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  1. I do like the fact that its an early version of the JP. Though I like some of the details in an interior (what can be seen through hatches) opening one up to show everything isn't my bag. I like what is in the Stugs, not a crazy amount to detail but enough to fill the space. I look forward to Andy's Sherman (and the Takom Jeep). I'm hoping we get a "C" model of the Gecko Models Panzer II kit that can be built as were used in Poland and France. And as always I hold out hope for a Panther A/D and a Japanese Type 95 for all those Pacific island dioramas I imagine doing before I die.
  2. And of course, theres this one they could do as well... the Bison
  3. Andy's HHQ announced that Takom is doing a Panzerbefehlswagen version, maybe the most useful of all the versions. They were seen much later on in the war than most the gun versions. Enticing!
  4. Probably thinking of the old 1/24th scale Centurion from either the 70's or 80's I have seen the M551 and Type 10 listed on e-bay as a static kit in the $400 range. I'm pretty sure the Tiger I was sold without RC as well. I had one of those in the black carry bag. I know the older King Tiger was, that one I bought years..decades... ago.
  5. $1200 is about the going rate for Tamiya's full RC big tanks. I do wish they would release more of their tanks minus the RC stuff, but even when they do they tend to be in the $500 range. I would love to have their JSII.
  6. From what I can glean, it was more "this" than "these", as it seems only one existed. I would guess that there was no onboard storage. Probably a second vehicle or cart with ammo. All the pics of other models of it I have found show no means of on board storage, and the one photo doesn't show the rear. Probably used like a towed anti tank gun (eg the pak 40) with ammo brought up separately. Just a weird choice by Takom, perhaps because there is an extant 1/35 kit by Dragon that they could base theirs on???
  7. Well that's a new one on me. I thought all the Panzer I based Panzerjagers mounted 47mm guns. Being that this was likely a one-off used in Berlin in 1945, it seems like an odd choice to do this and not the far more common Ib with 4.7cm gun that was used on a number of fronts...
  8. Not likely applicable due to its age, but my wife has a 2012 Outback 3.6 flat six. Been great except 2 things. One, its eaten light bulbs for the running lights and headlights, which are truly a PIA to change. It also broken 4 wheel lugs during wheel rotations. I thought at first it was the guys at the dealership cross threading them on, but now I've had to replace 2 that I did myself. The backup camera also went out, a known issue for that age of car. The 4 bangers were known to burn oil and had some issues with head gaskets and they were actually replacing engines at one point, but that again is on older ones. I would probably consider a new one if the 3.6 was still available, I'm a true believer in having a larger engine working easier than a 4 banger turbo working harder. Overall we've been pretty happy with it. Between it being 10 years old and my Highlander being 13, we have more than got our moneys worth out of them both, and neither are over a 100K mile yet. My Highlander will likely outlive me.
  9. Trumpeter F-8j Worlds largest aircraft carrier in background? Look at the size of that A-4 and blast deflector compared to the surrounding...acreage. Is the F-8 taking off from the fantail, or landing on the bow? Maybe VTOL? Wheels down, flaps down, wing raised, full burner. Apparently somewhere over the island. Is that a wood deck??? Forced perspective is not this artists strength...
  10. Nice, though I do wish (and hope) they do the C version that was used in Poland and France. The F wasn't produced until 1941 so no go for those campaigns. Good for North Africa and Barbarossa, though. This and the Japanese Type 95 are 2 small tanks that I have been hoping for.
  11. It is Parts can be seen here: https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/M5A1-Stuart-Light-Tank-Early-Production-37587258.html 3rd row, next to last pic is the sprue with it on there.
  12. I doubt the kit has both styles of tracks, and the smooth rubber block tracks of the early are far more commonly seen than the steel cleat style. I bought the early version specifically for that reason. And just to clarify, its an M5A1, not M3.
  13. In the long haul I would think the SAC would stand up better. The plastic in the Revell kits of that era gets noticeably brittle over time.I have sprues from that kit in the pile, and they almost snap just looking at them.
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