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  1. Beautiful bird John! I wish I could put mine together as fast and well as you do every time. It doesn't seem to take you very long at all ever...lol. Beautiful build my friend. Brady
  2. Hi Kevin, Please add me as an entrant, I'll look and see what I have to add as a donor later. Thanks, Brady
  3. She's looking mighty fine John! Keep up the awesome work.
  4. Hi D.B., Thanks for the spare parts you didn't need! I got them in the mail yesterday. Brady
  5. Hi mpk, I hope I do too. The only thing that confuses me is they talk about having a shipping fee and I didn't find any place to insert any way of paying them shipping. Did you pay any shipping somehow? Thanks, Brady
  6. Hi, I need the parts to make the interior ( instrument panel, seat, armor plate headrest, control stick, pedals, cockpit tub and turtledeck behind seat) part K1, the wings and gear bay and legs, tail gear, horizontals, and the windshield. The Planet models Fw 190C V-18/U-1 Kanguru conversion needs the parts from the new tool kit to fit the resin pieces correctly. Thanks, Brady
  7. Hi D.B., I'm in need of parts of the 1/32 Fw190 A-8 or F-8 new tool kit so I can do a conversion set I have. Thanks, Brady
  8. Hi mpk, Is this where you contacted Hasegawa directly? http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/部品請求フォーム/ I tried contacting them this way a week or so ago so I'm waiting to see if I get any parts this way. I was just curious if I was in the right place. Thanks, Brady
  9. I think I found the link you were talking about where you have to type in the kit number, the name of the kit and the frame letter you need. I didn't find anything for a single part just by the frame, but he more parts the better I guess. We'll see if I get an envelope too. Cheers, Brady
  10. Hi everyone, I didn't realize I'd set this build aside for so long. I do have more pictures to share of some more progress if I can find a stupid hosting website that will stop changing their ways and how they allow us to store photos. I'm not having any luck with Imgur now and Photobucket cut us off a long time ago. Any suggestions are welcome. Cheers, Brady
  11. I know when it comes to a Zero Nakajima had a different shade more olive color from Mitsubishi more gray. Brady
  12. Hello everyone, Does anyone here know how to get some replacement parts from Hasegawa these days? I want to get a few replacement parts for a 1/32 Fw 190. Thanks, Brady
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