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  1. For personal reasons, I need to inform that Scale-pro Masks is being closed permanently. I'm having some troubles to send some masks ordered, and I decided that if I could not satisfy all the customers, is better to quit. My thanks to all the person that buyed from me, and my appologies to some friends that was not satisfied. All the orders yet maded will be sended. Any questions about the products could be made here, but I will not accept new orders. Thanks for all, Paulo.
  2. I have one 1/32 trumpeter MiG 3 in my stash. But I intend to made a "naked" plane, representing the state of plane when it getting out of the assembly line, still without any paint. This shows the metal parts and the wood parts. This kind of plane would be elegible for the GB? Thanks, Paulo.
  3. Hi, Kev. Unfortunately I could not fiish my F-5Es, at time. so I wis to request to you to move the topic to WIP foruns. Its poste here: Thanks, and My wishes of a Happy new year for all members!
  4. hello chuck I can smell another Masterpiece being born. So I'll take a seat in the 1st row and follow up from the beginning. I wish you a nice work! Cheers, Paulo.
  5. After a long time from April, and with a first package lost, then resended by Radu, I finally have received my Raffle prize. Thanks to Radu, to Kevin and to LSP! Paulo.
  6. Congratulations, my friend! another masterpiece! I hope that soon I would conclude mines. But if I could do a half good as your is, it will be fabulous! Cheers, Paulo.
  7. I'm using Imgur for some years, without troubles. Try it. Paulo.
  8. Hi, Rudy. As answering some of your questions, I assure to you that every F-5 in the world hve the lights in the sidewinder pods. And about the lights color, Brazil purchased two lots of American F-5s. The first lot was brand new planes, with some modifications maded over the old jets. The second lot was basicly retired planes from the NAVY aggressors. Just for curiosity in this lot we found the first and the second F-5E maded in the world. And besides this, all the Brazilian jets have the same configuration with red lights and Green in the pods and blue in the other lights. And the blue ones are real blue, when lighted. As you can see in these pictures: The assembly of these two planes was a old dream made true, and besides the inumerous troubles with the Kittyhawk kits, the results are given me satisfacted. Cheers, Paulo
  9. Congratulations, my old friend! I'm sure that in your hands will be a wonderful plane! Cheers, Paulo.
  10. Congratulations for ypur raffle prize, my old friend! Perhaps this could turn you back to the bench! Cheers, Paulo.
  11. I use a Brazilian Decal paper, the Sirap paper. they have it in White or trasnsparent foil, to Inkjet or to Laser. I use the transparent type to laser print, and pritn tem in a professional Laser print. I do the art in corel draw and then take them to a local printing shop. to get the decals printed. With these method, I havea perfect decals, with no varnish sealing. These decals could be used easely, without any troubles. Of course, this kind of tdecals could not be applied with none decal setting solution, who could damage the decals. When the decal is applied over a recessed panel line, I let them dry and cut the dacal with a blade over the line, and apply the wash over the sealing varnish, who let the decal oerfectly apllied. For sealing I use automotive poliester varnish, who dries in 3 minutes and is perfect to wash with oil pastels. Cheers, Paulo.
  12. Thanks, my friend. Just at this point, my compressor blows out. I'm no painting since friday. Tomorrow I believe that the job will be resumed. Cheers, Paulo.
  13. I just remember that i not made the lights in my third plane, the Hasegawa one. I will do it and will photogaph the process. Then I will post here. Cheers, Paulo.
  14. This was the work realized in the Hellcat: Cheers, Paulo.
  15. I just cut a piece of colored plastic and glued in the place, in the sidewinders pod. Then I sanded with a dremel, to get the approximate size. The final sanding was made with various grains of sandpaper, until finally polishing the part, to get it done. Unfortunately, i did not photographed the process, but I can post pictures of the process made in a wingtips lights in a 1/32 Hellcat. It's the same process, only changing the clear plastic used in the Hellcat one for a colored plastic in the F-5E.
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