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  1. 'Love your technic paint with subtil highligths Go on! Amities from an old country where we love frogs Fab
  2. Seen with my kids, first "men" movie... "Ok dad, 'was fun" with a little touch of compassion to not to say dismissive commisseration broke my leap to the past... Few later, the second one, 7 years old, let his dish in a flat spin...and in english in the text said..."splatch one".... The worm is in the fruit..
  3. Funny...seems to be a "gold" color on the cone... My aviator is rich? Fab
  4. fab


    Au revoir Magneto
  5. Yellow and blue? Resistance spirit...!. Amities from France Fab
  6. Hello Are they in flying conditions? Tremendous restoration! Amities Fab
  7. Perharps it's a bit ridiculous but.....Be sure that you are not alone. Amities from France Fab
  8. Hello "good hint: the perforated plates protecting the oxygen bottles"...never seen these apparatus in a 87 D or G... good idea neitherless...the ammo belt... it would be a great idea to propose this sort of extra in a special generic items (radios, ammo belt, placards) Amities Fab
  9. Hello It's really a pity, I am sad for you and believe that your issues will find a positive end. Amities Fab
  10. Ouille Nice to see the Master's back...and ho...sh...what a come back! Amities Fab
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