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New - hot off today's press: F4U-1 Corsair cockpit reference book

Dana Bell

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My new book is now in from the printer - it's a guide to the many revisions to the F4U-1 family's cockpits. I wrote this as a limited-edition book for the true Corsair enthusiast (hence the "Rivet Counter" series title). It's 72 glossy pages, full color throughout - all of which explains the price. Not for the casual observer, but hopefully a good fit for many here.

It's on Amazon in the US only:

and eBay (which also allows the global shipping program option:

Next up is the Rivet Counter Guide to pre-war SOC Seagull colors and markings.



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1 hour ago, nmayhew said:

I would love to get this if only reasonable shipping was available outside USA… £17 P&P for a tiny book…


I understand, Frank.  eBay sellers don't get to see the shipping costs for the Global Shipping Program - I agree that is rather excessive!  In the short term, you might "buddy-up" with a few friends to order multiple copies and split the shipping costs.  In the somewhat longer term, I hope to work out a European distribution system this summer (though that's not guaranteed).






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