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  1. Well took some outside pics for fun still need to revisit the rotor assembly..
  2. awesome I wasn’t sure! And all the vipers are looking great! Great motivation for me to start on 1/32 jets as I’m a big 1/35 helo builder haha
  3. Are All the 2 seater kits the Acadmey F16I SUFA kits ?
  4. Ok for my other chinook kit I’ll be doing a replica of Rotak helicopter services chinook in honor of the pilots Thomas “Tommy” Hayes, 41 of Post Falls, Idaho, and Jared Bird, 36 of Anchorage, Alaska, died when the chopper went down while assisting with the moose wild fire. here what iv got done so far. Not gonna be crazy detailed on the inside but will do my best on the exterior. as well I know the Rotak chinook is a D model and the kit I’ll be using is an A model but I’m sure it won’t look to bad to be continued..
  5. thank you for clearing that up for me. After I cleaned airbrush with paint thinner, I ran air brush cleaner threw it as well.
  6. ok I read that it is acrylic lacquer… My question is, I thought acrylic was water washable ??? I had to disassemble my airbrush and clean it with enamel paint thinner… fogive me as I’m still partly new back into the hobby
  7. I was able to save it got the surface smoothed out enough to do a gloss coat Moving along! any advice on products for replicating dust? Like sandy dust from over seas ? aslo I’m not totally feeling this helo drab color as well, I feel the brown/black I did my little bird would of looked better to be continued..
  8. I though it was to lol, paint was fairly thin out of bottle so just sprayed it strait from bottle I was able to scrub roughness away with a tooth brush thankfully
  9. Ok paint came in for the oh58….. and well I think we have a problem after spraying it, I went to clean my airbrush and bam it’s enamel paint I didn’t even realize and never saw it listed as enamel when I ordered it, sooo I just assumed it was acrylic…. it left a very rough texture like finish… I managed to wipe away and brush off the almost overspray like surface. next question is can I spray Vallejo gloss varnish over the enamel paint in order to proceed with decals and weathering ??? thanks in advance
  10. Starting off with red fox studios 3d instrument panels to update the trumpeter kit.
  11. Hello guys back with more helicopter stuff lol, while I wait for OH-58 paint to be delivered, I put the ch-47D back on the bench! I’ll probably just turn it into a CH-47F model as the MH47 idea not gonna happen ( can’t scratch build the sharper nose and larger fuel tanks) So a 47F is much more doable.. well here’s a few fun “dryfit” pics to get me going again. this will still be an inflight build to be continued..
  12. Ok got a little more done with the door gunner. I moved him to the starboard side, Added some wires on the mini gun, added second mini gun on the port side. Added a larger ordinance launcher on starboard side as well. That’s all for now on this bird. Gonna set it aside for a bit… Thanks for putting up with all my updates lol to be continued….
  13. well thank you sir, for the kind words hopefully I can still pull off my 1/35 UH1Y venom build to go along with my UH1N haha
  14. thank you sir, and yours is light years better than mine haha I’m just doing best I can with what I have in front of me.
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