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  1. Hye Skiner http://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2018/06/me-262-kgj54.html If i were you, i would work with the idea or artistic licence that is a field repair or change...in order to deal it in red for the rudder and alu for the fin.... Amities Fab
  2. fab

    Do 17

    Hye Cees Which museum? Have you got a link? Amities Fab
  3. Better than their usual disgusting and fuzzier panels! Fab
  4. In a other point of view....Perharps Mr P.J should try to produce WWI french planes...ouups sorry ...blue, white and red rondels doesn''t seem to be his cup of tea... Fab
  5. .......Where's the weathering??? Amities Fab
  6. Hye Thierry! Did you try this shop in Strasbourg? https://micro-modele.fr/fr/ A good reason to go in vacation there "avec les marchés de Noël" ...(Christmas festivities for non french speakers...https://noel.tourisme-alsace.com/en) Amities Fab
  7. By the way, I read it again yesterday night...what a mess in the bay! Fab
  8. Hello Wwp publication...best walk around ever Amities Fab
  9. My translation may not be good, but would not it be a little censor? Fab
  10. Oky... But how much? Amities Fab
  11. Ahou.... Questions...what is urethane for continental frogs? Your dolley is beautiful, is it possible to know...if you sell it? amities Fab
  12. Hye Wackyracer Same error... But too late to modify, perharps, glue a bezel above to figure the Fug (.......radio compass ?) Good job here, go on Fab
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