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Hawker Hunter - Masquerading as Miss Demeanour - Finished :-)

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Oh I’ve spent too long painting shades of gray. So you know this one won't be like the other Hunters that have come before me :bow: I showed this pic of Miss Demeanour to my son last year and he ended up finding this Revell 1/32 Hawker Hunter FGA9 that should do just fine for Miss Demeanour, 99% of which will be built out of the box. 


…and what she’ll look like hopefully before the deadline arrives!


Photo from Heritage Aviation website

The beautiful paint scheme is based on reentry, starting from the white hot point of the nose, through the changing color of flames wrapping around the reentry vehicle and cascading back as if you were looking up into the sky and then into the stars. A literal explosion of colors. Just the perfect build to start the new year.

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Off we go with the classic cockpit start. So setting expectations here, this will be all about the paint scheme! The rest will be OOB so I won’t throw many in progress pics in here until then. I’ve got some ideas on how to do the paint fade which should be worth a few pics.

and the almost never to be seen again IP






Really the IP is fairly detailed for the standard kit part. Lots of little detail to pull out and show off. I picked out key items with the brush to draw your eye although alot of this will be shadowed once it's in the fuselage. There are a few pics of Flapjack flying with the canopy open at air shows so I think that will be the scene I set so this is visible. Oh, and as it turns out the project I’m finishing up now is the Prince of Wales battleship and one of the signal flags matches the patch on Flapjack’s shoulder, almost a perfect fit!


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Tonight i have the fuse assembled and the wings on. I have to say Revelogram did great with the fit on this model. So far minimal filler, and even that has been all perfect plastic putty. I sprayed some vibrant yellow behind the jet intake strakes and we’re off to the air show.





still more sanding to do on the belly. The plastic near the join to the cockpit area is really weak as others have pointed out. Needed to get it all glued before final gluing and sanding of the fuselage halves there.




a little clean up of the ppp once it dries and this will be so smooth. My big goal is full primer by the weekend.

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  • themongoose changed the title to Hawker Hunter - Masquerading as Miss Demeanour, fuselage joined

If you don’t know pay attention to the outer leadings edges. When you dry fit them they normally don’t fit flush against the wing. A little help from a plug to raise the open part of the wing will save loads of filling and sanding.

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Thanks Stevepd! It’s subtle but when i ran my nail over it could definitely feel the step in the middle of the insert. I added some tabs to keep everything lined up right. Definitely good timing on that lesson learned ! Picks in awhile once i get it in primer

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So nothing major but a couple funny bits i thought worth posting…

how many times do you want weighted wheels? I know, almost always right! But do they come in the kit, no :angry2: so I’m doing a takeoff, no worries right, they never put weighted wheels in the kit, hell I’ve spent more than $100 on weighted wheels BUT NO, Revell has the glamorous idea of putting weighted wheels in this kit! WTH at any other time I’d be singing their praises but they won’t work for this scene


where’s the miliput?


ok now the one worthy of a photo, 2 different sets of drop tanks in the kit but are either of them the ones on Miss Demeanour - NOOOOO

does the LHS have the right diameter styrene, NOOOOOO

does the LHS have the right diameter brass tube, NOOOOOO

more scratch building :excl: this is the fun part. So, I’d say modify my intent at this point, t’s less out of the box and more ‘no aftermarket’ :beer:


I locked my calipers on the od of the brass tubing i had! 19/32”, then used the sharp edge as a sort of scriber and scribed the location on the smaller diameter wing tanks that would match the brass tube diameter. Out with the razor saw and voilà there you have it! I’m using the Flexy 5k CA to hold it together, hoping since it is not as brittle that they won’t break apart. My bondo and sanding phase should prove this out. If it doesn’t break then it’s good to go :blowup:

primer shortly I think. Stop back in and check it out!

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On the road for a few days but was determined to get some primer on before i left! I’m gonna call it 97% right. 3 small areas to work on - the starboard aerleron underneath, the gun shell ejection chute plugs i made and one area on the belly where i deleted one of the antenna mounts. Not too bad.










put the 1st coat of bondo on the tanks


and extended the main gear to make them weightless. I went just over double the length of the shaft to 8mm



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  • themongoose changed the title to Hawker Hunter - Masquerading as Miss Demeanour - Finished :-)

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