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Focke-Wulf FW 190 F-8 - 6./SG 10 - Revell 1/32


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19 hours ago, John Stambaugh said:

God bless the inherit nurses.


And yes, John, men live longer when they’re married, according to statistics!
It’s normal, you always have someone behind you to say: don’t eat this, don’t drink that!
Seriously, my wife had a good reflex.
Marrying me was perhaps not a good reflex!



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18 hours ago, R Palimaka said:

That's frightening! Hope you recover quickly!


Take care of yourself so you can get back to this magnificent build!




Thank you Richard, you know everything is fine now, it’s a fairly simple surgery, a bit like doing BB'ing on a FW 190!
I have fingers that itch to go down to the cellar and continue but I received orders from a higher authority who forbid me.
If you see who I’m talking about!

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2 hours ago, MikeMaben said:

You'll be fine Denis. Takes more than a funky gallbladder to knock you out.

Hope you're back at the bench soon mon ami.








Thanks Mike for your nice message.
Indeed, I will be able to live normally without gallbladder, she gives a little help to the pancreas to digest everything a French likes to eat and drink!!
Well, I’m not going to lie, at the moment I calmed down on Rossini tournedos, fries, côte du Rhone wine and the Redbreast 12 years old!
I stay tuned on the forum while waiting for the progress of all my friends.


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Well, after a week of «rest» I received the green light from the highest medical authorities of this country (my wife) to be able to resume my «aerial» activities.
I slightly modified the RLM 76/83 on the cowl engine to stick closer to the photos of the real «70».
So I took care of the masks «70» which are not so easy to position: always check the vertical/ horizontal and of course its relative position on the engine cowl/ yellow band.
The white MRP paint is well covering and I did not have any particular problems.
Then the masks of the black crosses which require a lot of precision because I cannot base myself on the horizontal lines of the fuselage: these lines are not strictly parallel to each other. The position marks are therefore made on a 1/2 vertical line at the back of these crosses.
Everything went well, and my «70» and the 2 crosses are really superb: everything is well aligned, nothing twisted, good positions, good colors, good sizes.
I just ripped some RLM 83 on the cowl engine and I dirty the right wing with black paint.













And yet this pretty work is partly false.
I’m really a fool and I can’t find any other words.


A hint:



You have every right to mock me, and I deserve it.  :BANGHEAD2:

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Thanks to @mc65 and @mywifehatesmodels.


Yes, everything went well for these masks but I think everyone saw that the yellow band is much too wide, we see it with the «0» of the «70» where there is much too much yellow in front of him.
I was convinced that I correctly measured/calculated the width of this yellow band.
Well, no, I’m going to have to fix this...


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I’m just catching up, and am glad you are feeling better! I make errors multiple times a build. Why just yesterday I painted the serial codes on my Spitfire a panel line too far forward. Fortunately (for you and I) we can paint over them. Imagine if that yellow band was a decal. Magnificent build by the way!


Cheers,  Tom

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My quick observation:

The front of the yellow band is the panel line and this is correct on the model.

The back of the line is halfway between latches on your model, but more forward on the photo.

Probably simplest to completely repaint the sides panels and just move by the correct amount the yellow on top and bottom cowls.



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Hi Alain.
Yes, my yellow band is too wide towards the back of the plane.
I had based myself on the recommendations of OKL which gave a width of 500mm.
Of course, the width of the yellow band of my 190 is not 500mm, but much less.
The worst part is that the Revell manual gives the right width!
I did everything again this afternoon, except the «70» that I did not have time to paint.
We’ll see it nicely tomorrow.

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The "70" was finally corrected, at least especially the yellow band.
I had to lightly sand the two «70» with micromesh and the back end of the yellow strip.
Then I masked the yellow band, I made a BB'ing then painted it yellow. 
I reused the Montex masks, not without a certain apprehension because it is not made to be used several times.
Then I painted white and here is the result that is now in line with what I wanted.
I ended this day by applying the spots of RLM 75/83.
I used the MRP paints without dilution and in fact I was surprised because I can go very low in pressure with the compressor while remaining accurate.
The end result is not bad at all.













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