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  1. Thanks for the information Chuck but at this moment he's not making any custom masks for anyone else. Thanks, Brady
  2. Hi Durangokid, I didn't see your project. Do you mind posting it again? Thanks, Brady
  3. Hi Alek, Very nice stencil sets! I sent you a question in a PM the other day would you mind having a look at it. Thanks, Brady
  4. I want a set of masks for the P-51D "Man O' War" and its Zebra stripes. DN models still is supposedly too busy to help me even after the guy's wife told me I had to wait for them to get home to Bulgaria from the U.S. so they had their Tamiya P-51 kit in their hands. Now that they are home they are still too busy three months later after waiting a month for them to go home before that. I just want to know is there someone who can help me here. Thanks, Brady
  5. Put me in the drawing as a recipient too please Kevin. I'll look around and see what I have to donate and get back with you on that. Thanks, Brady
  6. Hello everyone, I want to ask if anyone knows what kind of tanks are in use under Bardahl Special's wings here: http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photos/N2869D:1.html I don't have to worry about copyrights if I just link you to their pictures. I know by looking at these they are not typical 75 gallon or bigger 110 gallon tanks usually used on a P-51 in WWII because the filler caps are more on the side of the tank and closer to being under the leading edge of the wing and there's no horizontal seam. There's no horizontal seams around it so it's not a Corsair's drop tank and there's no vertical seam all the way around, so it's not a 165 gallon P-38 drop tank. There's two RCAF birds on this part of Martin's website with this type of drop tanks. They are "City of London" and "City of Winnipeg 9274". They're most of the way down the page. https://swissmustangs.ch/usaf-usang-rcaf Here's another bird with these tanks that was also a racer I believe. http://www.warbirdregistry.org/p51registry/p51-4474694.html I know that Bardahl Special did carry Skyraider drop tanks from an AD-4 Skyraider. I'm mainly trying to figure out if these were something made by Cavalier or meant for another warbird all together. I almost like these different drop tanks to use on my model to make Bardahl Special as a racer with a little bit more color by adding the red check like markings to the tanks. Thanks in advance, Brady
  7. Shoot come visit me at work and base it off the real thing. Where I work the last civilian owned F-100F sits in the corner of our hangar. I'd almost bet they'd let some manufacturer take dimensions or have them in blueprints already.
  8. Hey Guys, Did Trumpeter, or anyone else for that matter, ever release the F-100F two seater in 1/32 scale? Thanks, Brady
  9. Hi John, I just had DN Models make me a masking set for the dots for the RF-51D that's on that decal sheet. I had them upsize a scan of the older 1/48 Superscale decals for the diameter of the dots. Would you be interested in masking your dots? I could PM you their email address. May I ask who makes a good set of rockets and tabs for the Tamiya 1/32 P-51D/K? I'd like to get a set or two if I could. Thanks, Brady
  10. Supposedly it was made for the 1/48 scale kit.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm curious if Black Magic ever made one of their sets they talk about on another decal sheet. I have looked for the Black Magic set CEBM48535 for the stripes on the wings and horizontals and the sides of the fuselage of the P-51D "Man O' War"? I've looked for this set for years and can't even find a review of it. My question is did they ever really get made before Cutting Edge went under? Thanks, Brady
  12. Thanks Tolga! They said they would most likely make the masks I'll eventually need for a couple P-51s. Brady
  13. Hello everyone, I'm just curious if anyone here does paint masks for markings. I used Randy (sluggo) before but he seems to no longer be with us so I'm on the search again for someone willing to take on a bit of a challenge for a few P-51s I'd like to do. Thanks, Brady
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