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  1. 2 hours ago, adameliclem said:

    “Common Chinese fault?” Dude, inaccuracy in kit sets is a global phenomenon. Why try to paint it as a specific national trait? I don’t get it.




    Because they persist with squashed canopies.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Tony T said:

    In 1/48 I'm hoping they might tweak the Voodoo kits, the RF-101C in particular: the clear parts need to be re-engineered to include the currently opaque tail light E-16 on clear sprues GP or GP1, to make the ventral sensor window part 3 on  GP1 fit flush with the fuselage, and to sort out the inlet profile — especially what to do with the added parts on the wing sprue (or whether it's better to simply cut the inlets back as Quang did).

    I bought two kits as I knew I'd screw up one set of clear parts and so will likely end up with one built as a G/H by default. 



    The canopy also needs reprofiled, as it suffers from the common Chinese fault of being too flattened and squashed. Ridiculously so as comparison with the Monogram/Koster hybrid shows.

    Of course, they won't do this.

  3. I understand this type of launcher was mainly confined to display aircraft and almost never used operationally.

    It's not difficult to envisage the amount of dirt and spray that would be thrown up all over the Sidewinder seeker heads.

    Maybe not so much an issue in California, but way more so in rainy Europe.

  4. Looking at the online build of the BM Lancaster, It's obvious that the expertise and attention to detail exemplified by Wingnut Wings 

    has been a major design influence. A B-29 may be a possibility, but it'll be of a half-baked (in comparison) standard like the other big Lanc, B-24 and B-17.


    For improved standards and innovation, it looks like Kotare are the company to watch. Now if Revell were to rebox/market those kits as they appear ....

  5. Thanks for all the detail notes and responses everyone.

    I think I'll let this opportunity pass for now and await the potential new release, should it ever materialise.

    It's not as if I don't have four Hurricanes, Tempests Mk. II and V ahead in the queue, but obviously a pair of Typhoons will be obilgatory.

    I'll skip the Tornado unless something emerges to make it mandatory.

  6. A quick question for the conosent.... cognisent... those in the know, if you don't mind.

    I'm being offered the old (60s?) Revell kit, which from the online photos looks highly or at least very simplified.

    The main gear bays for instance while boxed in, are featureless vertical cliffs.

    I had a Scale Models mag back in the 70s describing a build, but I think it's succumbed to damp and paper rot.


    Is it still a worthwhile purchase these days? ISTR that one was being mooted by a Czech manufacturer around the time of the Special Hobby Tempest's release.

    Either SH or Fly, I'm not sure which now. But so much so I bought a second Barracuda nose correction set just to be prepared.

    Alas, no further news has been forthcoming which may be a consequence if the pandemic, and/or a current lack of interest in central Europe with other preoccuptions to fry.

  7. I've got a 3/4 built Hasegawa P-51D converted to a B/C model with a built up spine patterned on the one by Paul Budzik in a 1995 Finescale Modeller.

    I've got as far as chopping back the wing leading edges and detailing the main gear bays before taking a break.

    Then I found out the Hasegawa fuselage is too wide, so I acquired a second Revell P-51D onto to which I'll now transplant and fettle the hi-back already fabricated.

    I just want a P-51, a Malcolm hood P-51B and a P-51D bubbletop. Why does that got to be so hard?


  8. I saw a new range of 3D prints by MPM Hobbies which includes 1/32 Fairey Fireflash missiles.

    I can only find they were fitted to the Swift F7 and one of the NF Meteors.

    With the disappearance of the Fisher Meteor conversions, I'm hoping MPM know something we don't.

  9. 20 minutes ago, Ayovan said:

    Not trying to be a jackalope

    Not trying to be a jackalope, just trying to be a little better informed. 

    This is one of the pics that made me think the MK6 had the 12 inch wing extensions of the -40 wing.  Which version is this?



    According to the usually reliable Aerialvisuals photo selection (and Abpic) C-GSBR is a Canadair CL-13A Sabre Mk5 painted as 23314 of the Golden Hawks in the livery worn between 1959 to 1964.

    The Golden Hawks flew Mark 5s and latterly Mark 6s.

    It flew for many years in spurious F-86E markings as F-86E 51-2897 FU-897 'The Huff' (NX8687D) before being returned to Canada in 2009.

  10. Salient question time: is it pronounced Groo-man (as in groom) or Grumman (as in duh).

    I've always assumed the latter, but recently heard the former and it occurred to me I don't actually know for sure.

    There wasn't a lot of US Navy traffic around RAF Wyton in the 1980s even though an odd Tomcat, Tracker or two would have been very welcome.


    Usual well detailed build Chuck, although it's not convincing me to move up to 1/24 scale, even with the new Airfix Spitfire due.

    (Though I might if in the impossibly unlikely event they ever did a B-I-G Phantom).

  11. 8 hours ago, dutik said:



    Dunno if you know about this but the Tunnan was a russian design. Look:





    - dutik


    I think anything with a prominent nose intake confuses some people.


    I recall a story about a Lightning intercept of a Tu-95 or somesuch somewhere far out over the North Sea. The Lightning pilot was running low on fuel and was unable to find his tanker. The Tu-95 radioed the pilot of the 'English MiG' and vectored  him in the right direction. I can't recall the exact details, but I'm guessing it occurred sometime in the Gorbachev era. 'English MiG' always struck me as an apt a description of the Lightning as you're likely to get from a foreign crewman.

  12. For some inexplicable reason I've always liked the F1 without the 'go-faster stripe' fuselage cable fairings more than its similar pointy finned fellows.

    I plan to convert an Echelon example into one as soon as a certain member here *cough* has progressed his fuselage tank to correct the Trumpeter kit sufficiently to release a copy.

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