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  1. This is as it is, not just models other ebay stuff too, a lot of people getting very worked up over nothing
  2. Not cheap, but it measures/regulates pressures we are more likely to require using a airbrush If your use to psi you'll need to convert or make your own psi one to stick on the gauge https://hlj.com/mr-air-regulator-iii-w-pressure-gauge-mr-stand-ii-gnzps-259
  3. Could you not mount the one shown in a fixed place close to where your working, I doubt say a 6ft hose from it to the airbrush would have that much effect on air pressure at the airbrush. It's a set up I'm contemplating doing as i'm fed up with crawing around underneath the workbench looking at what pressure I have the compressor set to.
  4. Following someone who's building the HK kit and there seems to be a lot of fit issues and scribing line up especially on the wings, not to mention detail that hasn't been added that ought to be there in 1/32 scale, anyone built one, as the HK price for issues like this seems very high If the problems are right about the HK kit I would think a lot of people will wait it out for the WNW kit even if it is more expensive, at least you know by their previous kits the detail and fit will be guaranteed
  5. Beautiful colour and application
  6. What do you mean by the kit was a exchange, do you mean it was purchased brand new from a shop
  7. Do you have to up the air pressure when sraying to force the paint through the pad. Will definitely give it a go as like you say the normal way seems to take for ever and my hand starts to get painful
  8. Which is the same as this for half the price http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111469722692
  9. Do you wipe off the excess superlube as if it's put on the trigger part or even needle and left it tends to gum up and go sticky. It's a wipe on wipe off, just leaves a thin lubricating coat that way
  10. Nice start, was looking for some 1/48 decals of the same aircraft and came upon this very interesting interview and puts some personal perspective into your build, hope you don't mind me posting it Colin
  11. Colin

    Telford 2015

    What do you think of the Mirage Ian, had a look on Italeri stand and thought it looked very impressive detail wise, some have been saying the plastic looked rough but I can't see it being a problem when primed We will see fit wise as they get built I expect
  12. Colin

    Telford 2015

    Nice to meet you Dave, looking at the Mitchell I'm sure you'll do the kit more justice than me
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