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  1. Is it the NL wreck sold on ebay? What becomes this beast? Exported to the States? Amities Fab
  2. Good job here Thierry! Would you be retired to find time to plastiwork? Or are you still block by Covid? Amities Fab
  3. Hello I love your jig! A bargain! Easy to adjust, no regret to wash it with paint, biodegrable... Amities Fab
  4. A "comprehensive build" by Thierry! Where are my best bottle of red wine, and my best armchair? Go on my dear friend, the "montée de Huy" seems more easier than your resin conversion! Amities Fab
  5. Funny...it seems that a slat stayed with the original wreck..;-) Do you find one at last? Amities Fab
  6. Ahou 85$?!? With PE? Could we hope a Do215 for less 100?? When Christmas will?
  7. ...and a Do215/17 please, nightfighter of course
  8. ....but one question...who are they? Perhaps i'am wrong, but nothing about Infinity models on the web...yet... I read somewhere that it was the Hph's plastic progeniture, is it right? Fab
  9. Hello Which of the two external sets is the better? Eduard or Profimodeler? Amities Fab
  10. Hello Simon. Yes, the restoration is closed, and you can see the bird at the new Musée de l'Air in Paris-le Bourget. Amities Fab
  11. "Would have been followed" sorry....
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