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  1. Very well done with subtle and effective weathering. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Thank you David for the explanation on these issues. I have 2 of these and will keep your advice in mind when time to build.
  3. Good save on an excellent paint scheme. Look forward to seeing this finished.
  4. Am very pleased to see that John has stepped up to show us how it's done. I will be taking notes and I thank you.
  5. 1/72 and 1/48 on the same shelf and next to 1/32!!! How dare you!!!!
  6. Well then there is only one remedy. Henceforth all ground vehicles must now be in 1/32 & 1/24th scale. It's the only reasonable solution!
  7. Certainly would have been nice to park a 1/32 Kate next to the new Val. And yes I don't understand the need for 1/35 scale aircraft. Smaller but not by much.
  8. The day that I build a perfect model is the day that I will demand a perfect kit!
  9. How long did you leave it out in the desert to get it so weathered? Seriously, an excellent job! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Maybe a little too light but the wash and varnish can go a long way towards tying the colors together.
  11. Late to the party here but this is excellent. Thanks.
  12. Lame it is. I wish that I had kept the contest flyer as it clearly stated that 1/72 and smaller were in one category as was 1/48 and larger in another and I don't believe I saw a distinction between props and jets either. As for myself, I only build large scale WW2 subjects.
  13. Hey guys, I hope you don't mind that I go on a rant here. I just got back from the Huntsville Alabama IPMS show and I found that there was no category for 1/32-1/24 scale aircraft. The Chattanooga IPMS contest is the same. When I asked why, I was told that there are not enough large scale participants. Begs the question, how many is enough? Seems to me that deleting category's 135-137 is a surefire way to ensure that participation will be lacking. Why would you go to the extra time, work and expense to enter a contest and find that you are competing with typically dozens of models that are generally less than half the expense, time and work. Would you hire a man to do a difficult and stressful job but pay him the same as the janitor? What's next; everyone gets a participation trophy? I don't mean to disparage those who build 1/48 but please keep to your own. I only complete 2-3 models per year and now I only compete at the Atlanta show where I feel welcome. Would very much like to hear others opinion on this subject. Thanks for letting me vent, John
  14. Very nice to see the old classics done up well. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Definitely golden! Great job on the Swallow.
  16. These sprue shots are quite impressive! Definite must have. I do hope that they not take so long as the Revell Hurricane to get to market in the U.S.
  17. I must say that the printed base from BIGGTIM is hard to beat as it is very realistic and ready to attach to a base. Also Tim's base is in 1/32 and 1/24 so the Airfix Hellcat has a home. Tom's modelworks offers the PE tiedown strips in both scales as well if one wants to go that route. Still the True details 1/32 kit deck does look nice.
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