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  1. I hope this question hasn't been asked before but thinking about, it it probably has so I apologise in advance. Is anyone aware of how I can get hold of Tamiya replacement parts? I've managed to knock over a bottle of mekpac (liquid cement) and you've guessed it, it's destroyed the transparencies of the 1/32 Mosquito FB VI I was building. Beginners mistake made by a relatively experienced modeller!
  2. The 25th Bombardment Group (Reconnaissance) was constituted in the days after D-Day and activated in England in August 1944 to carry out photographic and mapping missions over mainland Europe as the Allied armies pushed east. The Group were designated a Bombardment Group but they did not drop bombs. The 25th used P.R. XVI Mosquitos. The P.R. XVI has no capability to drop ordnance in other words is has no bomb release equipment fitted. They were usually fitted with a long range tank in the main portion of the ventral bay (bomb bay). The two forward cameras were mounted in the forward secti
  3. With any luck Bob at MDC will be releasing 1/32 Mossie rocket rail mounting stubs, possibly with either Mk 1 or Mk III rails. How do I know this? I sent him the patterns to produce them a while ago. We discussed including the 100 gallon tank guard rail which in reality is made of tubes so any etched brass item will just be wrong as it will be flat in section. 100 gallon tanks and 8 x 25lb A.P. rockets where also discussed however I think he just got too busy.
  4. I've just gone through this with Trumpeter's F-105D where the so called rivet's would, in reality be more like 3/4" dia holes ramdomly placed all over the airframe. I've used thin cyano acrylate to fill them, then sand off the excess a few hours later. I worked in stages i.e. fill the holes / spurious panel lines in a specific area, sand, flash with acrylic car primer, fill any remining defects with cyano, sand then flash again. Then on to the next section. It takes quite some time but for me it's worth it. Bare in mind the cyano gets harder the longer you leave it. Good Luck!
  5. Could do with an RF-101C Voodoo and an A-26K Counter Invader in 1/32. That's my two penneth worth.
  6. 1/32 A-26K Counter Invader. 1/32 RF-101C Voodoo 1/32 Blackburn Buccaneer S.2 1/32 Mosquito B.XVI 1/32 Mosquito N.F. XXX
  7. It's the Azure Blue underside that is more flakey ie. much more unlikely than the Med Sea Grey in my opinion. It all comes back to SEAC's interprepation of what role the Mosquito FBVI fitted into. If it was classed as a fighter ( which in my mind it was) then the underside colour from 4th April 1944 would certainly be Med Sea Grey. It must be remembered that the Mosquito FBVI replaced the Beaufighter in most Far East Squadrons and nobody questions the Med Sea Grey on the undersides of Beaufighters in SEAC, and the Beaufighter was a heavy fighter. If it was classed as a bomber then no colour is
  8. When I wrote my book "Mosquito FBVI Airframe, Systems and RAF usage" I tried to get to the bottom of this very question. I have photographs of 82 sqn Mosquito FB VI's in the standard Med Sea Grey / Dark Green (as they left the factory) with SEAC roundles, the white theatre ID bands on the wing, tailplane and fin, aswell as aircraft that are obviously Dark Earth / Dark Green upper surfaces and a light underside colour. It really is a question of finding a photograph and then taking the plunge. Here is the paragraph from the book referring to SEAC aircraft. "This consists of the Temperate L
  9. Bob MDC is probably not going to thank me for letting you all know that I supplied him all the info to produce the guard rail. If there's enough interest he may well go for it. SORRY BOB!
  10. Mosquito FB VI's have type specific rocket rail mounting stubs. No other Pylon type, as they are refered to on the first post on this thread, will be anything like the ones used on the Mosquito. I'm pretty sure Bob at MDC is in the process of casting some Mosquito specific rocket, rocket rail & mounting stub ( Pylon) sets.
  11. Contacted Bob at MDC and will be sending him the masters.
  12. I scartchbuilt the mounting stubs for my Mossie FB VI, made a mould and poured some. It is worth noting that the front and rear mounting stubs are different. I'll drop Bob at MDC a line and see if he's interested in producing some from my patterns, that's if I can find them.
  13. I've used the MDC Typhoon enhancements in the Revell kit and found them excellent.
  14. http://www.largescaleplanes.com/Photostory/DavidBrown/Mossie/mossie.php This is the correct link for those interested in seeing my efforts converting Revell's old Mossie into an FBVI.
  15. Regarding reference material for the Mosquito FBVI may I recomend Mosquito FBVI Airframe, Systems and Wartime R.A.F. Usage written / complied by myself back in 2009. Some of you may have a copy. It was reviewed here on LSP http://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=331 I was making / converting Revell's Mossie into an FBVI that was also posted on LSP here http://www.largescaleplanes.com/Photostory/DavidBrown/Mossie/mossie.php and collected a large amount of info which at the time was damn near impossible to get hold of. I was approached by Neil Robinson and asked weather I wo
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