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Focke-Wulf FW 190 F-8 - 6./SG 10 - Revell 1/32


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Big day, with the paint of the exhaust tracks of the engine left/ right/ below.

Before that, I painted with Tamiya Tan on the fuselage and with yellow sand underneath the fuselage and then the soot exhaust from MRP.
Chipping water/hairspray on both wings and engine cowl.
Chipping with RLM 76/77/75/83 paint + 50% white under wings, on wings, leading edges and cockpit edges.
Many paint retouching everywhere and cherry on the cake, final repair of the black «6» right.

I put back the mask of the «6», I slightly shifted it down then painted with white to find a «perfect» symmetry (!!!). The result is before your eyes and it is very correct, anyway, I don’t touch it anymore!
I am quite satisfied with what I have done, even if everything is not perfect.


Glossy varnish to follow + decals





















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21 hours ago, mywifehatesmodels said:

Denis, in all honesty, I didn't even notice the "6" until you explained it. I think it is 99.9%. If it were me, I would live with it, but I do understand. 




The problem, John, and I think you’ll agree with me, and when you have a flaw in your model, you only see him, even if it’s a small detail....

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21 hours ago, mozart said:

Just caught up with your Fw190 Denis, quite a journey leading to a superb looking model, especially the painting. In truth the “6” is slightly out of register but it’s SO difficult to get them perfectly aligned. You certainly need two full “6”s, one slightly larger than the other.  My method would be to paint the black “6” first then replace its mask on the top when dry.  Then position the “empty” larger white “6” mask over it, spray white then remove all. (Which re-reading your thread, is what you did!).  You know where to come if the Montex masks don’t suit! :D:P


Hi Max, you are certainly right about the order of the masks, but this fine white border was treacherous because it was independent (fully cut) and was 0.5mm wide.
It was impossible to pose alone.
I would have preferred a set of concentric masks with masks/ support very wide and easily manipulated.
I noticed your proposal and I go to Decathlon in Calais to buy me a dinghy and then join you at home.
No ice in my whisky, please.

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13 hours ago, Uncarina said:

I have very recently been there myself painting four color roundels on my Spitfire. I understand completely the itch to make it right, and in my case I used my optivisor to make corrections using small sections of Tamiya tape to remove slivers of paint in some spots and add paint in others. You got this!


Cheers,  Tom


Thank you Tom, and that’s exactly what I did by putting back the mask of the «6», then by putting protections here and there to avoid disasters (I am very effective at this little game!).

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9 hours ago, Jaro said:

Hi Denis,


Great result! Indeed, there's some shift on the right 6 but that's can be fine. Because: (1) you're not sure if it was in-register on the actual airplane (2) one always has some 'Artistic license' to individually interpret the reality




This is not the right moment to be tough on oneself! It's MUCH MUCH better


Hello Jaro, and thank you for your message.
The problem is that I have the real photos on the right side and that the mechanics took great pleasure in painting a «6» black + white border absolutely perfect!
So I have no choice, my “6” must also be “perfect”…
We will say that it is mission (almost) successful!

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5 hours ago, mc65 said:

if I have understood your way of reasoning (which is mine, to a good extent) you are already working to modify that 6 that doesn't satisfy you.
my small contribution, if I may, regarding the Montex masks which I personally don't like very much, is to do exactly as you have already done (first the black, then the white) but to pull the external mask taking advantage of the elasticity of that material to position the parallel edges on all sides of the 6, possibly, if necessary, arriving at cut an edge of the mask itself.


Indeed it is a good solution but you forget an important factor: I have 2 left hands feet !
I tried to pull, push, deform the mask but as my "6" turned into a Klingon number...  :(
Rather than tempt the devil, I tried to reposition the masks.
I mean, now it’s behind me and I can move on.

Edited by Furie
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1 hour ago, Phil88 said:

I just read the 10 pages and this montage is impressive. Bravo and very nice corrections quickly and well caught up


Thanks Phil for your message, but I don’t know if the word «quickly» is the most suitable with me!
That damn “6” asked me for two days of work…
And now when I close my eyes, when I sleep I see «6» everywhere!
The devil’s number, I knew it!    :lol:

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9 minutes ago, Furie said:


Indeed it is a good solution but you forget an important factor: I have 2 left hands!

EXCUSE ME!!! And what exactly is wrong with being left-handed! I detect a degree of unfair bias here against us “sinisters”….you see even the Romans were biased…..”dexters” indeed. Court of Human Rights Inquiry I think for you my boy.:angry2: 

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4 hours ago, Phil88 said:

The main thing is to be satisfied with our achievement. It doesn't matter how much time we spend there.


That’s the whole problem Phil.
There’s such a disconnect between what I can do and what I want to do!
But to be perfectly honest, I am generally satisfied, especially when I turn around and look at my old models.
It’s day and night!


Small update with the engine exhaust drag under the aircraft that did not satisfy me.
A little white, a little RLM 76 and exhaust soot.
I took the opportunity to glue, paint and age the ETC 501 and of course dirty it with the exhaust soot.
I only have the no-walk lines left and I could paint with the glossy varnish. 









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