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Focke-Wulf FW 190 F-8 - 6./SG 10 - Revell 1/32


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On 10/19/2023 at 12:34 PM, Furie said:

My precious!

I blew a fuse and decided to take the plunge.
I bought it in France, in a well-known airbrush store, and chose the Infinity CR plus Two in one V2.0 (0.2 / 0.4mm) version.
The whole thing is really qualitative, with materials, finish, accessories and adjustments that are a pleasure to see.
Now all I have to do is master it and, above all, enjoy it!
A beautiful object!



I have been using this one for a few years now and it never gives me any issues. Cleans quickly, sprays consistently. All original seals still hold. It's easy to master. Good choice!

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Thanks for the messages.
I've started the black for the BB'ing on the wings (top/bottom).
The Archer kit seems to give excellent results with the black paint although it will look much better with the RLM 77/83.
And I still haven't used the 0.2 nozzle...
I hope it will pleasantly surprise me!

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Small update: work on the 2 parts of the canopy:

- I had canopy that had some scratches so preparation/cleaning/polishing with the Tamiya Compound (Fine + Finish) + cleaning with methylated spirit + bath in the Klir to give maximum transparency.

If the result with the Klir is not good, then eliminate the Klir with Glanzer which contains ammonia.  
- the various junctions with the engine cowl and the aircraft have been improved with the Putty perfect plastic from Deluxe.

It dries quickly (10 minutes) and the excess is removed with a wet Q-Tip.
-gluing the canopy with AK crystal magic glue that becomes transparent when drying and does not make white streaks on the transparent plastic and also wipes the surplus with a wet Q-Tip.

As this glue dries slowly, I secured its position with Tamiya tape.







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Hello, there's something I don't understand about this Revell kit, and that's the difference between the canopys.
In the instruction booklet, it is written that there is an "open" canopy and a "closed" canopy.
Logically, there should be external differences, but I don't see any.

Of course, I prepared, sanded, polished and cleaned the "closed" canopy, even though I want it to be open!


Maybe I'm missing something?
Can anyone help me?





Edited by Furie
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Denis, on the real Fw 190, the canopy has a small hinge atop its middle, and this allows the sides to pinch together as the canopy slides back along the ever-narrowing fuselage. So the open canopy is actually narrower at the front than the closed version, and the kit reflects this. With Fw 190 kits that don't replicate this feature, the open canopy is too wide, and ends up dangling over the sides of the fuselage.



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Back in Black.

The FW190 is fully coated with MRP-LPB which will be the black base of my BB'ing.
It also allows to highlight some defects here and there to correct before passing the white and the RLM 75/76/77/83. 
I set up a flat canopy (I will use the bubble canopy for this plane) «glued» with double-sided tape, as well as with Tamiya tape at the junction of the 2 canopys to preserve the paint of the cockpit.
Nothing special to report except that the different parts of the cowl engine seem rather convincing because their assembly is not without fault.

You can see the rivets on the front of the engine cowl.
On the other hand I did not make lines of rivets on the engine cowl which covers the MG 131 because its shape is too complicated.
It will be as if there had never been one…
OK?  :rolleyes:



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Thank you Mike, I may have a ton of documentation, but this detail had completely eluded me.
And congratulations to Revell for taking into account this difference by giving 4 canopys, thus allowing a certain «right to the error»!
And for me, it’s not luxury!

Edited by Furie
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