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Thunder Models will release clark tractor and bomb trailer in 1/32


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16 hours ago, Archimedes said:

Thank you Jan! Dreams really can come true and we might get the series of 1/32 airfield support vehicles that would make sense for us!


Great news! Now, Thunder Models please can we have a 1/32 AEC Matador fuel truck?


Kind regards,


I will echo your request!

Fuel tankers and even fuel bowsers have been long overlooked!!

However this is a start which is VERY welcome indeed!!

Multiple purchases for me too!:clap2:

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7 hours ago, Bob MDC said:

Forces of Valour ?? yes it's die-cast but you can get them at right money





I have a die cast one but it still has some toyish features and you can't easily modify it to get it "naked" without the impedimenta, weapons, camouflage and so on, as they were used on air bases or navy carriers.

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