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  1. . . . . . . . . .hard to meet girls ....not a good idea to be single in this days...
  2. Hye! After more or less 70 years exposed well or bad conditions of storage... Of course, I am speaking about the "onions"...not about Radub... Amities Fab
  3. Christmas with 1 month before Now, I am sure to never do my scratchbuilt Do215 project, I will wait for Infinity! Fab
  4. Hy Rick Interesting, but no evidence on wartime picture, except if you got it. Amities Fab
  5. Hello! Brrrrr, winter is coming... How did you corrected the pilote's canopy, to let it open? Amities Fab
  6. Hello A bit black the rlm66...but I would like to see it in real, it seems of interest, particulary the 262 set... (I neglect Ed., always slobbery) Awaiting a review Amities Fab
  7. "....hubble, bubble, toil and trouble"....like my last test in moulding althought? ....
  8. I agree! No politic, only semantic and cultural knowlegde about our demonic neighbors Friendly Fab Nota: alchemy, not alchimy
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