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  1. Hello! Brrrrr, winter is coming... How did you corrected the pilote's canopy, to let it open? Amities Fab
  2. Hello A bit black the rlm66...but I would like to see it in real, it seems of interest, particulary the 262 set... (I neglect Ed., always slobbery) Awaiting a review Amities Fab
  3. "....hubble, bubble, toil and trouble"....like my last test in moulding althought? ....
  4. I agree! No politic, only semantic and cultural knowlegde about our demonic neighbors Friendly Fab Nota: alchemy, not alchimy
  5. Sorry Mark, and Iain I ve to read twice what you want to do with "some bizarre ritual where I swear a pact to have carnal knowledge with a goat" an "egg whisk and a frozen chicken, on a full moon..." or "goats or bats but "eye of newt and dragon spawn " ...... Now, i ve understood the alchimy issues of the question, lol Fab
  6. I love improving my poor skill level in english, reading lsp trades.... Amities from France Fab
  7. Is it the NL wreck sold on ebay? What becomes this beast? Exported to the States? Amities Fab
  8. Good job here Thierry! Would you be retired to find time to plastiwork? Or are you still block by Covid? Amities Fab
  9. Hello I love your jig! A bargain! Easy to adjust, no regret to wash it with paint, biodegrable... Amities Fab
  10. A "comprehensive build" by Thierry! Where are my best bottle of red wine, and my best armchair? Go on my dear friend, the "montée de Huy" seems more easier than your resin conversion! Amities Fab
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