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  1. Thanks for the reminder I forgot about the new forums for masking in particular. Brady
  2. Hi Guys, I got my roll of Oramask 810 from Craftcuttersupply.com for $19.99. I've got a Silhouette Portrait 2 and I want to ask you guys what settings you use in the software to cut with that doesn't cut throught the backing paper but cuts the masking? I'm having problems using the Oramask 810 and setting it for glossy vinyl and using a 1 for depth on the autoblade and I think it was 1 on the force too but it still cuts all the way through and into the sticky mat that came with the machine. I need help getting this thing set to cut right now that I have all the stuff to cut with so
  3. Yep, I preordered one too and I'm still waiting for it from Squadron.
  4. Hi Kevin, I'd say this shall be one gift since it's a partial set. Brady
  5. Hi Kevin, I did some searching this weekend and I'd like to donate two Aircam Aviation Series books as a lot. These books are No.S7 Aerobatic Teams 1950-1970 and No.S12 Aerobatic Teams 1950-1971. Thanks, Brady
  6. Hi Kev, I'd like to be entered in the drawing as a recipient and I'll look around and see what I have contribute as a donation. Thanks, Brady
  7. Thank you very much Albert! I can settle for a 10 yard instead of a 50 yard roll as long as I don't have to buy it sheet by sheet. I figure I'm going to screw up a few times so I netter have plenty material. I've got a roll on order. Thanks again, Brady
  8. Hi Kevin, Where's a good place to get a roll of the 12" x 50 yds of the Oramask material these days? In my research it seems like there's plenty of Oramask 813 but Oramask 810 seems to be harder to find. I'm currently cutting my teeth on how to use my Silhouette Portrait 2 but I've got to get more material to practice on. I'm about out of scrap pieces. Thanks, Brady
  9. Hi Giangio, I have pictures that I've found on the internet of the real C-53 on floats. It was taken off floats for a few years and is being put back on floats before it goes to its new owner in Alaska. My conversion set doesn't have all the struts made with it that the plane actually has. PM me your email address and I can send you pictures if you'd like. Cheers, Brady
  10. Hi Iain, Nice work so far! If you need detailed pictures of an Invader let me know. I have access to an A-26B Invader. I know it's not a K model but it will have the wing profiles and skin panels you need. The Invader I have access to and help maintain to airworthiness never has been modified at the spar to be what they called an "Executive transport" either. For if you've never heard of this that was a modification that required making the bomb bay a seating area for generals and high ranking executives for fast transportation. While making this modification they cut the spar and
  11. Beautiful bird John! I wish I could put mine together as fast and well as you do every time. It doesn't seem to take you very long at all ever...lol. Beautiful build my friend. Brady
  12. Hi Kevin, Please add me as an entrant, I'll look and see what I have to add as a donor later. Thanks, Brady
  13. She's looking mighty fine John! Keep up the awesome work.
  14. Hi D.B., Thanks for the spare parts you didn't need! I got them in the mail yesterday. Brady
  15. Hi mpk, I hope I do too. The only thing that confuses me is they talk about having a shipping fee and I didn't find any place to insert any way of paying them shipping. Did you pay any shipping somehow? Thanks, Brady
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