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Hog's firepower display - A-10C - Full makeup

red Dog

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17 hours ago, jmel said:

Outstanding!!  I can't wait to see this!  The Bulldogs were in the sandbox at the height of operations against ISIS. They were right after Idaho and Maryland and everyone's jets were ABSOLUTELY FILTHY from gun use.  All of these jets during this time came home with a bunch of cool mission markings and gun gas residue. 


The Speed Hunter Graphics sheet Big Scale Hogs has some jets from this era.  https://www.reidairpublishing.com/speed-hunter-graphics-132-decals/big-scale-hogs

Thank you Jake. I seriously considered buying that great sheet. Unfortunately I am leaning towards a Bulldog warthog at this time and as far as I can see, that one is not on the 1/32 sheet.

My mind still wanders between idaho and bulldog and even Maryland NG as I often see these when I fly out of Martin State with a friend and his plane

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16 hours ago, Zola25 said:

Really cool project - I am curious if you will scratchbuild the antennas, sensors etc to make it a "C" model?

Thanks Niels, Yes I plan to totally add all relevant C goodies. I already got a few critical pieces for that.


16 hours ago, Zola25 said:

Thank you very much for that.
Somehow I was aware of their 1/48 version but I totally ignored they have a 1/32 version. I guess that's a consequence of no facebook policy whereas Phase Hangar seems to be most active on that media.

Thank you very much for pointing that out

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12 hours ago, Neo said:

Looking forwards to seing this build. Im planning to build mine has a ceiling hanger with some led for lights, firing a/g missile and firing canon. 

Thank you Neo.

Great plan. 
I added lights and motors to engine before as well (B-25 Maid in the shade). And I can say that it really increases the possibility for the model to become a shelf of doom eternal occupant :)

My advice: If you want to do that: perform on a simple model - and this beast here is all but a simple one :)

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6 hours ago, chuck540z3 said:

If it's any help, I built this kit into mostly an A-10C about 9 1/2 years ago, which addresses many of the ordnance questions you have, along with the many tweaks that this kit needs to make a decent Warthog of any version.  Link is here, although it has the dreaded Photobucket watermarks on all the pics:


Putting Lipstick on a Pig of a Kit


As the title suggests, this kit is really, really tough to pull together properly, but it can turn out pretty good with lots of modifications and aftermarket help.  Good luck and if you have any questions, just drop me a line.




Hey Chuck,

Thanks for checking in.

I remember reading your WIP when you built it and I went through all of it again a few weeks ago when I was itching to get this model out of the stash.
I can honestly say it is your fault :) this topic now exists.

I will very often refer to your experience and great modelling skills, just don't expect my bench to be as proper as yours :)

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14 hours ago, Finn said:

 Also i read somewhere that if something was on Stn 6 nothing could be carried on Stn 5 & 7.


Thank you Jari, Your pictures are always a great gift.

It makes sense that the 3 centre stations can't be used all together. clearance is very tight. That probably explains why the 2000 pounds GBU31 is offset in most pictures, so another weapon can be loaded.

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I started to inquire about the engine fan issue.

We all know that the innards of the Trumpeter engines are completely wrong, I don't intent to have it displayed so most of it will be discarded.

What matters to me is only the engine fans and the rear nozzle.


The rear nozzle is easy they are included in the Cutting Edge set. So that's what i'll use. They insert into the locating tabs in the Trumpeter's plastic, so easy enough

A large casting block will be removed, although not necessary I prefer to save weight anywhere I can due to the inflight pose. 




Having the nozzles sorted, I am reluctant to invest 50$ in a full engine set available commercially. 
The kit's fan's are not that great but they are not that bad either. the centre cone is not correct and that's pretty noticeable on the finished model. I'll see what I can do with that later.

For now I am trying to assess the reported issue of the fans being placed too forward as per Trump instructions.


Here's what the LSP tweak list says


The engine nacelles intake fans should be positioned deeper than showed in the step 30 of the instruction sheet (in the forward end of part Q5). Correcting this is easy: grind the fan mounting step molded on nacelle halves and put directly the Q1 fan part on the edge of the engine support clear parts (Q3 & 4).



The description is a little bit confusing to me because I don't really find a mounting step on nacelle halves. 
And it calls to place the fan on the Q3/Q4 transparent parts which I will not use, So I kinda lose the reference point.


I was wondering if anyone has hard data about how deep the fan are supposed to be from the inlet? 


Here's what I intend to do:

The Q1 fan is supposed to be placed on top of Q5 but it actually slides quite fine from the back of Q5 part and you basically can place the fan anywhere you want inside the Q5 part. There are 2 noticeable stages lines on Q5 and I made some test with what appears to be the more logical position: the forward stage line.

Problem is that's a guess, I'd rather prefer to have hard data but I wasn't not able to find the correct deepness yet.


Here's the default Trumpeter fan's location (Q1 on top of Q5 as per instructions - and reported too far forward)



Here's the other engine with the fan deeper (Q1 inserted in the back end of Q5) but the actual deepness still need to be decided


It seems to deep when using the first stage line on Q5.


I'll keep looking for hard data (or maybe try to better understand what the tweak list meant) and report back 

I might need to prime these transparent parts because seeing details is really difficult


In the meantime gents, let me know what you think or share the data you might have.

Many thanks for looking




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Some further findings:


If I place the fan just at the forward edge of the engine support transparent parts (as the tweak list suggest) I am about the same location as when I insert the fan in Q5 and slide it to the 1st stage line, which kinda confirms my first intuition.



The black mark is my reference point to place the fan, what I called the 1st stage line




That places the fan 7-8mm further aft than Trumpeter instructs.

With the inlet being 14mm deep, that gives me a distance of 22mm from the front edge of the inlet

Which is indeed the distance I had initially when sliding the fan from behind part Q5 and placing it at the black mark




So 22mm in 1/32

that's 704mm real size

2.31 feet


Unless I get contradicted by anyone of you checking a 1/48 or 1/32 kit with correct fan position, I'll stick to that.

It seems good enough seeing some real life pictures


Edited by red Dog
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6 hours ago, red Dog said:

Thank you Jari, Your pictures are always a great gift.

It makes sense that the 3 centre stations can't be used all together. clearance is very tight. That probably explains why the 2000 pounds GBU31 is offset in most pictures, so another weapon can be loaded.

Stations 4, 6 and, 8 are designed to carry the 600 gallon fuel tanks. Stations 4 and 8 can also be utilized to carry other munitions but, station 6 was always designated for just a fuel tank. Plus, munitions and fuel tanks were NEVER on the jet at the same time. In my 17 years of loading on the A-10, we never loaded any weapons on station 6.


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