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Focke-Wulf FW 190 F-8 - 6./SG 10 - Revell 1/32


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Hello my friends, today no photos and update.
Saturday morning I had a stomach ache and Sunday it got worse.
So direction the emergency of the hospital on the advice of my wife, blood test and scanner: inflammation of the gallbladder with a stone of 20mm that blocked this vesicle.
The emergency doctor made an appointment for me urgently and this morning I was lying in the operating room to have this gallbladder removed.
I just got out of the hospital because it was an outpatient surgery. (you come in the morning and you go out at night)
I’ll just have to pay attention to dishes too rich in fat (actually, everything I like) like sauerkraut and tartiflette!
I leave a little aside my FW 190 and I would resume in a few days.    
Morality: there is always a nurse in every woman, so listen to her when she tells you to go to the hospital!

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