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  1. My favorite subject, the Fw190. Fine work and thanks for sharing. I just finished the PCM fw190 A-3 and need to get submitted here. As I always say, "can't have too many fw190's" Thanks again sir. John
  2. Following these expert builds is not only educational but also inspiring to try and do better with my own work. And not to beat a dead horse but I must say that IMHO it would be a crime to close the canopy on this pit.
  3. Wise move with the metal pins to locate the undercarriage. I recently finished PCM's Fw190A and although not impressed with the exterior; the resin makes the kit. Will follow your build Bruce. Thanks for sharing. John
  4. Please don't take offense but I must say that IMHO the Do335 is as ugly an aircraft ever produced. Nevertheless, this is a magnificent kit and an epic build. Bravo!
  5. A fine man and passionate artist. My heartfelt condolences to the Crandall family.
  6. Really appreciate the wip interior pics. Really impressive work. I can tell that you have done a few kits before. Seriously, thanks for sharing. John S
  7. Very nice well weathered bird. Thanks for sharing.
  8. A very fine build of a very cool aircraft. Truly a work of art. Thanks for sharing. John S
  9. Thank you for sharing your build. It has been both educational and an inspiration. Congratulations and bravo.
  10. The aggregate of several weathering techniques pay off quite well. Combined with close adherence to reference materials brings this model to a very high standard of excellence. Bravo sir.
  11. That is dedication! Can't say that I would have gone to the trouble. Bravo!
  12. Same here. Have placed 2 orders with them and will not be a 3rd.
  13. Sorry that I missed you OBG. Didn't know that we were neighbors. We probably rubbed shoulders at the Chattanooga or Atlanta shows. Best of luck to you in your new home. Happy modeling, John
  14. Welcome aboard Mr. Fogey. I am a recent member myself from north Georgia. Joining this group has been such a pleasure. Good guys all. You will learn so much by scrolling around the forums. Ask any question and you will get good advice. Again welcome, John S.
  15. Can certainly understand the trepidation of painting the engine. Just think about how fantastic it will look when in color.
  16. Have really enjoyed this discussion. In most submissions I can truly relate. So allow me to relate a recent psychological bump that I have run into since my last build. That was the Cyber hobby Bf109E-7 trop that I submitted to LSP recently. This was #13 since returning to our hobby a few years ago. I know, I'm slow. I had put forth a more determined effort to improve my work and the Cyberhobby kit was great. This effort paid off with a 1st place at the recent Atlantacon last March. Honestly I must say that the large scale guys didn't show up in force. Let me also say that I don't enter contest with any need to compete or to win. But what I have found is a sudden need to do better. To step up my game. I am competing with myself. Good enough is no longer good enough. Fine and well; to a point. So here I am, up to my neck in Revell's big He111 H-6 and it has become a chore. Mojo heading to empty. I need to come to terms with what level of modeler I will be. I truly admire all those fantastic museum quality models. There are those who have taken modeling to high art. My hat is off to you. But I will not ever be one of those people. Maybe I am just lazy. That will have to be okay because if I am not enjoying myself then I won't be modeling much longer. I cannot push myself to the point of no fun anymore. I will finish this Heinkel eventually and will be happy with it. Happy modeling guys. John
  17. My hat is off to those modelers who have the skill, patience and determination to pull off a complete rivet job. But for me, I am just happy to have a nice paint job and no ugly seams. And may I also say a prayer that God bless the Ukrainian people. They have our respect and admiration.
  18. I will for sure but I need to move my PCM kit up next to build.
  19. Steady perseverance sir. You know in the end it will all be very well worth it.
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