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  1. The definitive built for this kit. Ahhh the proxxon mill Mf70...it's my new GF... Amities Fab
  2. Rhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I bet that the set05,06 and follows will be on the Jumo...:-)))) You're right...but a Jumo with your top quality project....Do you forsee to work on the inside of the equipment bay? (Oxygen bottle master compass etc...)? Amities Fab
  3. Rhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I bet that the set05,06 and follows will be on the Jumo...:-))))
  4. Amazing job...speechless... Can't wait... Fab
  5. Hello Bluish grey! Used by sub contractors! RAL series 70..... But mind your scale...and only the Humbrol "1974" authentic Edition specialy made in the Scotland plant this year is accurate Fab
  6. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread....('started a new training course in English...) So...wait. Amities Fab
  7. Hye! Also interested by an potential canon bay and the B version cockpit for nightfighter... Amities Fab
  8. Hye Forget Azimut in Paris (in fact they are now in Nancy, 300km East) but definitely, ...forget... Fab
  9. Nice to see the Malta's expert come back! Cheers Fab
  10. Rato? Raaaaaaato! Where are you? Come back quick from Cidade Baixa! Your 162 is waiting for you! Amitiés Fab
  11. Hello Does it mean rahter than Revell will not do a G4? If they have bought a mold, I am not convince that Revel develops theirs owns series with the last quality standart.. So, I will wait for an another investissment, from Revell, like a Dornier 17 & sons, nighfighters of course...:-) Amitiés Fab (Thierry, I will send you a PM!)
  12. Lol Here...the paint will freeze....awaiting for snow... In the other hand, it's good for superglue....where are my resin cast? Good idea the radiator cooling fan! Amities Fab
  13. Hi Kent! How lucky are you to be there! Now, come back to the real life, you have the Ar234's diorama to finish! Amitiés Fab
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