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Tamiya Factory Shop

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I went there quite often when I lived in Japan. Nice store, three levels if I remember, ground floor was kits and accessories, basement was R/C and second floor was a racetrack and building area where they had mentoring and tutoring sessions.. They carry everything Tamiya currently produces, so unfortunately no F-16 Thunderbirds while I was there. And lots of superb display models. Good prices too, I think I picked up a Corsair and P-51 for about $20 or $25 off anywhere else.

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Used to ride by that on my train trips up to Akihabara. Never made it though as the district has sooooo much more to offer. I never went broke on the monthly trips, mostly because it's SO overwhelming to see so much there. I could never make up my mind what I wanted and never wanted to haul it back on the train. If you've ever seen JR Lines during rush hour..., that's an experience!  Always bought something though and most people gave the 6'4" white guy a wide berth.  

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Youtube is filled with pilgrimage videos to this store in Tokyo.  I've watched ALL of them, SEVERAL times.




It's on my personal bucket list.


I love how the store has all the crazy stuff you will never find outside of a Tamiya store, how the collection is totally complete, and how everything is impeccably presented and organized!



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