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Focke-Wulf FW 190 F-8 - 6./SG 10 - Revell 1/32


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I had to resolve to paint the marks «6 < - » which have the characteristic of being surrounded by a fine white border.
The easy solution would have been to use the decals provided in the Revell kit.
But as I am an irrecoverable idiot someone who is stubborn as a mule and loves challenges above his abilities, I chose the most difficult solution and so I used the Montex masks.  

This is the first and last time I do this because it is extremely difficult.
I put on the outer mask and painted black.
Then I put on the inner mask that only protects the black.
And finally I painted white. 
In the meantime, it has been a lot of measurements, centering, marks drawn on the model and on the masks.
Of course, despite all the precautions taken, the masks for the dark were not going where they should go, so I had to take them off and put them back in place by checking with the eye trying to properly center all this pretty world…
Something crazy…
Once the masks were removed, I realized that I had ripped black and white paint here and there.
So I had to mask very precisely and repaint.
It suits me pretty much and I put a note of 14/20 for my beginner copy.
I still have to make some adjustments.


What do you think of the final result?













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A brave attempt Sir.

I built the same model and with the same masks with the same result except I practised on an old hotel plastic room key card first.

It is a good paint mule to try out masks and airbrush effects before committing to the model.

The national markings were fine but I couldn't get the white/black borders to look equal so decided to use the decals for them.

Once you have everything varnished you cannot tell which are painted and which are decals, really.

Good luck with your model the airbrush mottling looks great.

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Thank you, John, I’m glad to read this.
The problem is that this !% # & white border must be perfectly centered in relation to black.
On the left, it is correct but on the right we see that the top of the «6» is not perfect: the white should go a little lower. 
I’ll try to do that again...
…or not!

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Indeed Palm-tree, I hesitated for a long time to make this «6» with the masks.
But as I am stubborn (and an incorrigible optimist) I accepted the challenge! 
But I didn’t test before because I didn’t want to damage the masks.

The problem comes from the design of the white edging of Montex which should be a full mask rather than an individual mini-mask of 0.5mm width that greatly complicates things.

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Just caught up with your Fw190 Denis, quite a journey leading to a superb looking model, especially the painting. In truth the “6” is slightly out of register but it’s SO difficult to get them perfectly aligned. You certainly need two full “6”s, one slightly larger than the other.  My method would be to paint the black “6” first then replace its mask on the top when dry.  Then position the “empty” larger white “6” mask over it, spray white then remove all. (Which re-reading your thread, is what you did!).  You know where to come if the Montex masks don’t suit! :D:P

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I have very recently been there myself painting four color roundels on my Spitfire. I understand completely the itch to make it right, and in my case I used my optivisor to make corrections using small sections of Tamiya tape to remove slivers of paint in some spots and add paint in others. You got this!


Cheers,  Tom

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Hi Denis,


Great result! Indeed, there's some shift on the right 6 but that's can be fine. Because: (1) you're not sure if it was in-register on the actual airplane (2) one always has some 'Artistic license' to individually interpret the reality



15 hours ago, Furie said:

It suits me pretty much and I put a note of 14/20 for my beginner copy.


This is not the right moment to be tough on oneself! It's MUCH MUCH better

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if I have understood your way of reasoning (which is mine, to a good extent) you are already working to modify that 6 that doesn't satisfy you.
my small contribution, if I may, regarding the Montex masks which I personally don't like very much, is to do exactly as you have already done (first the black, then the white) but to pull the external mask taking advantage of the elasticity of that material to position the parallel edges on all sides of the 6, possibly, if necessary, arriving at cut an edge of the mask itself.

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