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  1. I just wish I could find one...or three. Looks like Resin2detail are now OOB, so...
  2. Well we know what the tail of the real thing looks like:
  3. I was just wondering, other than the position of the landing gear, were there any other differences between the prototype tail dragger 262's and the production model? Thinking of making a prototype 262 out of my Trumpy kit.
  4. Hand brushed? As in, bristles attached to a handle hand brushed???
  5. Limiting the production run may well have nothing to do with decals, packaging, etc.. and simply exclusivity. There is a large scale figure producer known as Filmy's girls that produce very sought after figure kits, but they are always done in limited numbers even though they have the masters to make more. Its simply their business model to do a run and that's it. People snatch up their figures VERY quickly and they rarely do second runs.You snooze you lose.
  6. Well, they were, until they weren't and Revell...were. But I like them.
  7. As big armor goes, their Panther and PZKpfw IV, , the SU-100, and of course their T-34's, are nice. Can't say they are 100 percent dead nuts accurate, but nice. And I still like their 1/32 Me-262 and 1/24 BF-109's
  8. That would be truly bizarre for many reasons. About the closest I can think of zimmerit on an aircraft is the corrugated surface of a JU-52.
  9. The Tamiya F-14 is ancient in modeling years, I believe it came out in the late 70's or early 80's, with a slightly updated version coming out in the 90's. I think it was their first 1/32 jet. I would go the Trumpeter route if you really wanted a Tomcat.
  10. F-16 then F-15. The F-4 is good, but has some warts. Don't overlook the Academy F-18C (or D) either, its on the same level (give or take) as the Tamiya F-16.
  11. The 510TFS was at Bien Hoa which was apparently a frequent target of rockets and mortars, so they may well have been loaded up heavy for that kind of mission. Maybe that smoke in the background isn't latrine barrels burning after all!
  12. Considering the lack of tanks and the smoke rising in the background, I'm wondering if this is going to be a VERY short mission? Nah, probably just burning the latrine barrels.
  13. All this proves a point. Imagine if someone wanted to build the "ultimate" 109 of (almost) any version, and were told to start with a kit from 1969... there are so many 109 kits that even the smallest deviation from plans has seemingly been accounted for, but for a MkI/II spit, your choices are a 50 year old kit with good surface detailing but fit and accuracy problems, a 30 year old hybrid kit with engraved wings, raised panel fuselage, and 30 plus year old detailing, and the recent Revell kit that looks like the Trumpeter mad riveter said "beat that", and the Revell Mad riveter said "hold my
  14. The thing that amazes me about this is all the effort required to get a good representation of what is undoubtedly one of the most important aircraft ever flown, yet we get how many different releases of every version of the 109??? Of all the Tamiya wishing that I have read, this would be the ONE subject that I would like them to do. Even better if they went with raised rivets, but that's REALLY dreaming...
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