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  1. I found one on ebay, paid a lot for it, but they pop up now and then. Gee,
  2. The gunner was hit in the head by a Japanese cannon shell, I remember reading, the radio operator called the pilot on the intercom," Deen (the gunner) has been hit bad, I've got teeth and blood all over down here". These young men suffered some awful trauma in the Pacific war. Gee
  3. Speaking of ebay, did anybody cop one of the new SH Tempests the guy had up for sale. Dang! I wanted to get one, just didn't have the dough. That kit looks in-freakin-credible. Gee
  4. As of tonight there's still one on ebay, and an F2A-1 in Poland. Gee
  5. I've got this kit, I'm going to try converting mine to a Midway Marine F2A-3, anyone have any advice. I'm just getting back in after a long time, so I missed the czech model boxing. Anyway, lil' help, gee
  6. That's great, read that book when I was a kid, great stuff man.
  7. I'll never forget that magical summer, the first sighting of the Revell flying tiger at Woolworths. The agony of saving up the dough to buy it, and finding out about Testors "Military flats". Then the Spitfire and of course the shockingly cool Bf 109. Pure ten year old joy. I haven't built anything in close to thirty years, and thanks to a chance discovery of LSP and you wildly talented gentlemen, not to mention Ebay, I'm diving back in. Wish me luck gents. Rolling hot, Gee,
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