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  1. Awesome work JP! You're really taking your skills to the next level!!
  2. Just a small update. Back at it after a backpacking in Colorado for a week. Glued engine into the cowling and glued the cowling onto the fuselage. I don't have any good pictures at the moment but this was defiantly more difficult than expected. The fit just wasn't there and there does seem to be a gap I'm going to have to deal with now. I've also assembled the flaps in the down position. Some putty was needed to hide the seams.
  3. And now on too my favorite part of modelling. Seam work and putty work. Air ductwork on the engine nacelle. Top of the Fuselage. Overall not bad. Pretty sloppy putty work on my behalf! A little work is needed on the tailwheel area. On a positive note - the wing seams look pretty clean, hooray!
  4. Just a small update... started laying some yellow chromate. Gloss coated and then added a wash. Added the seat belts as well.
  5. Thanks for all the comments, guys. Here is my work so for on the radial. I don't really enjoy building radials, so I'm trying to keep the mojo flowing. You'll notice some more wiring is needed. I'm not done with it quite yet.
  6. I'm a slow builder, but here we go. 1/32 Trumpeter P-47 Razorback kit. Keeping this one pretty basic with limited aftermarket. Using Montex masks/decals. I'll probably also pick up some aftermarket gun barrels as well. Some initial impressions - The kit seems nice but way over engineered. While some builders may love the fact that Trumpeter included the entire supercharger and ductwork, I can't help but argue that it 1.) It will never be seen and 2.) Its just more parts that need to be lined up perfectly in order for the fuselage to close nicely. Originally I considered just leaving these parts out, but it's not really possible because they hold the cocpit in place within the fuselage. You'll also have to bear with me as I I'll be taking photos with my cell phone. They turn out ok, not great by any means, but it is way easier and less time consuming that the dslr. Maybe this thread will give me the mojo to take better pictures. The plan is to use Montex' decals and make up "Touch of Texas" flown by Capt. Charles D. Mohrle who was awarded the DFC while flying this aircraft. I'll be using the kit cockpit. It has enough detail for myself. Decals used for the instruments, then I filled the round areas with future floor wax to recreate a "glass" look. I also applied a dark brown wash and dry brushed aluminum to add some wear to the floor and seat.
  7. I've got a 1/32 P-51A (Air Commandos boxing) heading my way. Are there any aftermarket decals, or am I stuck with what's in the box? A quick google search only produced one Montex set with RAF markings. Thanks for any help, Matt
  8. Just checking to see what aftermarket options I have for a trumpeter A-1H. Looking to keep it Navy or Marine, or maybe South Vietnamese markings if those are available. Zotz and C.A.P models are the two sheets I'm aware of, along with some zokeimura ones as well. I was thinking about using the zoukeimura VA-75 Sunday Punchers sheet - but I'm not sure that the tail stripes would match up with the trumpeter kit...
  9. The trumpeter rear landing gear was more detailed, however it seemed very flimsy. The Hasegawa was much more robust. I swapped them out for longevity sake. The main gear legs are still trumpeter.
  10. A 1/32 A-20 kit would be sweet, wouldn't it!
  11. This is the my previous build before my 1/32 Hellcat. 1/48 AMT A-20G Havoc. Aeromaster Decals, Model Master Enamel paints, Eduard Masks & True Details Wheels & Life Raft. Belts made of masking tape and canopy shade/curtain made from a McDonald's napkin :yep:
  12. Thanks Kevin - that we be awesome! Great idea with the lead foil - any good ideas where to source it?
  13. Thanks for all of the kind comments. One thing I noticed I forgot - the pair of straps around the external fuel tank. Am I wrong that they are not included with the trumpeter kit? They seem to have drilled out 4 holes in the bottom fuselage where they should attach, but no part or mention of them in the instructions that I can find....maybe I'm going crazy. Any ideas how to scratch one? Maybe some folded masking tape?
  14. I thought about it - but the stash is full of imperfect trumpeter kits! No surgery done on this build!
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