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Hog's firepower display - A-10C - Full makeup

red Dog

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Thanks Steve.

I won't load station 6 and certainly won't use the huge bags. No way I'm modelling a jet during a ferry flight back to the states (although that would validate the huge mission marks they painted just before coming back from deployment)

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I have to say, even though I am primarily a WW2 aircraft enthusiast (why?  I don't know), the A-10 ranks up among my very favorite aircraft ever.  It is aptly named (officially anyway) Thunderbolt II, in honor of the P-47, as it is the quintessential ground support air vehicle, a role the original Thunderbolt became famous for.  I don't know what is more impressive - the battle damage I have seen levied on  P-47's, or that I have seen levied on A-10's; those aircraft surviving to fight another day.  Or for that matter, the battle damage administered by P-47's, or that administered by A-10's.  Amazing.  I have not built a jet since I was a kid, but were I to do so, it would be the A-10.  And I would strive to learn all I can about it.  Glad you are doing same.  Drive on, will be watching.

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On 10/12/2022 at 5:05 AM, red Dog said:

Thank you Jake. I seriously considered buying that great sheet. Unfortunately I am leaning towards a Bulldog warthog at this time and as far as I can see, that one is not on the 1/32 sheet.

My mind still wanders between idaho and bulldog and even Maryland NG as I often see these when I fly out of Martin State with a friend and his plane

It's a great choice!!  It's hard to beat those mission tallies and nose art.  The Idaho and Marylandd jets are great choices, too!  Either way, it'll be a mighty impressive model. 

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16 hours ago, chuck540z3 said:

If it's helpful, here's an old pic of the kit fan vs. the Sierra Hotel resin ones I used.  While I can't vouch for accuracy, I've found that all SH resin is excellent for same, so I bet they are pretty close.







Thanks Chuck, seems about the same depth

That SH fan is so much better than the kit's 

I really need to find something to address that cone. I wish SH were still available.
I even went to Ben's Viking WIP to see how he managed the TF34 fans 

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Yes I know Thierry, I hesitated. But having the  CE exhaust already, I'm not ready to invest in 50$ + the 25 euros it's going to cost me at Bpost imports

I know they're great. But price and new import rules really doesn't make it cost effective

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43 minutes ago, red Dog said:

Yes I know Thierry, I hesitated. But having the  CE exhaust already, I'm not ready to invest in 50$ + the 25 euros it's going to cost me at Bpost imports

I know they're great. But price and new import rules really doesn't make it cost effective

Indeed! I was quite lucky as I got them when they were released. They were quite cheaper and this went directly through the customs without additional cost.

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I didn't get much bench time this weekend, but I was able to inspect the cockpit goodies


Aftermarket is sometime a trend rather than a necessity but in this case I can tell you it is not. The kit's cockpit really needs to be replaced. 

Luckily the A-10A Cutting edge is gorgeous. The IP and Glareshield are not correct for an A-10C and although it is quite easy to convert them, 

I called AMS to the rescue and Harold was very kind to answer my request. 


Not only did Harold send what I ordered he was very kind to add extra pieces like the gun muzzle and more importantly (for me) that big T antenna which I was wondering how to scratch (especially since I need an extra 2 for my OV-10G+ project - at least know I have an example to base by scratching on)

So many thanks Harold, it is very much appreciated.


if you don't have the AMS parts, converting the Cutting Edge A-10A cockpit to A-10C is not overly complicated:


- On the Instrument panel, you need to remove the analogue instruments above the 3x4 engine gauges on the right side. This is easily done with plasticard.


Top is AMS A-10C, Bottom is CE A-10A

As you can see the A-10C needs another square screen on the left side. The A-10A wasn't a MFD so you might also need to add the buttons row

The armament panel (below left MFD) has been revised and therefore should be changed on the A-10A IP.

The rest is pretty much the same


- The stick needs to be replaced with a F-16 stick. That's probably easy enough to steal from somewhere :)


- The glareshield needs to be cut on the side, just outboard of the 3 fire extinguisher handles. Remove the red identified on both sides.
   The overall angles of the glareshield had to be changed during A-10C conversion and although it's pretty obvious from the comparison picture above, I would leave it as it is on the CE part and omit that detail. 

