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  1. Hallo Dutik Danke! Saw it, i am going to contact Pastor John (hope he's well and better) and it's only for PE and decals... Amities Fab
  2. Hye! I would prefer to use the Master or the Profimodeler items.. Which Fug array you want to use? Amities Fab
  3. Merci Thierry, je le crains aussi Thank you Mike Fab
  4. Hello Somebody knows where I can find a retailer from John's product in continental Europe? Hannants exit, too much customs fees and tax extra.. Amities Fab
  5. Hello Funny, i ve got the same question about their accuracy Which type are they? VDM, but which number? Amities Fab
  6. Yeahhhh a new tool {Radub} hurri! M...(Sh...in french) , a IIb, not the emblematic one, a BoF or a BoB mark I !(!!!) Sometime, I cannot understand some marketing choise, it's very cool that Revell continues to do some kit, and more 1/32, but why a second rate gizmo?!? If they want to do a Hawker tank buster, there is no correct Typhoon! I will have to wait an expensive addon despite the remarcable quality of this kit... Fab... a bit disappointed
  7. Norbert is the best Adon, allez les verts! Amities Fab
  8. Yes a lathe! And you use your dremel as a lathe? I was thinking about the oleo tube.. Fab
  9. I wait for the Zm Arado 234 with feverishness... 109 are too speculative things... Amities Fab
  10. Damien...cause it's a geheim data from Me Mwf type 123? Despite the rich documentation share by Radu, the improve precisions from Pranvoy, i find it's - a bit- a pity that how this thread is going on, as I can understand about it said...than i am very found of this sort of technical analysis... I would not want that this discuss would be closed To share my own experience about the disjoint sheet metal... i partipated for 10 years for maintenance and be lucky to flew the p51 "Jumping Jack"...I can swear you that for an american standart, you can see light, or more exactly some ditch between sheet...and not only the removal... If you take time to look at a Spit, the usual british rigor could be challenged....If you can observe for last example a perfect french plane like a D520...the fact is that your nose have spent too much time nearest your glue, cause, as everybody knows, we are not able to keep anything else than our wines Then, perharps the tail end of Zm need some mastic, perhaps the hasegrevell need to bee engrave...it doesn't matter, and it will noticed as for sure in Thierry's tweaklist... And, please, keep on to share in a common cultural knowledge Amities Fab Ps...still waiting for a decent 110G, a Do215, a A234N
  11. Huuummm Did the others ME have the same? I was thinking about 262... Amities Fab
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