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Hawker Hunter - Masquerading as Miss Demeanour - Finished :-)

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Before I do the big reveal here’s one of the big transformations of this build. Of course since there were 2 styles of drop tanks in the kit neither of them was the one Miss Demeanour uses during shows! I needed 150gal tanks. Looking at what i had the 100’s appeared to have the right diameter so i started with them. Inserted 2 pices of 19/32 brass tubes and then used bono glazing putty to blend in the slight step between plastic and brass. Sealed with acid etching primer and then all else as normal to paint.


and the transformation!


that dark blue showed everything. Made me wish i was painting it black just to justify all the 1500+ grit sandpaper i used :P

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What a fun project. When I saw Miss Demeanour the takeoff scene just spoke to me and I knew I had to try and recreate that scene :excl: I did take one artistic liberty, Flapjack does flybys with the canopy open and since the cockpit turned out so good I wanted to make it visible. So even though he wouldn’t take off with the canopy open in my little world that works out ok :D

Here’s the real picture for reference 


and my rendition of it


not much sun this time of year in Cincinnati so will have to take what I can get lol

Here’s a selection of my favorites 





Many thanks to the illustrious Dave Culp from LSP for his work on creating the decals for Miss Demeanour! Without his donation she wouldn’t be complete.



a quick side note, 1 coat of future is obviously not enough per the macro lens lol will have to put a few more on before I show her 





use this one for the Gallery:clap2:




and I’ll leave you with a view panning out to her display in the family room 



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