- On top of the glareshield centred on the APU fire extinguisher, you need to add a rectangle button box. It is the equivalent of the F-16 UFC.
   AMS has this part moulded on its glareshield although it seems not wide enough. It seems it's only the left part of the full UFC as depicted below 
   It's a part flight sim fans cherish as it's the main keypad to control inputs into the A-10C system, we have many replicas in the sim builder community:  



- There are not many differences between the A-10A and A-10C side consoles. The throttle has more switches but that's impossible to see and the UHF panel (not too far from the throttle if I remember right) has been updated. These details are hardly visible so I wouldn't bother changing them.


- What is missing is the new DTU unit behind the seat. It's a large box where the pilot inserts its DTC (Data cartridge) that contains all of the data needed for the flight prepared at flight planning. I'll have to add it as well.


(image from The Drive)


- After A-10C conversion, the avionics of the warthog still have been upgraded. The A-10C can now use APKWS guided rockets and deliver JDAM and Laser JDAMs and loads targeting pod.
Except the stores under the wings these changes are mostly invisible as these are avionic black boxes changes mostly. 

Yet one visible cockpit change is the New Helmet A-10C pilots wear. It's called the HOBIT and is an improved HMCS. It also features a monocle like the Apache helmet.  


(image from The Drive)


This system also features a series of visible dots disposed in a square on the canopy, just over the pilot helmet.


(image from Key Military)


I am not sure if I can model the HOBIT, I haven't made any research about eventual availability in 1/32 scale for a HMCS looking close enough to that one, but If I do find one, I'll sure investigate a way to add the canopy dots as well.



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To be honest I don't even know if it was ever available. I'm always pushing luck and sending emails :)


The Cutting edge Cockpit kit inserts pretty well into the fuselage halves. No real hassle safe for cutting a few plastic locating lugs.

The resin piece is rather large and heavy and I removed as much as casting block as possible to save weight for the in-flight display




The seat even slides into its rails



The kit's glareshield was cut off and replaced with the A-10C glareshield and Instrument panel



Some minor adjustments are needed for fitting the IP and it needs to be sanded thinner but this will be a pleasure to paint.

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Man i love this topic.   I love the Hog and an in-flight build will be so cool. 


Beware the cutting Edge cockpit is for a pre-LASTE A-10A.  You've addressed the instrument panel and control stick, but other mods need performed to bring it up to LASTE standard.  the AC vents are the most obvious.  There are plenty of pics in the Hog Guide. 


Also, you mention the DTU aft of the seat.  That isn't an A-10C thing.  It was introduced a long time ago.  It is included in the Black Box cockpit set if you can find one.  It's very nicely reproduced. 


Keep up the great work!



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1. Front fuselage


Next order of progress is to tackle the blunt nose issue.

As per the tweak list:

  • Quote

    The nose is too blunt. More specifically, the shape is too wide in plan view. There is no easy way to solve this. The sole solution implies reshaping the nose and restoring surface details. To do this, apply a thick layer of epoxy putty or C.A. gel glue to the inside of the fuselage halves around the forward nose. Then, scrape, file and sand the nose sides progressively. To obtain a more accurate section, it is necessary to go through the plastic (remove more or less two millimeters). Polish the sanded area and restore scribing and other surface details such as antennae. Do not forget modifying as well part K24 (front LG wheel well) as it must be fitted to the fuselage halves.


To overcome the coming heavy sanding that's coming it's better to fill the nose with material. That will protect backup in case we need to go through the plastic and even in the case we don't it will provide additional strength for the operation. 

Many products are suitable for that but I wanted to try baking soda and cyanoacrylate. 

I poured a few drops of superglue and then sprinkled baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate actually) There's a reaction between the two and the thing turns rock hard in a few second. 






Not pretty inside but who cares. It is quite solid though.

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I found some 1/48 drawings of the A-10 which I upscaled to 1/32 




Without surprise the side profile seems good enough. Curves are matching.


The issue is the vertical profile is really off. It's pretty hard to see on the photograph below because of the perspective issue, but the nose needs to be more pointy/



I printed and cut paper profile to use as guides as I am sanding:






The difference in shape is very obvious on the above image



Using the paper template I am more or less able to see where the sanding should begin (left) and by cheating a bit (right) I can foresee the actual wish for the end result



Of with the sanding tools, moment of truth for the future of that kit :)



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