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  1. Me at Musal, Brazilian aeronautics museun: And at BACO, FAB air base in Canoas, Brazil, into the cockpit of an AMX: Cheers, Paulo.
  2. Really, a masterpiece! Congratulations! Paulo.
  3. Thanks for the prize. Its the first prize that I win, in 60 years! Cheers, Paulo.
  4. Gents, the updates: Kit nº1 panel assembled: nº2: The joint glued, corrected with CA glue, sanded, and rescribed: The front unit glued: Result so far: Now let's bring the 2nd kit up to that point Paulo.
  5. Thanks, Derek. If you need some help in your project, just call. As I understood, you will transform an P-51D in a TF-51D. If this is your project, be in mind that the TF-51D canopy is very different from the normal plane. You will need to made one by scratch. My original plane to be represented it was the "tempus Fugit". I only changed my target, when discovered that that pane it was an TF-51D. Then I choosed the Red Dog, who uses the late canopy. And of course, I was too very tempted because the shinning finish of this plane. Paulo.
  6. Finaaally they arrived here: Now, let's go to the finish line! Paulo.
  7. Some updates. The wings, sanded: Here the ejection holes closed and sanded: And then with primer: I will have to correct some little errors : The engine: Painted: Yhe lower radiator case: Then, glued in place: The cockpit: This will be a quick job. Tamiya is really the best kit to assemble. More to come! Paulo.
  8. Anyway, let's go to the 1st photos: some afters available for assembly. Not everything will be used, of course. To start, the cockpit. In this airplane, as in most of the restored, The cockpit is biplace. On some airplanes, the rear cockpit is a fully functioning front end mirror. At Red Dog it's different. The rear cockpit contains only the seat for the guest, and nothing else. But even then there are modifications to be made. Here the parts of the original kit and side cockpit: This side is very different from the original, who requires some scratch: The two sides of the kit. The cockpit floor, modified by scratch: A finding on the choice of this particular plane: Because it's a brand-new airplane, there's no dirt or grime to play with, and the cockpit is all bright. Outside, too. Not a wash I can do, because in the photos I have, everything is clean. Now, the wings. The P-51 wings not have rivets shown in the wings, and the modeler usually shows only some lines, present in the original planes. But in this plane, none of the lines appears. All of them was hidden, and the wings show only the ammo doors and a feu access panels. Looking at the photos I was in doubt whether the wings were painted light gray or alumilac. These photos helped show me that the wings are painted in alumilac: Then I covered the wings with Tamiya white putty, diluted in Lacquer thinner, and then sanded them in several grains of sandpaper, to cover what should not appear. It's a shame because the rivets and panel lines are finely represented in the Tamiya kit. But there was no other way. I painted and finished the instrument panel from te kit's parts, but decided not use them. I will assemble the PE panel, to see if it more suitable. For now, is this. More to come Paulo.
  9. The kit was purchased sealed, and come with one sprue doubled, and one missing. For this I called that have one exchange. One tree for another. Paulo
  10. And we thought that only the Chinese made bullshit about the kits. When I opened the box I was surprised that it had a duplicate tree inside. Except that now when starting, I realized that this extra tree was not the only bug in the kit. They have forgotten another whole tree in the kit, which makes it impossible to mount. It was not a "gift" but an exchange! I thought Tamiya's packing control was better than that! And it's a very expensive kit .. I thought about contacting the manufacturer, but I reminded them that they would have me order the "wonderful" distributor in Brazil, which would lead to a wait of at least six months. I can not expect all of this because the idea is to take the kit to an open here in Brazil in August ... The solution found was to search for the missing tree on EBay, because some sellers separate the trees from expensive kits, and sell separately. I was able to buy my tree for $ 26.00 including mail. Now just wait for the delivery. Again... But since it is a tree where most of the pieces will be used in the final stages of the kit, I will continue the assembly and praying for the "incredible" Brazilian postal system to deliver the tree to me in time ... Paulo
  11. Here in Brazil we have a new paint called Welkmann chrome effect, who get a perfect chrome painting, and accept varnish without lose bright. I will use this paint. Alclad not gave me the real chrome effect.
  12. Hi, folks. I'm getting stuck in the assembly of the two F-5Es in the multi-engine group, still awaiting the arrival of the cockpit sets, so I'm going to start the second project of the year, a bit earlier than planned. This is the fabulous Tamiya P-51D / K, in my opinion the best P-51 kit on any scale. My project is to represent a plane very different from the normal ones. I've always wanted to make a restored P-51, preferably one that has a completely polished surface except for wings, of course. My choice after extensive research was that of the Red Dog, a plane so well restored that it received awards for the perfection of the restoration. This is the plane: And this is the kit: Soon the 1st pics. Paulo.
  13. To help you with the aleirons, They are almost always down, but just a little, not so down as youre's are in the pictures. I live near one FAB air base, so I'm very used to be close to the F-5s. Believe me the correct position of the aleirons are like in those pictures, all made by myself. I hope that I could help in this wonderful work. Cheers, Paulo.
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