the plastic strip would be there just to help keep it in place and act as a guide to be sure the hump was in the right place. BTW, Sprue Bros does have this set in stock if you want the small mouth AND exhaust, I think it would work for ya: https://spruebrothers.com/gtr32016-1-32-gt-resin-f-16cj-falcon-pw-229-conversion-set-tam-kit/
  2. Source of information, or just hoping?
  3. Hopefully Meng picked up some other WnW kits that they can upscale to 1/24. After getting this kit, the 1/32 kits just seem way too small.
  4. Expensive they are. They do a 105mm howitzer armed kit, and the Israeli M51 based on it. The base kit is a bit long in tooth, and as far as I have seen, they can only be had as an RC tanks at or above $1k. A basic 75mm or 76mm gun tank isn't to be had from Tamiya in 1/16. Various RC makers do Shermans, but they are variously flawed, expensive or a combination of both. Im working on the SOL 1/16 M4A3E8. Its probably the best option for a static build, but its not without its flaws or challenges, and is not cheap either.
  5. I don't mind the tracks, I just look at them as a long term investment and not a sit down, do them all at the same time kinda thing. A few here, a few there, and before you know it, you have a complete length. Now, I if I could just find one of those 38t's I would be a happy camper, but they are going for stupid money on e-bay whenever they come up for sale...
  6. OOps, missed that the pic was posted above re: the scoop.
  7. Hey, its your model, paint as you would like. I love "what-if" schemes, usually better than the real thing. My list of want to do what ifs include South African Migs, Tornados and maybe Typhoons. An F-35 in 3 tone Israeli would look awesome. Im thinking maybe a Typhoon in 3 tone would be nice as well, give off that Lavi vibe. When its a what if, the sky is the limit!
  8. Just an FYI, I have the C kit and, holding your tongue JUST the right way, the BB cockpit for the Tamiya F-15 can be fitted. Im thinking of actually using leftover cockpit parts from the Tamiya kit to spruce up the Revell kit. Plus I got the Tamiya exhaust parts to replace the Revell exhausts, which are very simplified.
  9. Yes. I believe all the Tamiya F-4 kits use a common fuselage molding, scabs and all...
  10. Israel actually had single seaters with CFT's before anyone. I recall reading that they modded some of their A's to use them on the Osirak raid.
  11. Its old (I believe early 80's 90's production if not earlier), I have had one in my stash for...couple of decades???. Was going to build an Israeli B out of it. Somewhat large panel lines (though just now looking at it, they appear better than I remember, probably on par with what Italeri is putting on its F-104's and Mirages) and minimal to non existent rivet/fastener detail. As far as shape and outline goes, don't know. Some boxings came with heavily tinted canopy parts, but some were clear. Its not terrible, like the 70's era Revell Mig-21 or anything, just very basic. I always figured the best way to a D was a Tamiya C with E forward fuselage. Those separate sprues pop up on e-bay from time to time.
  12. Very cool, I have this same project planned as Marseilles plane. Question. Whats the source of the figure?
  13. If you find a second, let me know. I missed out as well but still hope to find one.
  14. I'm actually quite happy with the first "early release" since it has all the options for tail rotor, skids and gun turret. I'm a rocket pods kinda guy, so the lack of gunpods is no concern. I do wish Fireball Models would re-release their Cobra decal sheet, but I asked and got an unequivocal "no". They had a nice set that would be much appreciated. http://www.arcair.com/Rev1/801-900/Rev877-Fireball-Cobra-decals/00.shtm Maybe some of our current decal gurus will come to the rescue? I would love to do "Squatter Swatter".
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