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Hello all!


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For those of you who don't already know, in June of 2023, we purchased all of the AMS Resin molds and product line from Harold Offield, in an effort to keep his great products available for those who want them, and as a creative outlet for some of my own designs. It's very much a side hustle for us as we are both employed with regular jobs, but if there is anything you should want from the AMS Resin line of products, please email at bnresindesign@gmail.com, and I'll do my best to get you what you need. We've kept the prices the same as Harold had them, and have already added some new products to the line, as well as remastered a couple of older products using 3D printing. I've also begun 3D printing some things on contract for a few people, so if there is something you'd like to have printed and shipped to you, let me know. 


I plan to use this forum to post new products, or showcase some old ones that you might have forgotten about, so please stay tuned! 


Thanks much,

Tim Biggers

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The big guy and I have had a chance to hang out in person, as well as converse often on modeling and 3D printing.

He's a great guy with a good head on his shoulders and an eye for modeling. 

He's a modelers modeler/one of us, and has a really great feel for the industry. Have no fear about making purchases from Tim! 

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On 2/1/2024 at 2:33 PM, LSP_K2 said:

Welcome aboard, Tim. Glad to have you here as a sponsor. Just out of curiosity, who is we?

We is my wife Christie and I. She's been a big help, and is the bookkeeper of the outfit. She is planning to come to Nats this year with me, too.

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11 hours ago, JeepsGunsTanks said:

Do you guys do anything in 1/16th? :D

Not yet, but I'm really interested in building some 1:16 armor myself, so that thought has been on my mind lately. The best part about 3D modeled and printed parts is that new designs we make for one scale are often scalable to others, with some tweaking for the target scale. It's not always quite as straightforward as it might seem, but it's much more possible than it used to be. I've also been dabbling in 3D scanning with the hope that might be useful as well. 


I'm planning to use this forum to post things I'm working on, and sort of "crowd source" the solutions to issues I might have in the process, or improvements to the design. Unlike most folks who do this, I'm not in this to make a living from it, so it's more of a creative outlet. If someone like Reskit or R2R beats me to the punch on something, oh well. Their work is fantastic, and I love seeing the amazing stuff that other people are doing. I've got a few things going right now that I hope to post as soon as I have time to shoot some photos and get it put together.



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Yes, I'm fact I've been working to remaster that conversion by combining the original work with some new 3D files by Jumpei Temma. It's been slow going, as I have had little free time to devote it to it. But, it's promising, and I'm confident it will work out. I just can't say for sure when I'll get it done.



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13 hours ago, Steve Eagle said:

Tim, I am curious as to whether you have Harold’s molds for the F4U-5. I know these were originally Olivier Pinsolle’s. Just was looking at an entry about the conversion for this plane. 



Karl , aka " black Betty " has reworked the original O Pinsolle's conversion to the - 5 version a while ago , I seem to remember that radar pod on the right wing came from Harold 's 






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