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  1. tchwrma

    Omani Hunter, Call her done!

    Very nice job! Congratulations!
  2. tchwrma

    Spitfire LFV Revell 1/32

    I used high macro to get the real state of the parts. This caused the impression that they have errors. The scrapped parts will disappears, when assembled. Thanks for your words. I hope that mine could be so good as yours. Paulo.
  3. tchwrma

    Spitfire LFV Revell 1/32

    Starting, I did the panel with a almost ready panel of Yahu, who let me only the job of mask the instruments to paint it with flat varnish, as the original went gloss. In the rest of the cockpit I used some original parts, some parts from Tamiya kit, and some parts of the Aires resin cockpit, and some scratch. more to come... Paulo
  4. tchwrma

    Spitfire LFV Revell 1/32

    Hi, Carl. I saw your kit. It was a quick one! I neve was capable to made a kit in so short time. My work is more slow. I simply could not pass to the next step without being absolutely sure that I not leave nothing wrong behind. This is one of my faults. Your plane is beautiful. I hope I can do such a beautiful job. Thanks for your words. Best regards, Paulo.
  5. Well, folks, I'm starting one more GB. I hope you can finish this one. I have already chosen a simple kit, so that I can finish it on time. I'll try not to invent much. The kit chosen is this: This is the Spitfire MkII new tool from Revell, which will be modified to an MkV LF from the end of the war, already under French flag. the parts needed for modification will be donated from the Tamiya MkIX kit, plus some afters. This is the subject: And this is the kit: Here the afters, a Yahu panel, a aires resin cockpit, exhausts, a resin door, Eduard flaps PE, metal gun barrels and the parts donated by Tamiya kit. Here the original decals and the french, from Tamiya kit. I forgot to buy a Rotol propeller, required on this plane, but later I solve this. Soon the first pics of the job.
  6. I have one MKII Spitfire to be converted To a MKVLF, and to be painted as a french plane, in desert camo. I believe that is in, but it will need the ok from coordenator. It will represent this plane:
  7. tchwrma

    Old Hasegawa 1/32 Hellcat

    I'm actually redoing my 1/32 Hase Hellcat. I needed to upgrade some things to get an decent model, but I think that the worst part is to rescribbing and riveting the kit. The rest is easy to do. Paulo.
  8. tchwrma

    Anyone convert a Tamiya F4U-1D to a F4U-4?

    I'm assembling an Trumphy -4 right now. And I'm very pleased with the kit. The curious is that I researched a little time ago, just the opposite way: I researched about changes to convert the -4 in a -D. But the number of changes is too much great, that I quit the project, and started the -4 kit as itself. The front fuselage is different, the engine, the cowling, the middle wing part, the entire cockpit, only to remember a few of them. In My case I decided to purchase a new one kit, this time a -D. I have the birdcage Tamiya kit, and despite knowing that the Tamiya kit is exceptional, I decided to buy a -D from Trumpeter for the price, and because the trumphy kit is very good, good enough for what I want. Paulo.
  9. tchwrma

    Tamiya Spit VIII into a Spit Vb trop

    These ones I found with google, but I have a lot of books with drawings. About your project, believe me, the best option is using the Revell new tooling MkII. Cheers, Paulo.
  10. tchwrma

    Tamiya Spit VIII into a Spit Vb trop

    It's more simple convert the Revell MkII to a MkV. I have one of these to convert. I intend to use the short tip of the Tamiya MkIX tyo do a LF MkV. And if you need to downgrade an MkVIII, you will need to change the front portion of the kit and the wing filters. If you choos the revell kit you only will need the short tip and the exhausts. More simple, to me. This is the MkVIII: The MkV: And the MkI: Just compare the drawings and you will see the differences. cheers, Paulo.
  11. Adrian, talking about F-5E, there are a little rivets in the entire aircraft. There are lots of Screws. The modelers use to represent them as rivets, but they are really Screws, Here some phoitos made by me in Brazilian planes: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4l95ca4t8fgi33b/AAB4XFCKfDVdajkkfe0z8p4pa?dl=0 Feel free to copy them. Any question, please contact me; I Have more pictures of F-5E. Cheers, Paulo.
  12. In Brazilian Air Force, this seat is used only in some planes, the ones who are in the 1st lot. These planes have the tail extension and the revo probe, The others use the original USAF seat, and not have the extension in the tail and nor the refueling probe. Paulo.
  13. tchwrma

    Trumpeter spare parts request

    They still having problems, but in a search in alibaba, they not have any more part for this kit. This is the reason that I posted the ebay links. In Ebay some sellers took a entire kit to sold in parts. If you contact the seller, then have a chance that he put the tree that you need to sale. Cheers, Paulo.
  14. tchwrma

    Trumpeter spare parts request

    Sprue K in ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/A-10A-Thunderbolt-II-Trumpeter-1-32-02214-Sprue-K-Stabilizer-Assembly/192067613667?epid=2254319056&hash=item2cb81f33e3:g:dxkAAOSwvg9XeydI Wings (I don't know wich sprue is): https://www.ebay.com/itm/A-10A-Thunderbolt-II-Trumpeter-1-32-02214-Wing-Assemblies/192067613997?hash=item2cb81f352d:g:WWQAAOSwkl5XeyVk
  15. tchwrma

    Trumpeter spare parts request

    The entire trumpeter site was offline, but now its working. You can find again in: http://part.trumpeterkit.com/ In there you could find the sprues of your kit, by the number of kit. Paulo.